Top 30-21 Board Games of all Time (Top 100) -

Top 30-21 Board Games of all Time (Top 100)

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Hello everyone!

We are so excited, and we just can’t hide it! It is time for the top 100 board games of all time, 2024 edition.

It’s been two years since we did this list, and things has happened. We hope you’ll enjoy joining us on this journey during the next weeks.
We would love to hear your opinions on the games in the comments!

With so many great board games to choose from, it’s always hard to choose just the Top 100 games we have ever played.
We arer nearing the top 20 games, but first, we have to get through the 30s, and believe us, there arer some fantastic games to check out in this video!

Have an amazing time finding out what games we love more than almost every other game out there!

Have fun!
Thank you so much for watching 😀

A huge thank you to James Wood from @ThatBoardGameShow for editing this video!

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  1. Of the 248 games that I have played 3 times or more, here are my top 21-30:30 Orléans29 Vinhos: Deluxe Edition28 The Castles of Burgundy27 Die Macher26 Yokohama25 Acquire24 Black Angel23 Ra22 Le Havre21 Furnace

  2. Late to the party, busy weekend. Architects is my 56, Gaia Project my 62. Revive is also my 28! <crossover dance with Sunniva> Cascadia is my 106. Hmm, Maracaibo at 22 for me and Pirates of Maracaibo at 22 for Sunniva. Mini-crossover dance? My list: 30 – Railways of the World29 – The Castles of Burgundy28 – Revive27 – Terraforming Mars26 – Bitoku25 – A Feast for Odin24 – Tiletum23 – Teotihuacan22 – Maracaibo21 – Weather Machine

  3. Fascinating. The words "quick" and "Ginkopolis" used in the same sentence. The last time I played it and we got to the point where we have to add more tiles to the supply I ran away in order not to bore myself to a slooow demise ☠️

  4. It's fun to watch you commenting older games like Die Macher (never heard about it in France).
    By the way, your french pronunciation of Troyes is indeed very good (tRRRoa).
    Juste try the rolling R now 😆

  5. I'm a veteran gamer who started with Avalon Hill games back in the 70s and jumped into eurogames big-time when I lived in Germany for the first half of the 90s. I have owned well over 600 games in my life and made my own list of top 100 games many times. You guys are by far my favourite game reviewers and I've been watching you for years (and someday I hope to be a patreon supporter). I never do comments, but when Die Macher came in at number 24, I just had to say hi. Die Macher has been my all-time favourite game since I started playing it in 1991. I love so many of the games that have come out in the past decade or two, but nothing has passed the amazing experience I get playing Die Macher, which is such a delightfully interactive and thoughtful brain-burner and always leaves me feeling utterly wasted afterwards (I love games that do that). I've been telling people for many years how Die Macher was way ahead of its time and still stands up with today's greats. So thanks for saying that and confirming that no other reviewers even come close to sharing my own taste in board games as you two. Thanks for putting all the time into making these videos, almost every one of which I have watched. BTW I have travelled all over Europe many times (for work and pleasure) and Norway is my favourite country – my laptop wallpaper has been a photo of Norway since 2004. Maybe I'll have a chance to meet you one day! – Vic

  6. Fun fact, Riverboat is one of Britney Spears’s favorite game! Oups, I… 😂 Hooray for Riverboat.P.S. Ginkgopolis is too low 😜

  7. Do you enjoy Lancaster at 2 players?

  8. Ginkgopolis easy to teach?! It's a simple game but grasping the concept before you've played is very very tricky!
    Good games though, have played most of them!

  9. Y'all are so cute. Took a while for me to warm up to you two but now I'm hooked. The silliness is so fun.

  10. Ah! I was convinced you liked Age of Innovation more than Gaia Project (maybe that was just me projecting!) Onto the top 20!!

  11. I know that I have said it before on your channel but I love seeing folks continue to champion Lancaster and The Princes of Florences. Primo choices. Keep up the great work.

  12. I need those Die Macher cards! Where can I find them?

  13. Yes! Riverboat does not get enough love. I picked it up on clearance for dirt cheap and after the first play it was clear this is an underrated gem. You nailed it, the perfect medium euro.

  14. Riverboat is a good game but I find out Heaven & Ale vastly superior

  15. I will start watching once we are in the Top 20s. Still applaud the effort but a Top 100 is a fun exercise but not sure how one would argue the difference between spot #73 and #68. I think Top 20 is where the comparisons become much more useful to me personally

  16. Why the vids in between?!! Even though Pueblo piqued my interest, I couldn’t wait for the closure to the top 10. Seriously, love your vids, love the ramblings. Thank you so much for sharing your work and thoughts on all these games. Yay!

  17. Surprised Revive isn't higher but we're in the territory of all good games now

  18. Man, you guys seem to be the closest reviewers to my own personal taste. Which makes these lists fantastically fun (fun fun fun fun) to watch!

  19. The fact that you have so many crossover is proof that you play a lot together but it is also very cool when your partner has the same tastes in games!

    It would be fun to know which games in your respective top 30 that is not in the other’s top 100.

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