Top 323 Board Games - My Collection -

Top 323 Board Games – My Collection

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I talk you through my board game collection and my reasons for owning certain games. If you want to learn more about them, there are links to my videos below.
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Links to videos for each game (they don’t all fit here, so I’ve put them in the comments!)
13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis –
20 Second Showdown –
6 nimmt! –
878 Vikings: Invasions of England –
A Fake Artist Goes to New York –
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) –
Aerion –
Age of Dirt: A Game of Uncivilization –
Air, Land, & Sea –
Anomia –
Arboretum –
Avenue –
Balderdash –
Banned Words –
Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game –
Between Two Cities –
Bites –
Blockbuster –
Blue Lagoon –
Blurble –
Bohnanza –
Brick Party –
Brikks –
Bring Your Own Book –
Broom Service –
Burgle Bros. –
Ca$h ‘n Guns (Second Edition) –
Camel Up (Second Edition) –
Captain Sonar –
Carcassonne –
Cartographers –
Cat Lady –
Catch the Moon –
Celestia –
Champions of Midgard –
Chronicles of Crime –
Chronicles of Crime: 1400 –
Circle the Wagons –
Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated –
Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure –
Cockroach Poker –
Coconuts –
Codenames –
Codenames: Pictures –
Colour Brain –
Colt Express –
Concept –
Corporate America
Cube Quest
Dan and Phil’s Truth Bombs
Dark Moon
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Deep Blue
Detective Club
Dice Forge
Divinity Derby
Do De Li Do
Don’t Get Got!
Doodle Rush
Dragon’s Breath
Dream Home
Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
Ex Libris
Eye My Favorite Things
Famous Last Lines
First Contact
Forbidden Island
Forbidden Sky
Gods Love Dinosaurs
Happy Salmon
Herd Mentality
High Society
Hive Mind
Hive Pocket
Hollywood Golden Age

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  1. I really enjoyed the video Jon, so much to talk about – but your tastes are SO different to mine! For example, only one wargame?? There's a whole world of wargames out there to be explored. And I didn't notice any solitaire games – I've found them to be a bit of a gaming lifeline this last 12 months. Or at least, games with decent a solitaire variant. I'm also struck by some recent hotness that is not featured in your collection – for example Root and its expansions. As for negotiation games – have you looked at Sidereal Confluence (I haven't played it but would be interested to hear your thoughts)? Or what about classic negotiation games like Cosmic Encounter or Dune?

  2. That's just hoarding at this point. If you haven't played a game in a year: Sell it.

  3. Great video. There's always a gem two to be found in an Actualol multi-game video; but this time the cherry on top was the addition of Serena's subtle questions. Shed a tear for my group's paused game of Kings Dilemma.

  4. What do you do with your games when youre done with them? My Kallax is now overful and i need to get rid of some!!

  5. Why are negotiation games so criminally underrated!?

    I think people’s anxieties are triggered by being put on the spot but if you’ve got a friendly group then they are some of the best experiences you can have from a box!

  6. I would recommend to keep MicroMacro till Crime City 2 comes out in summer and then rethink your decision 😉

  7. at 5:49 I had that game a long time ago. But could get noone to play it.

  8. You talked about a game I did not catch the title. Harbour Gut?

  9. Great vid, Jon. You are spot on with Fief…a game I can't get to the table, but has so much promise. And it will still sit on my shelf.

  10. I Loved this video , even Iff we do not have the same taste in games

  11. Thanks you so much for this video. You were one of the first board game reviewers that I started to watch, and I still like your channel! I don't always have the same taste in games as you, but really like your enthousiasm when you talk about your games!

  12. Have you ever played Stone Age? Are there other similar games that you prefer?

  13. @6:16 "I like it when the boxes line up and they have the same size".

    That was the moment you had me hooked!

  14. That is an amazing collection of games 😊

  15. I had a collection of Fourhundred and twentythree boardgames. Now I have threehundred and twentythree of ´em. So things have changed a LOT since then. I almost didn´t recognize ya.

  16. Would LOVE to play games with this guy – he's got such a fantastic attitude.

  17. Looking forward to your video on: "Blood On The Clocktower"

  18. If you love negotiation, so should back John Company on Kickstarter.

  19. That was fun between the little bit of interaction and the pop up notes. Loved the "not actually a collector" bit XD

  20. Hey there! What is the video where you make the joke about “speed”?

  21. I completely understand it with Isle of Skye; one of the worst illustrators

  22. Loved your collection and how you have laid it all out. However, its a shame our tastes differ not a big fan of negotiation games although we do share the love for Knizia.

  23. I would love to see you do a review of Game of thrones

  24. Great collection! If you are still looking for more stuff to collect, I recommend to add Lagim card game set with an awesome art design based on Filipino folklore to your collection. I found this game at Kickstarter

  25. Thanks for the fun walkthrough of your shelves. One of these years I hope to make it across the pond for UK Games Expo….would be fun to seek you out and say "hi" and maybe play a game

  26. Андрій Ведмідь Ярославович says:

    You skipped 2 rooms and a boom 🙁

  27. I like you.. I like your chanel.. but the collection looks so boring when you have so many boring looking games :p is it only me or does this book shelfs look a little like you are visiting some old people 😅 maby its the shelfs color etc .. I dont know

  28. Interesting video, have you tried Nemesis, Eclipse or Scythe? If you like Battlestar Galactica, Dead of Winter and Game of thrones I'm pretty sure you'd love above games as well. I heard you saying there is not many "big" games in your collection, just surprised me to see these gems missing in a shelf of this size 🙂

  29. Awesome collections! But i Cant see any splotter games in your collection. How do you find their games?

  30. @6:55 you say a bunch of board games got left on a train. I'm curious, of those or others you got rid of, are there any you really regret not having anymore?

  31. How are all those boxes the same size lol?

  32. I loved watching you geek out about the games!

  33. I know this video came out 10 months ago, but you’ve got to live your life man. See your friends. Invite them over and play some games. Don’t believe the crap they spoon feed you on tv. They’re all full of 💩

  34. Super mixed feeling. There are some great games sitting right next to absolute garbage games.

  35. Do you have kids? Nothing here looks like you're playing with a younger audience.

  36. Is Overbooked worth a purchase? I also have my eye on Sagrada but I don't know if it's just for the looks 😅

  37. Really love your choices of games. This is so unique. And somehow I could connect more to most the games that you bring in when compared to many USA based gamers. Keep doing the good work

  38. So they did recently release a new version of Fief that fixes some of the issues in randomness. The assassination and Justice cards now don't require a day dice roll, they just do what they're supposed to.

  39. exciting list! a lot of games i have never heard of and a lot of games missing that i thought every hobbists had, like for example Wingspan, Mage Knight, Viticulture, Quacks, Terraforming Mars, Azul, Scythe, Everdell, Blood Rage etc.

  40. First thing's first – where do you buy your shelving from? Looks so tidy
    Edit: Answered in 54 seconds. Nice 🙂

  41. I see no real heavy euros. Don't like them or don't find people to play with?

  42. Catch the Moon is such a fun game. Love to see it in your collection.

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