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Top 5 Adorable Board Games

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There’s a lot of great family games out there that I’ve discussed, but particularly with the holidays in these few months past and current, let’s look at some great adorable games! As always, my phrase of the day is “I don’t really pay attention to looks”!

Family time is really important always, but everyone gets extra sappy about it around the holidays. As such, let’s take a look at some games that are not only great and fun to play with the family, but would probably fit a typical definition of “cute”. Obviously YMMV 😀

As always, please share your thoughts on my picks as well as what your own would be/are! It’s an adorable time of year for adorable games!

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Number 1 –

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  1. cats are not jerks! but calico is so cute for sure

  2. From the very start of your intro but especially after realising what sort you were wearing, I was quite sure you'd mention Unstable Unicorns or Here to Slay. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. I think the games are quite well made, but the way they do their Kickstarters is just awful for me.

  3. My pick would be Creature Comforts. Cute but also a very good game for both younger and older players. And incidentally the follow up, Maple Walley is now on Kickstarter.

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