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Top 5 Best Family Board Games

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Board games have been bringing families together for years, ranging from everything from board-based word play games to strange, complex, card games with props. But which are the best must have family board games for 2020? Well, to help decide which ones may be right for you, we’ve sifted through numerous website and consumer reviews to present our 5 recommended products.

Here are our picks:

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  1. Pandemic deserves a spot here. It’s fun, challenging and it’s co-op. Although it might be too complicated for the younger kids.

  2. Exploding Kittens, Codenames, Spontuneous, Clue, Throw Throw Burrito, Scrabble, and Catan Junior

  3. Monopoly digital banker: forget that Monopoly is a math based game & use a top hat to count your money for you, ya lazy mook.

  4. Where is MadMobz? It is one of my favourite games! Especially now that we have to stay home, my family and I play it all the time and the winner is free from any chores for the following day 😁

  5. Hi, there's this new card game called LAGIM. It is a Filipino folklore-inspired game composed of villain deck, lagim cards, lakas cards, and hiwaga cards. Launching soon in kickstarter.

  6. Looks interesting! I really love board games and how it brings people together. I can't stress this enough. Games can be fun and exciting, but it's the people really make those experience lasting and memorable. Recently, I've bonded with my family over a game of Lagim Card. It's based on Filipino folklore. You can check their facebook page or website for more info.

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