Top 5 Board Game Accessories -

Top 5 Board Game Accessories

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Hello Folks!

As voted on in our community tab, welcome to our Top 5 Board Game Accessories video! These are all *guaranteed* to improve your game day experience. We have also tried to improve our audio and video quality, let us know if you enjoy it!

If you are at all interested, we have put up a discord channel for those dedicated enough to check the description, which can be found in a link below.

Pirate Gold Poker chips can be purchased within the CONUS (non-affiliate link) at:

3D Printer:


Card Dividers:

Whiteboard Tokens:

Muffin Cups:


Thermal Laminator:

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Chapters —–
00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Honorable Mention 1
00:57 – Number 5
01:34 – Honorable Mention 2
02:05 – Number 4
02:52 – Number 3
03:38 – Number 2
04:40 – Number 1
05:40 – Pirate Gold Poker
07:19 – Outro


  1. Great vid, as always! I love all your suggestions, and have a couple to add. I keep an inexpensive container of d6s around, which make great health counters in games that would rather you use tons of fiddly little tokens. Also, a little clip-on LED light is great for folks like me who have some vision issues, whereas the rest of the table may not.

    I'm still mulling over Breakout Con, it all comes down to timing and affordability for me, personally.

  2. I can be shaky, even when drawing cards.

    I found some plastic draw and discard pile holders. Small thing but amazing to have so card piles don't get bumped and spin or just spread out.

  3. Great list and helpful ideas. But please include some links to the different items mentioned!

  4. Not putting the list in the description or time stamps in an attempt to get people to watch and not find what’s interesting to them is annoying, transparent and comes across as a bit desperate. You’ve put me off ever watching anything if yours

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