Top 5 Board Games About Real Estate -

Top 5 Board Games About Real Estate

Danny C – GFS
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Ahhhhh real estate – buy low, sell high, flipping, [insert other lingo]. In the end, we’re talking about a type of economic game with a specialized commodity.

It’s not particularly unusual or unique as a game type, but it’s still different. What do YOU all think about it? Feel like a mogul?

Number 5 –
Number 4 –
Number 3 –
Number 2 –
Number 1 –

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  1. keep up the great work danny. i always love watching all your videos.

  2. Nice list, but I'd switch out Mad King for Suburbia…Keep doing the great work

  3. Awesome video, as for a debatable "is it real estate" one game I was thinking was Carcassonne. The game is all about real estate but yet it does not have a buy/sell mechanic. Amazing game in it's own right but not sure if it would fit the premise here.

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