Top 5 Board Games for 2 players | Top 5 Intelligent Couples Games | Ronak's Top 5 // Chai & Games -

Top 5 Board Games for 2 players | Top 5 Intelligent Couples Games | Ronak’s Top 5 // Chai & Games

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These were Ronak’s Top 5 intelligent board games for couples – which are perfect for 2 players!

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  1. Its so good . You will surely have a good success. Best of luck

  2. I need a video of games based on travelling and business . I am sick of normal business , need something new . Plz help

  3. Lovely review, may be I'll buy due7 wonders duel, Ty, great video (y)

  4. By any chance do u have dead of winter? I wanna try that game before I buy it

  5. Fantastic list of games Ronak.. love that your dialogue is in Hindi and reached out to more audiences… Pooja and I always love to play these 2 player games and we have almost all the games on your list but we would love to try Codenames 2 player version. NEXT LIST: Would love to hear the top 5 list for Worker Placement Games. Love that Genre of games.

  6. Well made video, looking forward to the next one. Look at his collection !!! :O #Drool

  7. I feel like my contribution of box throwing in this video has not been as appreciated as I'd expect 🥺😝

  8. Where can i buy 7 wonders duel. Bought Azul today. You can mention that also for 2 players.

  9. My mini borad game collection-
    1. Catan
    2. Ticket to Ride
    3. Scoutland yard
    4. Business
    5. Ludo
    6. primium Chase
    7. City zone (made by myself)

  10. Hello sir n maam I liked your video but you can make an solo board games video plzzz❤❤😊😊but you both make wonderful videos❤❤❤😚🤗

  11. I need that splendor playmat. Cannot find it anywhere in India…Can you please tell me from where to buy it

  12. Jaipur is definitely my no 1 two player game…Fantastic artwork and equally brilliant gameplay. Too bad this game is very hard to find in India…It's been out of stock on many online sellers since many months

  13. Please make a gameplay video on 7 wonders duel. Tried playing this on my android but the app lags a lot…This game is also out of stock on all major seller platforms

  14. I could not find the link for splendor solo play ….

  15. Hi Raunak, this is Sourajit from kolkata, I am a very enthusiast guy who really likes these board games.. but can't find all these games can you tell me how can I buy all these games online or offline??

  16. Hlo app sale krtay hai game
    Where..all variety

  17. Please make money video tooo that how much these game cost . Can get them.

  18. Can you please give the link to buy 3 one game

  19. From where we can buy circle the wagons I nearly searched 3 games shop for this game in delhi

  20. Do you even know targi is 9000 rupees if we buy online

  21. Normal Peoples : i have played ludo and snake ladders
    Pro Peoples : i played monoply and game of life
    Legend : I played all games with chai waala

  22. Do you have betrayal at house on the hill..

  23. Hi, I love your videos, Where can I get Jaipur Card Game, please suggest, thank you

  24. Hey!! Loved the video.. where can I buy circle the wagons in India..??

  25. Please do the vedioes in English please please please

  26. There is no board games only cards game

  27. Hey man loved the video. Do you guys also sell those games as it is very difficult to find these games on amazon. Thanks for the vid.

  28. Apka shop kahanpe he matlab apke dukan ka adress

  29. Amazing list. Any idea where can i buy these games?

  30. TG_DEVIL_MASTERS par like susbcribe share plz plz

  31. Frank treasure Island ke bare mey batto sir

  32. Any sellers in the group I would like to resell these board games. Please send me your number if so..

  33. Great video 👍. Seven wonders duel particularly seems to be a very interesting game. Can you please put a detailed video on how to play it.

  34. loooooooooooooong naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame says:

    Title :- top 5 board games
    Thumbnail :- top 500 board games
    Me :- 👁️👄👁️

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