Top 5 Board Games for D&D Fans -

Top 5 Board Games for D&D Fans

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D&D is one of the most immersive, entertaining and downright awesome games around. No game is ever the same! However, as diverse as it is, the Forgotten Realms does have its limits. So, if you’re a D&D fan looking for something a little different — but something that still appeals to the fantasy adventurer inside of you — then don’t go anywhere, we’ve got you covered. We’ve trawled through tons of tabletop games, from old school, medieval-style fantasy games to ones set in the Wild West, to present our picks for the top 5 D&D alternatives.

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  1. Is not a coincidence that all "mojo" channels are downright trash.

  2. Hero Quest… and the actual D&D board games (Dungeon!, Dragon's Den, Goblin's Lair, Haunted Tower, etc.)

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