Top 5 Board Games Of 2023 -

Top 5 Board Games Of 2023

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Join us as we take a look at our Top 5 Board Games released in 2023.


  1. OMG. Thank you for this honour! We're all prancing about the office very high and mighty right now! * the absolute highest of fives *

  2. @boardgamebollocks – Are you going to be at UKGE this year?

  3. Yeah Robot Quest was up there, works good with my nieces and my partners gaming group.I liked city of the Great Machine, Davy Jones' Locker and Maul Peak a lot. Earth still sits unopened in a corner. I could only add stuff I bought on the second hand market but thst wouldn't count.

  4. Reviewers need to take into account the prices of games more, like electronics do. Fallen Land is awesome.

  5. My wife and I are big fans of The Last Kingdom TV series. But this being area control game, I’m guessing it won’t work well for two players?

  6. super awesome year for board games! I'll check out Stationfall

  7. I gotta say just your side comments make these vids so fun watch, also your reviews are well done and i pay attention similar things. Easy follow! 😂

  8. I’m guessing I’m not the first to ask: Did you ever play/review Final Girl?

  9. Great list!! Going to have to find fallen land! I’ll now f#*? off. Cheers

  10. Last Kingdom was my favourite game of last year, its excellent for all the reasons you said.

  11. Find someone to teach voidfall. I’m frankly, a dumb### and I get it now. You got this. It’s one of the best games in the last 20 years.

  12. If you like the last kingdom game and series, please read the books!!! The books piss all over the TV show. The TV show is actually piss poor compared to the book. The show has done that much of a shit job I gave up during season 3. Read the books 👍🏻

  13. Fallen Land is arriving at the end of the week and it can't wait. Crazy how little coverage this game has received on YouTube. Thanks for the recommendation and for your early review of the game. Looks awesome.

  14. My top ten games of 2023:

    10. Scarface 1920
    9. Age of Innovation

    8. Nucleum

    7. Life of the Amazonia

    6. The White Castle

    5. Sky Team

    4. Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory

    3. Darwin's Journey

    2. Distilled
    1. Earth

  15. Thank you for the insights.
    How do you compare roboquest arena vs heroscape?

  16. Best and only of 2023 was Raising Robots.

  17. Fallen Land seems up my alley but WAY too expensive. I've got Gloomhaven and TI4 rotting on my shelf, I'm not spending that much again for a game that's never seeing the table. I'm looking into Last Kingdom and Stationfall based on your recs. I remember your review of LK and am going back to watch it again. Love me some proper area control.

    Thanks for the vid.

  18. Thanks for the list. I thought 2023 was ok. But yeah the prices are getting steeper. Tons of great games at better prices from years past to still enjoy though.

  19. Congratulations on the promotion. Look forward to seeing your boys at The Stadium of Light next season.

  20. I bought Fallen Land 2nd Ed. after your previous video about it, and it really is the most fun, Ameritrashiest sandbox game I believe I own. Love your channel and your style. I will now fuck off.

  21. I agree that my consumption of "new" board games has fallen dramatically in recent years as their cost (particularly KS games) has rocketed. They are now at a price point where taking a punt is simply too expensive and, I too, would struggle to come up with 10 games from 2023 as many new games for me, post pandemic era, are actually older titles that I have just gone back to. The few exceptions include: Unsettled, Shogun No Katana, Wonderland's War, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Kutna Hora: City of Silver. Heck, my most recent game purchase was The Pillars of the Earth 2nd Edition (a game I know you are well familiar with), which is older than God's dog.

  22. Finally managed to find a copy of Stationfall… I can’t wait to get it and play it.

  23. Totally disagree about the tutorial, it's true some people might say they have a life to live, but in my experience it
    is almost always used as a poor excuse for being lazy as hell! True gamers never fail to complete pre-read/view before game night.

  24. Do that list of top 10, 15 or 20 games that were Not Worthy of a 10 ten, were too expensive, or 'dogshit'. Serious, we need more Razzies in the world for other things than films. Like Box inserts in a board game that are don't work that well or could be far more effectively done should be nominated for a Board game Razzie for Box Inserts, 'Worst Box Insert of 2023 goes to….'Be proud of those Razzies people, you earned them. So many categories: Worst Game Overall Game Design, Worst Mechanic in a Boardgame, Worst Artwork, Worst Cover Artf.

    Highlighting the bad and worst choices. But just make your own list of things you did not think worthy, why, as you might have played it, or might have realized was too much, later realizing you were right not to get that game. You dodged a bullet, and your now a Board Game Survivor. Sometimes they might be reasons like 6-Siege, good game, but being held economic hostage, might warrant why you didn't play that game. That's a legit reasons. Yet, you might then play the game and realize 'its quite good'.

    On the flip side I noticed the miniatures for Stationfall don't fit into the corebox but could as half the insert is not filled up with stuff and the way it is designed a tray could have been designed to fit into half of the box that contained all the miniatures. That way the miniatures can be stored with the core box. I PM'd the designer and he agreed that is a good idea and he will pass that along to his design team. Meaning, if this game is reprinted at some point they might or most likely will offer an Upgrade kit and that might include a new box and inserts, which means you can store your miniatures inside the box. I did make my Board game Razzie joke to him saying I would nominate that boardgame insert if those awards were real, not the game design or components, just the box insert which again, could be more efficiently designed.

    It is tongue-in-cheek as I love storing the game's expansions if/when possible inside the core game box, and in this case that is possible if I removed all the miniatures from the container they came in, but I like having them all laid out and if a double layered tray perhaps was put in, if a single layer didn't work, that can be pulled out and still allow us to lay out all the miniatures, especially if we paint them, then that only enhances the play experience, and make set up and take down time more efficient. A Win-Win for everyone.

    I applaud the designer for approaching it with a positive take and willingness to look into this with the design team. I love the game and just want to see the other aspects improved to where it aligns with the level of game design that we find inside the game, which is above-and-beyond the norm, a Solid game for sure.

  25. I didn't know about Voidfall. I'll check it out. I'm going to check out Earth too. I own Stationfall and agree it is fantastic.

  26. Ameritrash game was a term created probably with a bit of Euro-Elitism, and we should call Euro Boardgames by the term "Eurotrash boardgames". The more we use it, the more it will become normalized. It most likely will get under the skn of Euroelitist, but that's ok, and something they need in their life. It will force them to get over it and adjust their attitudes. Someone can write articles titled "One Boardgame Players Trash is another Boardgame Player's Treasure". Imagine saying to Stefan Feld "Want to play one of your Eurotrash games sir". I would love to see the reaction so if someone does say that to him, please video record it and put it on social media.

  27. What's your opinion between Nemesis and Stationfall?

  28. Thanks for effort of making this video and list. stationfall does look good. We have enjoyed Starwars the deck building game and Valor snd villainy Ludwicks labyrinths. Prices are definitely impacting our purchases. Still looing for a few 1st edition expansions for Cyclades 😂

  29. Subscribed – delivery style is totally on point, cheers

  30. Just got the old version of Ave Ceasar for a modest sum. Can’t wait to try it, seems simple enough for my wife, who doesnt really like board games, to enjoy.

  31. Would you say the miniatures are worth it for stationfall?

  32. I picked up Stationfall after your review and I’m having the same problem as you did with Voidfall, but I’m determined to get it played before the end of next year.

  33. Okay, smart content (mostly), that's a given. But "… all that crusty ol' cake-boner" 😚 Pucker up, buttercup–that's quality writing right there.💙

  34. Love the content. Didn't realise there was a game of the Last Kingdom out so must have missed that one.

  35. As big as the pile of Jurassic Park sheet. 😂

  36. I have never stuck a board game up my arse and smoked it, but I will now be buying Earth.

  37. It was a pretty mediocre year for me as well. Prelude to Revolution from Compass Games was my game of the year for 2023, but for a more mainstream title I’d say either Ticket to Ride Legacy or Legendary Encounters: The Matrix.

  38. Great list, I own 2 out of 5 and agree with your points on em.

  39. I did have Station fall, but I couldn't be arsed to learn the rule vs interest, I didn't think my group would enjoy it.

    To be fair we don't play a lot of games as we play mostly campaign games with a single sitting game every now and then, last year we spent most of our time playing ISS vanguard and then Oathsworn, ISS Vanguard is okay, but not great, gets pretty boring later on, but Oathsworn was brilliant, three of the bosses I would say are too overpowered and we skipped them after going up against them and losing, simply for the reason of not wanting to repeat a battle that we felt we couldn't win.

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