Top 5 - Board Games To Get For the Holidays - 2022! -

Top 5 – Board Games To Get For the Holidays – 2022!

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Check out these board games. Ok, “tabletop” games… Here are my 5 favorite to play with the family durning the Thanksgiving through New Years holidays. I hope you’ll give a few of them a try. Let me know about your favorite games to play with the fam.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Interesting number 1 choice. I wanted to disagree at first, but considering your reasoning and potential players, you might have found a good option. I enjoyed playing it with my kids when they were young. Nowadays I would recommend a roll and write like Encore! With bigger groups we also enjoy Werewolf. It is caos and fun, but not easy to really master.

  2. Way to go!! This content needs 'Promosm'!

  3. Would love to see more opinions and recommendations of the designer board games. Great video

  4. People don't like the memory mechanism. You have a good memory or you don't. People with good memories win.

  5. Damn, you're not only into cards but venturing to board games to. Keep up the great work there! My family is not so well versed in board games but my partner and I try to really push to play some games. This year we plan to play Cascadia, Azul was already a great hit as well.

  6. Crokinole gets everyone playing at the family party

  7. Enchanted forest is the best kids game ever created.

  8. Enchanted Forest is a great game. The original german version Sagaland from the eighties has much nicer artwork.

  9. Thanks for the info about Enchanted Forest. I am always looking for games to recommend to people in a variety of settings.

  10. Great video talking about the classics! Keep it up.

  11. The first game I got was shoots and ladders. I remember it was boring 😂

  12. Happy to see those wounds of honour on your games, that means you've been giving them quite a lot of love!

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