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Top 5 Board Games to Play if you Love D&D

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The Dicebreaker team has met a lot of people in their time who love D&D but not a lot of them play board games! We think that’s a shame and so as a segue into the hobby, Dicebreaker has put together a list of 5 games that you are bound to adore if you enjoy playing D&D!

Whether you’re looking to mix things up or your DM is just sick and tired of your party’s nonsense and wants a day off, these titles should do the trick!

If you can think of any other board games that D&D players might enjoy then make sure you drop them in the comments below so that we can make a follow up. Make sure to share this video with your D&D group and see what they think!

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  1. Every one of these top 5 games for d&d lovers is all the same complex, really expensive and have quirky gameplay, why no basic simple to play games? Why no classics? Why is nothing on the list that is older than 2015?

  2. If you can find it, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego is a good choice, you play as detectives finding stolen treasures and arresting the criminals

  3. I would also recommend Bardsung….once its available at retail

  4. Your showing Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, and linked to buy the full Gloomhaven? A bit of classification/explantation would be good

  5. Hopefully one day my friends and I will have our RPG system added to this list. In the meantime Gllomhaven looks mighty interesting.

  6. Lords of Waterdeep! Cool to see it on the list, it's AWESOME! Its mechanics are simple enough, but can get quite complex if you're actively trying to screw others over, or if the Heart of the Cards isn't with you (yeah, it can be a bit unbalanced).

  7. Great video! Definitely will look out for these games, they sound a lot of fun and right up my alley!

  8. i dare to say i love most of Dicebreaker videos BUT i`m kinda stupefied not to find games like Sword & Sorcery by Ares Games/Gremlin Project and Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness by CGS… i guess its a matter of preference but (like Bardsung mentioned by another person) there are games, objectively better than some mentioned here, in the DnD genre…

  9. Kinda surprised that Hero Quest isn't here, but I'll definitely give these a try!

  10. I recommend Sword and Soccery , and Massive darkness 2

  11. I think Lords of Waterdeep is a fine introduction to worker placement, but… I don't think it's a great game for D&D lovers – the theme doesn't really come over well imo.

  12. Maddie already seems like a great addition to the gang and of course another great video!

  13. I know Gloomhaven has been out for awhile, but that price tag hurts! Lords of Waterdeep is fantastic, though, and adds some interesting flavor and ideas if you want to branch out your run through Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, making it into a full fledged campaign. I wonder if you could just pull a quest card out of Lords of Waterdeep and run it as a one-shot if one of your P.C.'s couldn't make it to D&D that week.

  14. Since I got my kickstarter reward and had the chance to play it, I'd like to throw in my recommendation – Tiny Epic Dungeon.
    You get to play a special hero with their own unique abilities, explore a dungeon, fight goblins and monsterous minions, get and equip loot, disarm traps, and fight a boss monster in the boss monster's lair (at least for parts of the fight).

  15. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is a great pick! A really fun, approachable and chaotic game, I love it. Unfortunately it was quite undersold in this video by showing the original BaHotH instead. So let me list some cool features: up to 6 players (no DM required), 12 different classes with their unique stats and powers, classic items, monsters and references from DnD like Beholders and the Deck of Many Things, the map is different every game, cool art and nice components, and some of the 50 possible haunts are fully cooperative (no traitor). This game even helped me convince my friends to start a DnD campaign together, it’s that good.

    Nice video, but I would’ve liked it better if you’d elaborated a little more about the games recommended. I got the impression that this was more like the selling pitch of a game shop’s employee than the recommendation of a fellow enthusiast.

  16. I have all of these on my list – except for Catacombs. It's been on my things-to-buy for ages now. These games aren't cheap and will probably take a while before I can even get the cheapest out of the five stated in the video – I say cheapest but it's still expensive af.

  17. Could Dicebreaker do a history of D&D? From Gygax to 3rd Edition with the GURPS ?
    And then the disastrous 4e, and Pathfinder that led to 5e?

  18. Can confirm that Betrayal at Baldur's Gate is great. One time, I drank so much I fell through reality and became a DM while the rest of the party sought out poisoned wine and another time was just a big ol' free for all where most of us died because someone had a necklace of fireballs.

  19. Another suggestion: Mice and Mystics. You are heroes transformed into mic and must save the kingdom from an ancient evil. Easy combat system with dice. No combat tables. Did you roll more swords than your opponent rolled shields? Congrats, you hit your opponent. The whole adventure is 11 or 12 chapters.

  20. You show Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion here which is a great game. It's so good and so in depth. But do not confuse Jaws of the Lion with Gloomhaven proper. Both games are very big but Gloomhaven is MASSIVE. Set up can be a chore. Don't get me wrong, Gloomhaven is superior ot JOTL but if you are just starting out and want to see if you'd like it, JOTL is cheaper and a good introduction. (BTW, Maddie seems to be explaining the core Gloomhaven and not JOTL)

  21. I very recently received my Kickstarter deliver of Bardsung which as far as I can tell is a bit like Gloomhaven. Not sure when I shall get a chance to play it but the minis will definitely get co-opted inot my D&D Campaigns. I particularly look forward to placing the Grell in the Table which may cause PTSD panic among some of my players from a previous campaign.

  22. Those are great game suggestions. Don't forget about Roll Player, feels like building a character sheet.

  23. The best fantasy games I have, are the original Runebound boardgames.

  24. I’d add Roll Player Adventures and The King’s Dilemma . We’ve been enjoying the story in both

  25. Cthulhu death may die! Best board game I've played and the replayability is top notch.

  26. Middara and Chronicles of Drunagor are fantastic D&D like games

  27. maybe its just my D&D group, but they tend to just like D&D

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