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Top 5 Board Games We Got Rid Of – Boardgamebollocks

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  1. How did I miss this video! This is the most relaxed I've ever seen you and I love this more laid back presention style.

  2. Its weird the whole cryhavoc experience cause that unbalance element exists in many games in purpose. For example Twilight Imperium, cosmic encounter, Vilainous and of course Dune among many. The factions are deliberetly unbalanced and the players balance it with alliances or constant poking the ovepowered ones. Maybe some like it maybe some not but the fact remains that a game designer has done something like that before and most game designers probably know these games so it shouldnt be so strange to ask or even offensive to ask about this "unbalanced" element.

  3. Nice video as always. I do agree totally on Wingspan. Like John Cleese says "What´s the point". Thou i do like birds a lot, mostly the ones in nice dresses😉
    I would like to try Cry Havoc. Only to get my own opinion about the gameplay. The other games mentioned here I have not played.
    "Scanners" this film I did see many years ago. I know the feeling. Been married. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yep. I was very disappointed in Imperial Assault as well.

  5. Love your channel, but I seriously hope you don’t regret getting rid of Wingspan! Unbelievable game.

  6. I Love this Channel soo much. I request you to do more Fighting Fantasy Gamebook videos.

  7. I very nearly got rid of zombicide because I just found it a dice fest… but since learned to love it.

    I did however get rid the 'war of tanks' card game 'Rush'… it was bought from The Works and just wasn't worth it.

  8. Agree with wingspan. it was absolute munk! however i enjoy the 7th continent and its doesnt take long to set up or tear down.

  9. Love hearing your thoughts on the games. I would say that Imperial Assault/Descent are great fun but finding a group is a nightmare so can understand your point entirely. Same would be true of other campaign games like Glooomhaven, Charterstone, Pandemic Legacy etc. though!

    I quite enjoyed Cry Havoc for the asymmetry, deck tweaking and unique combat system but I can see that game balance and some of the mechanics may not to be everyone's tastes. It also doesn't help that there are many incredible area control/dudes on a map games, so it has difficultly standing out from the crowd.

    Haven't played Wingspan so will reserve judgement on that. Think I'd probably enjoy it but that it wouldn't set my world on fire. I would like to try 7th Continent, but a bit wary of it at the same time. Also don't like the fact that all the print runs are Kickstarter only. Dominant Species doesn't really interest me due to the theme. I have played Evolution which was decent enough but it's not a theme that really grabs me.

  10. Love the channel and that you have the balls to call out that wingspan is a fluffed up top trumps💪🙀

  11. My family and I recently bought Wingspan…and we love it. One game that I’m looking to get rid of is Castell!

  12. This shows you can't tell who is a hard core board gamer… 😁 DS is pure stupidity, agreed.

  13. I got bored with 7th Continent within minutes of playing

  14. i could Listen to you talk all day (No homo). i'm a Fighting Fantasy fan and i listen to your review series of the books in one sitting

  15. cry havoc creator went mental. That's speaking volumes. Will avoid his crap at any cost then. Thanks!@ subbed. Honest reviews are rare. The others I fully agree with so no reason to doubt your cry havoc opinion.

  16. We played 10 games of Cry Havoc so far.. Humans won Twice.. You play with people who don't know strategy/tactics of this game and you're probably one of them..

  17. Have to say I totally agree with your comments on Wingspan… though my wife won’t let me sell it… although one game we did agree on selling was 7th Continent, we just didn’t get what the hype was at all… far too much chance and random bumpf, poor interesting characters and story… Tainted Grail is the game 7th continent should have been.

  18. Agree about Wingspan, it is just an overproduced card game.

  19. Can’t argue with any of those. If I could do, I wouldn’t, it’s all subjective.

    Good presentation, subscribed.

  20. Never felt attracted to wingspan, now even less likely to pick up it. Thanks for an entertaining video.

  21. Recently got Wingspan and really enjoying it. I’ve been into the hobby for less than a year so wasn’t bogged down with expectations from the hype. Good video and made me think what I could stand to get rid of – Ethnos (a real letdown) and K2 (one of the first games I bought and overplayed it at the time, decent game though)

  22. Hi man, Love the channel and have been following you since the inception. Your honesty is so refreshing compared to 99.99% of other board game channels!

  23. I agree that Dominant Feces is the #1 Worst Gaming Moment of All Time 😂😂🍩
    Once was one time too many.

  24. Great review … finally a bloke that speaks the truth against the hype. Dominant Species … crap. Dominance species calculation are a waste of time. Wingspan – buy a bird book instead. Rare to have a guy speak against hype and get canceled by thin skinned designers. Awesome guy !

  25. The only game I’d considering buying is 7th Continent for that choose your adventure style game. I think all the others I will now give a miss for the reasons you gave. I think another I’d add to the crap list is Spirit Island which bored the living day lights out of me and felt like I was fiddling with monopoly pieces.

  26. Respect your opinions. Even agree with some of them.

  27. I like Dominant Species. I like wargames. Dominance calculation is easy and you only really need to confirm it during the domination resolution. If that was your only complaint though, Dominant Species Marine drastically streamlined the dominance calculation.

  28. Agreed on Descent, disagree on Wingspan and Dominant Species. Wingspan i have used as a gateway game and so far it has never failed to get people into this wonderful hobby of ours. Dominant Species Is a marmite game. I do struggle to get it to the table as it rewards players that know how to play it much more than most games do. Experience at the game heavily favours your chances of winning much more than most games i have played. This puts me off suggesting it as no one should want to dominate the game play that much. We and should all be able to agree to disagree.
    Recently found your channel and find it very refreshing to find a you tube creator that says it as they see it. Keep up the good work 😊

  29. I heard Wingspan was overrated. Wasn't really keen on it in the first place. I love star wars, but I don't like when those games turn into a dice roll fest…. good to know. The other ones I don't think I've heard of. Another Great video.

  30. Calculating dominance is easy. The next tiles doesn’t effect the dominance of your current tile. This sounds like you got the rules wrong because it’s not supposed to be this complicated. It’s my number 3 game and I wish I can teach you it correctly.

  31. Imperial Assault/Descent, totally with you on those, I have avoided them, they look pretty but I know i'd never get them to the table for the reasons you gave plus the money pit and "need" to purchase the character packs is a piss take. Wingspan I see your point, never thought about how condensed it could be unfluffed, but we do enjoy it and easily bash a game out in 30 mins and its sits as my highest played game at 35 plays. Working my way through your channel, great content mate thanks.

  32. I agree the humans in CryHavoc are overpowered in the default setup. All the races are modular though. So we nerfed the humans. (But then another race became overpowered.. so we… and then… oh ok).

  33. "Sit up and Shut Down" – hehehehe good one.

    But Cry Havoc? I get that if the dev pissed you off, sure. Bin it. But the game itself is fine (especially with the expansion), Humans are easy mode only if other players make an effort of ignoring them, the thing with them is that they are most forgiving plus easy scoring. But start moving towards them early and they are f'ed.

    Agree with Wingspan, always disliked that game. Zero care for what it is. I don't play games to make political statements about empowering the dev.

  34. The birds in wingspan is the least of its problems

  35. Interesting. I absolutely love Wingspan 🎉 Just can't get enough of it.

  36. I love wingspan because my wife will play it as she enjoys the art style and theme.

  37. The ultimate insult to the Cry Havoc cry baby,,, just chuck the f,,,ing game in the bin. 😅

  38. Thank you, some of these I was iffy on due to others having bad results with.

  39. I got rid of cry havoc for the first cast same reason, I’m glad that I wasn’t alone in this perception on the game.

  40. Oh man, didn't even sell it. That's rough.

  41. Completely agree with wingspan, very simple boring game.

  42. What I disliked about Wingspan, from the very first time I played it, was it is a card asset management game that does not need there to be other players as their actions could just as easily be taken on by an AI and it wouldn't change the game. It's more like a game of golf – 'a good walk spoiled' – designed by computer programmers for computer programmers masquerading as a board game about birds when the birds are an irrelevant theme.

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