Top 5 Dungeon Crawler Board Games 2023 -

Top 5 Dungeon Crawler Board Games 2023

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Nick here! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with Tabletop Duo as we take you through our top 5 dungeon crawler board games! We’ve scoured dungeons far and wide to bring you the most thrilling and immersive tabletop experiences out there.

Join us as we delve into the dark and dangerous depths of these games, where you’ll battle fierce monsters, collect treasure, and level up your heroes to become unstoppable. Whether you’re a seasoned dungeon crawler or a newcomer to the genre, our list has something for everyone.

So grab your dice, gather your party, and get ready to explore the depths of our top 5 dungeon crawler board games. With Tabletop Duo as your guide, you’re sure to have an unforgettable gaming experience that will leave you craving even more adventure!

You can find the Bardsung Legend of the Ancient Forge Kickstarter Board Game Unboxing here:

We have also done the review of another cool game: Nemesis Board Game which you can find here:

Annd another cool review of Resident Evil 3 Board Game from Steamforged games:


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  1. I love your channel please keep it up!!❤

  2. i feel i cant thrust this to be an honest review, it stink like PAID REVIEW…😑😑

  3. Nemesis isent a dungeon crawler its a advanture game

  4. zooming on your face after a fight might not give the best impression my friend on somebody watching yer channel for the first time..maybe u should consider that for future vid, just saying, looks kinda bad dude…😐

  5. I absolutely love nemesis but it's not a dungeon crawl game.

  6. Descent, Imperial Assault, Mansions of Madness, Cthulu:Death May Die, Massive Darkness – some really big names overlooked but Dark Souls makes it in?

  7. Last night I was literally looking for videos of top dungeon crawler board games and today you drop this, thank you!

  8. (spoiler). We all saw that coming a mile away 🙂 One day!

  9. Nice video, love your appreciation for DS – It is in my top 5 too.

  10. I did not care for Dark Souls or Resident Evil 2 (did not bother with 3 after 2 being so bad) and wound up selling both of them. I am not sure that I would call Nemesis a dungeon crawler but it is a great game (as is Gloomhaven). I would add Shadows of Brimstone, Oathsworn and Kingdom Death Monster to my list.

  11. No…Dark Souls was a terrible irredeemable disappointment

  12. Keep an eye out for League of Dungeoneers! 🥳 Not only will the first printing reach backers in another month or two, but the second printing will go up on GameFound as soon as the majority of the backers have received their pledge! Which I assume will be around May or June!

  13. I am looking forward to trying the new dark souls, but middara, Darkest Dungeon, maybe even mice and mystics for the story and components are all goodies too …

  14. See For The Quest, Brazilian board game

  15. Gloomhaven, Nemesis, Gloomhaven light…I get that these are well regarded crawlers but there are others. Hot Take: Gloomhaven is as much a puzzle game as it is anything. HeroQuest is a better dungeon crawler than GH.

  16. How do you compare dark souls to bloodborne? To me, both in video game and board game form, bloodborne is far superior 🙂 On a slight tangent, Nemesis is one of my favourite games (once you get pass some of the clunky rules).

  17. Check out Arena the Contest. Accessable, fun tactical gameplay, great campaign & story, beautiful artwork and more.

  18. Frosthaven should be here. Absolutely loving it. Very difficult though. Bardsung is easy to set up and play and is amazing fun once you unlock the third action. So many good games to play!

  19. I might have to look into jaws of the lion, I've been interested in gloomhaven but intimidated by how much there is to it, namely rules wise, so this might be the one for for me.

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