Top 5 Essential Board Games For Tabletop Beginners!! -

Top 5 Essential Board Games For Tabletop Beginners!!

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Looking for the best games to play as someone new to the hobby. Look no further. Honorable mentions plus 5 of the best games to introduce to ANYONE in the hobby, spanning all mechanics and playstyle.
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Time Stamp:
00:00 – 5 Games for Everyone
01:19 – 3 Honorable Mentions
– THE ultimate intro game (CATAN)
– The Faith of Flicking (FLICK OF FAITH)
– Sky Holds Islands ( ISLE OF SKYE)
04:32 – #5 – Yelling, Deceiving, & Murdering (DECEPTION MURDER IN HONG KONG)
06:06 – #4 – I love different letters (LOVE LETTER)
07:50 – #3 – Edo’s Emperors (KING OF TOKYO)
09:58 – #2 – In Ur (Space) Base (SPACE BASE)
12:06 – #1 – It’s Time to Play… (THE GAME)
13:46 – Final Thoughts

The Game –
Space Base –
Love Letter (IG) –
Deception –
King of Tokyo –
HM: Catan –
HM: Flick of Faith –
HM: Isle of Skye –


  1. My collection numbers 660 at the present. But my “go-to” games for beginners and “I hate board-games player” (aka those who only think RISK, MONOPOLY, SORRY, SCRABBLE, etc) would include:Tier 1:-CATAN-TICKET TO RIDE-TRANSAMERICA /TRANSEUROPA – (with “Vexation”)-CARTAGENA -KARUBATier 2:-CASTLES OF MAD KING LUDWIG-WIZARD “The Ultimate Game of Trump”-DIXIT-LOVE LETTER (Hobbit; Battle of 5 Armies version)-CODENAMES Tier 3:-FAST FLOWING FOREST FELLERS-SHERLOCK 13-SPLENDOR -KINGDOMINO -BLOKUSTier 4: “Oldies but Goodies!” (If you can find them!)-YACHT RACE (circa 1961 – Parker Brothers)-ROBORALLY -THURN & TAXIS-DAWN UNDER-POWERBOATS -TOBAGO-FEARSOME FLOORS

  2. Absolute not! Not Catan. I can say I had urge to chop someone’s head off in one of the games. Catan is just wrong.

  3. My board game collection started with zombicide Black Plague. The last game I just got was Steamwatchers. I think I’m up to 40 games between big board games and tiny card games. I still have around ten games waiting to fulfill.

    Fun fact…I have never played catan, ticket to ride or any of the staple board games. Great video as always.

  4. Although I play only Catan Junior with my kids I must say my appreciation goes to you sir, and every other youtuber that mentions Catan or Ticket to Ride. It shows you are not pretentious and you are not looking down on us, casual boardgamers. Kudos for that.

  5. My number 1 for beginners is pandemic! Great video! Thx

  6. Games in my collection to play with beginners witch I like to this times are Warhammer 40 000 Relic, Room 25 and Star Realms. Simply, climatic, fast to teached, set up and play.

  7. Pandemic, King of Tokyo, Azul, kingdominio and Downforce would be my top 5

  8. 1. Ticket to Ride. 2. Space Base. 3. Azul. 4. Dice Throne

  9. Catan was the game that started it all for my wife and I. Sadly, Catan has left the collection but only because Catan: Starfarers replaced it. The top 5 for me now are: Ohanami, Archaeology, Azul, Chakra, and Wazabi. Runner's Up: Forbidden Desert, King of Tokyo, & Escape: The Curse of the temple has also been a big hit with new people.

  10. I'm waiting on Marvel XMen United in part as Liege made some great points about it. Aside from it being expensive, I'm curious if it would otherwise make this list?

  11. Good picks!
    Project L has been a recent go to for both beginner and intermediate players. Intuitive, easy to learn rules, printed on each player mat. Turns move quickly. Constant progression as you complete more and more tile puzzles. The minimalist art style and quality components gives it wide appeal.

  12. Funny thing that happened to me when I first got into this hobby. I bought Mage Knight. MAGE KNIGHT!

  13. The only issue I have with Space Base is explaining those dang cubes.

  14. I like your list and I've always like the idea of looking for games where people just have fun.
    I'd say good for beginners: Space Base, Qwixx, The Game, Just One, Azul.
    I'm not big into social deduction and its easy for beginners to accidentally ruin those types of game.

  15. You keep sizzling me on Space Base. I guess I am taking a harder look. It would be a no-brainer if there was a way to get to six players as that is our regular group size. Any of the expansions get to a reasonable six player game? So, why didn't Azul make the cut? It's a go-to for me with anyone who doesn't know it or is a newer gamer.

  16. My City is amazing because it’s a great intro game and shows beginners the possibilities of modern board games with legacy.

    Mysterium is great, shows people the fun of coop and allows people to get into a more thematic experience.

    Everdell is a step up for people in terms of more abstract concepts for a new comer to modern board games.

    Fake artist goes to New York! Perfect intro board game, I’ve never had a bad time playing this one with newcomers. Every time I show people this game, they’ve been a huge fan and actually wanted to play more boardgames afterwords.

    Secret Hitler is great and everyone has an amazing time, even new comers. Simple, fast, not complicated, VERY engaging.

    These recommendations are great for all, but especially great for new comers. The biggest fault board gamers have when showing games to new people is not being empathetic and understanding what would be fun for a new comer. You need games that are EXTREMELY simple and white hot from the beginning. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to explain the rules to a new comer, YOU PICKED THE WRONG GAME. As soon as a new comer doesn’t understand a rule or mechanic, they get confused and feel dumb. The moment that happens, they’re checked out. You need to avoid that. I see so many board gamers recommend too complicated games and it’s a bummer that they don’t realize why their audience doesn’t have a good time or don’t want to play another.

  17. Nice picks, only "The Game" doesn't really do it for me.
    Flick of Faith is excellent, the best affordable flicking game imho, and you can play it with kids (just like King of Tokyo)!
    Carcassonne, as a light version of Isle of Skye without the auction part, might be a nice alternative.
    More "family" games: Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Century, Kingdomino, Parks and Cascadia, just to name a few. And the board game afficionados also enjoy a few rounds of those games every so often =)

  18. Thanks again for another great video and list. Love some of those games, especially some of the randomness in the games as it levels the playing field for my kids so we all have a chance at winning but more importantly enjoying the time together. I've noticed they don't like playing the games that through strategy I'll always win. Catan is still a favourite and introduces many great concepts. Sushi Go or Cat Box are other quick family games we enjoy. About the only game I don't recommend is Monopoly 😀

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