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Top 5 EVER LASTING Board Game FIRST Impressions!

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Modern Board Games such as Castles of Burgundy, Grand Austria Hotel, Wingspan, Everdell, Viticulture, Great Western Trail, Scythe and Terraforming Mars are board games that people have learnt how to play and have imprinted their ingenuity into players minds for years. There is a sense that if a board game can capture and convey the fun in its first impressions, it may lead to a greater longevity when it comes to future game plays and its shelf life.

In this video I talk about 5 board games that left an ever lasting First Impression, meaning that after I played it once, I knew it would be a keeper in essential collection forever.

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  1. 1:57 Yeah, that's what most people look for in board games… However, that is very general… But what makes you enjoy a PARTICULAR board game when you see it the first time? So you see where I am going here?For example, is it because it was the first time you saw that particular mechanic or theme. But what about once others use a similar mechanic or theme? The novelty the next time – in the next game you see it – will be not as high – and make that 2nd game with that particular mechanic/ theme seem not as "new" (let's call it) – and that may influence your opinion of the game – whereas even though the game took a few mechanics, for example, from the original – the 2nd game could do it in a completely different way, which could still innovate – and possibly do it even better than the 1st game. However, the game doesn't get the credit or deserves because it is seen as too similar to the 1st game, which is a shame.

  2. The two I have not heard of before are Haven and Maglev,thanks for your comment about these games

  3. Great videoNeed to check out Maglev metro 🙂

  4. Your excitement for games is truly contagious!! Really enjoy your take on this hobby!!

  5. Did you recently get married? I haven't seen the double-happiness in the background before. Congratulations.

  6. What ever lasting board games do you own that left an amazing first impression on you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  7. Great video, awesome T-shirt 🙂
    I had the same first impression for Arc nova, the graphic design just doesn't excite me right away, but I have jet to try and play the game.

  8. 0:58 Which leads me to MY question: Why do YOU play board games?… Yes, it is a very open-ended and personal question, but that's the point. Everyone plays for different reasons – and I feel that every content creator should have a video answering this question – which will help their viewers determine whether just because the content creator likes a game, whether their viewers might be likely to enjoy it as well – if the reason resonates with the viewer.

  9. Great video. I always enjoy your videos. I've been on the fence about GWT, considering that or Maracaibo. Also, you've got me to relook at Imhotep and Maglev. Thanks, enjoy your videos and enthusiasm.

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