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Top 5 Halloween Board Games

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Today Mark and Brittany list their Top 5 Halloween Board games they are playing this year!

Halloween Board Games to play this year!
0:00 Happy Halloween
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  1. Great costumes you two. Britney makes for a lovely general 😉

  2. Have you played Mansions of Madness 2nd edition? What do you think of it?

  3. I will be playing Ghostbusters board game. I also recommend Resident Evil 2.

  4. Glad to see Fury of Dracula on the list. It was be number 1 on mine.

  5. Great list. I've added Folklore: The Affliction to my list. I'd love to continue to play Betrayal. My group started it just before Covid, so it obviously has been put on hold.

  6. LOL you guys are the best, love the costumes

  7. Horrified is a great light game, and the wife and I LOVE A Touch of Evil!

  8. So far we have played Zombicide BP, and Zombie Kidz. We have Run, Fight, or Die and Bloodborne TCG to get to the table as well as Chupacabra ( Roz my 5yr old daughter's favourite. She like stealing everyone's chickens. ) Happy Halloween!

  9. you guys should check out last friday boardgame its fantastic 👏

  10. Camp Grizzly, Last Night on Earth – those 2 should be on this list.

  11. What no Cthulhu Death May Die? Just kidding. This would be a hard list to make. Deep Madness is also good and Alone could be fun for couples.

  12. For Halloween, my friends and I played Last Friday, Zombicide Invader and Zombie Fluxx

  13. All awesomely thematic games for Halloween. i am a big fan of Betrayal Legacy, i've played the campaign through 3 times and had different experiences each time. It's the best of the Betrayal games and one of the best legacy games.

  14. Betrayal Legacy is indeed a masterpiece and probably my favourite board game that I've ever played

  15. Hi, enjoyed the top 5 list! Any chance you'll be filming a playthrough of Fury of Dracula? Would love to watch you guys playing it.

  16. You guys really like Halloween huh?? 😀

  17. Have you played Horrified? Really thematic, fun, light, co-op game. I think you’d enjoy it!

  18. I will be playing Night of The Living Dead – a Zombicide Game and Tales of Evil.

  19. Sadly you have neither an old favorite of mine nor a new favorite.

    Last Night On Earth is a phenomenally theme based zombie game which beat the rush of Zombicide and others. The trope type characters, art, and events all come together for a great experience reliving a B movie.

    For a new favorite I have really come to love the 2019 release of Horrified. The classic Universal monsters in a format that can be taught in a couple minutes and plays in under an hour with plenty of versatility is a real win for me. It serves as an excellent gateway game for newer players yet still can be fun and interesting for more experienced ones. To top it all off you get to save Abbot and Costello from Dracula and the Wolfman!

  20. Abomination is one of my favorite games. There's also a companion app which adds to the spookiness. However, I'll be playing Nemesis this Halloween. I feel like Sci-fi horror doesn't get as much love during the Halloween season.

  21. Can Betrayal Legacy be played without having played Betrayal Hill?

  22. I love Horrified and it fits the Halloween theme!!! My wife and I love playing it together.

  23. First time viewer!
    Such relaxed, fun vibes between you two.
    If you ran a gaming store you'd have people hanging out all day.
    New to board gaming, so doing much research before I make my first selection. Definitely checking out more of your content.
    Greetings from England!

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