Top 5 Most Ridiculous Board Games I Own | Best Miniature Adventure RPGs | Kickstarter Collection -

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Board Games I Own | Best Miniature Adventure RPGs | Kickstarter Collection

Hobby Night
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This week I got in a massive new game called Middara that weighs more than the 20 pound Gloomhaven and that really got me thinking about my board game collection. And all the massive, miniature packed, component heavy board games I own.

So for today’s video I wanted to share my top 5 most impressive games with you all!

And make sure to tell me about the most impressive game from your collection in the comments below!


Not all of these games are available but if you want to help support the channel you can use these links for the few that are:

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition | GoB: | Amazon:

Cthulhu: Death May Die | GoB: | Amazon:

For the other games check here:


Kingdom Death: Monster |

Tainted Grail:


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  1. I hope hate will come. Back. I missed out on the kickstarter and I didnt pick it up on miniature market… and now they keep increasing that cost. It was $80 when it was released on MM

  2. I own and played cthulhu death may die. It's hard! So hard. Also it's very easy to miss rules on the cards. Always read the card, which you dont want to do, the game is easier when you don't, but I still lose either way.

  3. I skipped this video a few times, because in my mind "Ridiculous" has a negative connotation and I thought you were going to talk about games you didn't like… But It was a great video! Looking into reviews and thinking of getting a few of them now…

  4. I remember 1st edition mansions of madness and was floored because it had great miniatures. So many creatures and crazy peopple. I bought 2nd edition knoqing it didn't come with the same miniatures and wish i had just bought the 1st edition years ago.

    Kind of regret getting 2nd ed. Especially since you have to use an app to play the game. And you have to buy new apps for each adventure.

    Of course i have no one to play it with either which doesn't help

  5. I'm not sure, can you really call it a mini when it's that big?

  6. LOOOVE miniatures too! It has made a large impact on which games I collect.

  7. ahh. Just wait till you come across The Edge: Dawnfall…..

  8. tainted grail and gloomhaven have computer games that came out of the board game fyi.

  9. The Dance Hacker's Guide to Argentine Tango says:

    No fan-made scenarios on the app for Mansions of Madness. It's a shame because a level making functionality would really help building a community around it.

  10. Gloom haven is 22.5 lbs, IIRC. About what one of the boxes for office paper weighs. I… lug many of both, quite often.

  11. OMG! That Forbidden Stars box!!! I'm looking for that game for years and prices are too damn high! BTW i just subscribed to see this large Cthulhu "miniature" painted 😀

  12. Come on! NEMESIS is not in your list? 🙁

  13. I guess I kinda love you…

  14. Just found your video and thought it was great. However…if you want ridiculous, get into Shadows of Brimstone… heh. Sorry in advance!

  15. I love cthulhu death may die, its my number one game. Just be warned, while the rules are simple the game is hard

  16. The gf and I played through the entire tainted grail base campaign and its by far our favorite game now definitely play it! But be ready to fuge some rules…

  17. Ive got all the Death may Die releases….cept the big guy…..The price is just too far west of my price range 🙁

  18. Definitely want to see more Kingdom Death content from this channel!

  19. Great video, and so impressed by the endearing positivity and enthusiasm you carry for these games, even while acknowledging you're very unlikely to ever play some of them. 😊
    I am in a similar boat in the sense I have several incredibly gorgeous (and expensive!) games — incl. Tainted Grail — but the likelihood of ever getting them to the table feels miniscule. I want to, but so many other games are on the list, and a lot easier to set up and get going with (with no painting req'd, either – hoorah!). That said, I am still quietly proud to have these ridiculous 'monster games' in my collection, even while regularly indulging in psychological self-flagellation at the brazen waste of hard-earned monies thrown at them. Are too many boardgames (myself included) still blissfully succumbing to 'the FOMO hotness', or just a tad bonkers with clearly more money than sense? 😂

  20. "It's not a book. .. IT'S A TOME!"
    – Midaramir

  21. The longer I watched the video the more I grinned.
    When you brought out the BIG ONE I thought "Dang. I will never meet a woman like this."

  22. so what I'm hearing you say is…size matters.

  23. when you say 'Ridiculous " do you mean that's good, because in English, English if you say Ridculous it means ,absurd, or mockery.

  24. When I started watching. I had a feeling what number one was going to be.

  25. Cthulhu: Death May Die is a fave for my board gaming group, we haven't got to the big boy yet though, he's in the attic.

  26. Glorantha the Gods War is my fav “big”ature game.

  27. Really nice top five but i was so sure to see Shadows Of Brimstone in youre top 5 just because this game is so huge if you only think to get all that as been done for it you will probably will pay the forth of all youre collection lol if you don't know about this game go take a look at it on BGG you will see by youre self , ok i admit the first mini tha was done for SOB were not the best but the new mini star to be really good and plenty to paint

  28. I got Middara and Tainted Grail myself, superb pieces.
    I really need to get Mansions of Madness myself, I've been flirting with the idea for a while now..

    Thanks for the video!

  29. What a wonderful list to discover your channel with!

    Loved seeing the love for the large and ridiculously awesome big boxes that have stolen our hearts… and wallets!

    My top are

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc
    Mythic Battles: Pantheon
    Eclipse: 2nd Dawn for the Galaxy
    Street Fighter Miniatures Game
    Kingdom Death 1.6 (which I’m waiting to be delivered)

    Honourable mentions to Tainted Grail, Mechs vs Minions and about every KS CMON game I’ve backed. It was Zombicide S2 that got me into this whole mess.

  30. Soooo, you just buy games to look nice on the shelf?..

  31. Ι didn't want to be rude to you by asking your age.i just wanted to say that you are very beautiful for a woman involved with board games.i thought that young people dont know anything about board games.i am a fan of board games although i dont own one i'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

  32. Not going to lie when I saw that Cthulhu piece drop onto the table I realized how big my eyes could get and how long they could stay in that position without blinking.

  33. Very well selection of games! With ‘ridiculous’ I thought I would see miniatures games such as War for Chicken Island or Dodos Riding Dinos but I see why you picked these!

  34. That's awesome you calling it Moderna. It reminded me that I need to get my vaccination. Ha ha great video.

  35. it's so cool the passion you feel for these games, and you transmit it here 🙂 thank you!

  36. Loving Lords of Hellas at the moment, which has some ridiculous minis. Wish I'd got that big Cthulhu, at the time I thought it was too expensive and now Death May Die is one of my fave games and I regret not going all in.
    It's not a campaign though. nothing carries over from one scenario to the next.

  37. I wanted to like Middara. So well made, components wise its fabulous. But the story was just too much. :/
    Tainted Grail and Mansions of Madness are two of my top 10 favorites.

  38. 3:12 "Trigger warning some of these miniatures have small holes in them."
    Me: WTF? I don't get it.

  39. I too, greatly value chunky games with tons of miniatures and nice, thick, glossy-printed board pieces. I'm a total sucker for miniatures, the more in the box the better!

  40. No tattoos or facial piercings. Thank you for remaking so pure and clean.

  41. Ok… the No Rolls Barred channel and now Hobby Night cannot keep teasing the Mansions of Madness board game for this long and not play it on YouTube… The game is too good!!

  42. The outtake alone on this earns a like!! that expression says it all!

  43. Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 core box has to be the heaviest box game I own at 9.7 kg. Hahaha, it's in my pile of shame, costing £400 🤔 let's call it an investment 😜 you have to laugh 😁

  44. This video was so ridiculous, it was ridiculous.

  45. We’re all playing Moderna now except for the people playing Pfizer or J&J…

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