Top 5 Overrated Games -

Top 5 Overrated Games

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower Crew share their top 5 Overrated Games!!

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  1. Nemesis would be my top pick. I just don't get how the game is so well liked. It has all the mechanisms, and elements of games people in the hobby don't like, and for some reason this game is so well received. It takes forever to set up, rules are fiddly, game play is random, has player elimination, can take very long, or be very quick. The game play is boring, the cards you play are boring. How on earth is this so high?!?

  2. I turned on closed captions and it helped a bit. Great job to the team! Loved it! 😂

  3. Totally agree with Zee on Galaxy Trucker.

    Splendor… coupon builder 💀

  4. wow most of my fav games are overrrated lol
    1.) aeons end
    2.) wingspan
    3.) quacks
    4.) gloomhaven

  5. that is exactly what i do not want to get Marvel united , not only I'm tired of north american super heroes , this game looks like it was made by EA with all the "micro expansions" and stuff

  6. Chris Yi calling out CMON on Marvel United is just the best.

  7. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones but I never had a horrible experience with Nemesis… such a great game…

  8. Mage Knight so much needs a digital implementation….

  9. No one had the courage to say Brass: Birmingham

  10. The absolute lack of "Dominion" on these lists is disappointing. Zero-star game. 😄

  11. 1. Dominion
    2. Wingspan
    3. 7 Wonders
    4. HEAT: Pedal to the Mettle
    5. Pandemic Legacy

  12. Will watch the video later but hope someone mention Earth. Most overrated nature game with poor production. Can’t get my head around being compared with Wingspan, Terraforming Mars and Ark Nova. Those 3 games had tons of different things to do, while in Earth the green cube, growth cube, the disposed card are all samey as they all give 1 points each. Not to mentioned the card power variety is super low.

  13. How can Magic be overrated? Regardless of what you think of its gameplay, its impact on the hobby is undeniably huge

  14. Calling Eldritch Horror a euro is a wild take

  15. This was one of the best top games list! Although I can't believe how much I disagree with most of it. Nemesis is one of the best games of all time. Easily near perfect game. Great western trail hate ???? thats nuts to me. I can understand the finicky of galaxy trucker a little I guess.


  16. It's all subjective- I like Mage Knight much better than Gloomhaven

  17. My number 1 would be… Dune Imperium. I love worker placement. I love deck building. Love Ruins of Arnak, Caverna, Architects of the West Kingdom, and many more. But i hate that game. It's just something in graphic desing that's awful to me. The board is just boring with all these simple shapes. And the gameplay itself feels very mechanic, but at the same time soulless.

  18. Best list – Tom. I agreed with every pick.

    Worst list – Camilla. She must have been trolling, no way any actual gamer holds those positions.

  19. Erik, why weren't you passing the mike to Chris when they were discussing games? I am sure he would have something to add, if he wasn't mike-less

  20. Yes, the sound is bad.

    However, if our options are these videos with bad sound or not getting them at all, I’ll take the video all day.

    Thanks for making them available.

  21. I wanted to hear Eric's top 5 overrated games.

  22. Hot damn! Joey kills on this list! Even his shots between selections land hard. On fire!

  23. The more videos I watch with Joey, the more I relate to him lol his list just overlaps with mine almost completely

  24. A great list apart from 3 games:

    Aeon's End isn't overrated since it IS the best cooperative deck builder. Nor because it's so good, but because the other ones are not AS good.

    As for Gloomhaven, if he said it a year ago, sure: no game is technically deserving of being number 1. But now that it's dropped, it's certainly not overrated – it IS the best Dungeon Crawler.

    Mage Knight is the best Adventure game, no competition. And it's awesome coop. Overrated?! This is so wrong on so many levels. Sheesh.

  25. 100% agree with Chris and Zee about Quacks. That would be my number 1 followed by Codenames, Parks and Kingdom Builder (mentioned by Tom).

  26. Fun video and I struggled to think of something that I could add but it just came to me…. Turing Machine – Not a game!!! 😡🤣👍. Not a fan.

  27. Okay. Everyone likes to play Munchkin more than these 27 games.

  28. 44:50 Finally Camilla! Wyrmspan got the appreciation from you guys at Dice Tower what Wingspan should have received.

  29. We know the audio isn't great. But it's the best we can do – we are so busy running these shows at conventions, we aren't set up to record them live.

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