Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME! | 10-1 (Top 10 Board Games of All-Time!) -

Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME! | 10-1 (Top 10 Board Games of All-Time!)

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For the first time ever, we’re counting down our top 50 games of all-time! As of the filming of these videos, we’ve each played somewhere around ~300 games, so our top 50 represents approximately the best 17% of the games we’ve played.

And here it is, our top 10 games of all-time.

In case you missed the previous videos in this series, you can find our previous picks below…

Are you surprised by our top 10? Whose top 10 do you agree with more? How many games in YOUR top 10 are in ours?

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0:00 Cheers (and Predictions)
1:41 10 (Dylann)
4:07 10 (Carlo)
7:30 9 (Dylann)
9:44 9 (Carlo)
12:49 8 (Dylann)
15:39 8 (Carlo)
19:13 7 (Dylann)
22:04 7 (Carlo)
24:59 6 (Dylann)
27:07 6 (Carlo)
30:27 5 (Dylann)
33:13 5 (Carlo)
36:30 4 (Dylann)
39:35 4 (Carlo)
42:59 3 (Dylann)
46:45 3 (Carlo)
50:37 2 (Dylann)
55:21 2 (Carlo)
58:19 1 (Dylann)
1:01:41 1 (Carlo)
1:05:45 Thank You! (Closing Remarks)


  1. This was, not surprisingly, my favourite list. Two great Top 10 Lists. Battle Line, Modern Art, Race, Arboretum, and Biblios are all in my own personal Top 10. Though one question, where is Knizia’s best design ‘Ra’? Maybe I missed it earlier…? That one and Medici are my #1 and #2 games respectively. Thanks guys, have a happy new year!

  2. Great lists, guys.

    My #1 is probably Concordia, but it gets switched with Paladins of the West Kingdom every time I play it.

  3. Great list guys. Happy New Year 🥳. Can’t wait to see what next year brings

  4. I am really looking forward to your future coverage of Frosthaven in 2022. I believe that it will be a true masterpiece.

  5. Nice list. Here's my top 10 currently:
    1 – Marvel Champions: The Card Game
    2 – Gloomhaven
    3 – Spirit Island
    4 – Scythe
    5 – Terraforming Mars
    6 – Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
    7 – Gaia Project
    8 – Dune: Imperium
    9 – Aeon's End
    10 – Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

  6. I’ve never been so excited to follow a channel’s best of list! Great work!! Carlo and I are so in sync in terms of what we are looking for in games…. However… TBH neither A feast for Odin or Agricola have ever interested me. But after hearing both dylanns love for AFFO and Carlo’s for Agricola I may have to try one of them out. AFFO seems the most accessible… no? My group tends to be more thematic than competive/cutthroat.

  7. Team Battle Line over Team Lost Cities! The Macedonian version as well!😎

    I've thoroughly enjoyed your Top50s lads, great job.

    One suggestion for Dylann, since you enjoy auction mechanics – I don't know if you've tried The Estates, I wholeheartedly recommend it. For me it's the pinnacle of auction games.
    And I certainly wonder where Azul: Queen's Garden is going to rank for both of you guys once you get your hands on it 🙂

  8. I love how you guys mention playing with people who are familiar with the game. It's fun teaching new games but there's something about everyone knowing what they're doing and we just play.
    Happy New Years guys! Your channel has been a great discovery for me this year.

  9. I just recently got into the board game hobby so I don’t have as much to say, but here are some board games I’ve played and enjoyed recently that were not in any of your lists:

    -Star Wars Outer Rim: great FFG game and I’m really hyped for the expansion that has been announced.
    -D&D Adventure System games: I don’t have any specific one to recommend since I only own a couple, but they are really fun and are great group campaign experiences in my opinion.
    -Godzilla Tokyo Clash: kind of a strange pick but it’s a fun, simpler board game that has great theme and replayability. Only got it recently so I will have to play more to see just how good it is.
    -Fujian Trader: Not at all a well-known game but i have it because my dad knows the developer so we got a copy.

    And of course I love Marvel Champions.
    As I’m getting into the hobby I will be sure to get many more board games and someday maybe have a top favorites list of my own.
    Happy new years guys!

  10. My Top 10:

    01. Terraforming Mars

    02. Marvel Champions

    03. Altiplano

    04. Carcassonne

    05. Trajan

    06. Castles of Burgundy

    07. 1775: Rebellion

    08. Star Wars Rebellion

    09. Obsession

    10. Bruges

  11. I can NOT play Castles of Burgundy because of how ugly it is.

  12. I love that some of your top 10 games are not from top 100 BGG and even new games.
    My top 10 is Kanban EV, Tzolkin, El Grande, Marvel Champions, Yellow & Yangtze, Detective modern crime, Barrage, Cuzco(Java), Spirit island, and Brass Birmingham being the top1!
    I want to ask you if you guys have played Mexica and Yellow & Yangtze because these two are from the designers for Renature and Babylonia, respectively. If you have, I want to know how you like them in comparison, if you haven't, I highly recommend them 😀
    I am so looking forward to playing Babylonia next year cuz I had it for months now and never had a chance to play it 🙁
    And finally, Happy new year!!

  13. whenever someone says that A Feast for Odin is better than Agricola I die inside a little ;D

    GREAT list guys, thank you so much for doing it. Best wishes for the New Year!

  14. If I were to make a personal TOP 10 right now it would look something like this:
    #1: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (I have over 500 plays of this)

    #2: KeyForge
    #3: War of the Ring: Second Edition

    #4: Twilight Struggle

    #5: Dominant Species

    #6: Innovation Deluxe

    #7: Pax Renaissance: 2nd Edition

    #8: Dominion

    #9: Agricola

    #10: Brass: Lancashire

  15. Pick up Gathering Storm and it balances the Military approach sufficiently to have enough forever. Also played a ton of Race and it is absolutely necessary for overall balance.

  16. 1. 7 wonders
    2. Decrypto
    3. Azul
    4. Pandemic legacy
    5. Clank legacy
    6. Taboo
    7. Dominion
    8. The Crew.
    9. Just one
    10. Cartographers.

  17. I enjoy your videos. Great content, presentation & production. Well done. Thank you for your efforts & I greatly appreciate your opinions!
    Good health to you & your families. I hope 2022 is full of fun & games!

  18. Its nice to see you still have older games rated very highly.

  19. Great lists guys! Love seeing Keyflower so high on both of your lists, definitely in my Top 5.

  20. I forgot to mention, 7 Wonders Duel has an amazing app on the IPhone. Plays so quick and easy. It's one of my repeat over and over games, especially on a break at work. (Also love the music, makes it more interesting! Like the Potion Explosion app!)

  21. i love your videos. can you guys make a video on +6 players games just a top 10

  22. 1. Marvel Champions
    2. Marvel Champions
    3. Marvel Champions
    4. Marvel Champions
    5. Marvel Champions

  23. Great list!! Have either of you played Reavers of Midgard, and if so what are your thoughts as to how it compares to Champions of Midgard? I personally find Reavers to be more fun 😄

  24. My top 10;
    1 Lords of waterdeep
    2 nemesis
    3 quacks of quedlinburg
    4 clank
    5 scythe
    6 Spirit island
    7 celestia
    8 splendor
    9 love letter
    10 kingdomino

  25. Thanks for the list guys! It was really fun to follow along! My current top ten:

    1 Wingspan
    2 The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine
    3 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
    4 Acquire
    5 PARKS
    6 Sushi Go Party!
    7 Space Base
    8 Clank!: Legacy – Acquisitions Inc.
    9 Calico
    10 Viticulture Essential Edition

  26. Really enjoyed these…. I have never even heard of half the games on your lists (but I’m pretty new to this) so here are my favourites from a very small sample selection

    Love letters
    Marvel champions
    Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
    Hero Quest (says 10 year old me)
    Don’t Get Got
    7 wonders Duel

  27. So great to see your top 10! It gives me a much better idea about what kind of gamers you are as well as being entertaining since you didn't share your lists with each other until now.
    10. Azul is great Dylann, but after playing all except Stained Glass of Sintra, I have Queen's Garden ranked the highest. Can't wait to hear what you think when you finally get a chance to play it.
    I love The Crew Carlo, but sadly my friends aren't as eager to play it as I am, so it's pretty low on my list because I just haven't had the opportunity to really dive into it. I know it'll jump higher once I play it more, but we're only 7 games in now and I NEED MORE!!😆
    My number 10 is Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun

    9. Santorini is brilliant. I wish I played it more. I feel like it's a game that you could have sitting on a table all the time and sit down to play a game at any time. Sadly my hubby doesn't play games so it remains on the shelf waiting for a friend to come to help me get through all the gods.
    I really liked Renature, but for me it fit into a kind of "great for the cottage" kind of game. I liked it, but I was hungry for something meatier at the end. I'd never say no to anyone who asked though.
    My number 9 is Ark Nova. I just got it and had to play it solo to start, but then left it on the table and played it 7 times in just a few days. Still haven't played it with more players, but I really can't wait because it blew me away!

    8. Lost Cities is one of my most played games! I think that it's lower on the list for me just because I've played it so much. Have you played Hanamikoji/Jixia Academy? It's another two player game that leaves you in agony with every turn like Lost Cities.
    Not familiar with Babylonia, but definitely going to check it out.
    My number 8 is Anachrony

    Not sure there's space to comment on all the numbers, but the highlights from the rest of your list for me were Arboretum, Battle Line (though I prefer Schotten Totten 2) and Castles of Burgundy.

    The rest of my top 10 is:
    7. The Gallerist
    6. On Mars
    5. Teotihuacan
    4. Bitoku
    3. Nemesis
    2. Trickerion
    1. Everdell (for 3 years running. While the presentation IS wonderful, it's the gameplay that keeps me coming back and the sheer joy that I feel while playing it.)

  28. Thanks for the list guys. Can I come to the cabin as well? 🙂

  29. Great list as always! It would be fun to learn some of these on BGA sometime. Just bought the premium subscription to try some out before I buy physical copies! 🙏🏼

  30. The norwegian expansion for Feast for Odin really improves the player tension and improves the hunting spots to make it worth going to. Sometimes it's almost worth failing the hunt to get the fail rewards.

  31. It's certainly been a blast to watch all five videos, and find out about so many games I'm now eager to try.

    I certainly feel much closer to Dylann's list with my personal top 10:
    1. Gloomhaven
    2. Lord of the Rings LCG
    3. Arkham Horror LCG
    4. Marvel Champions LCG
    5. Spirit Island
    6. A Feast for Odin (haven't tried Agricola yet, though!)
    7. Clank! Legacy
    8. Nemesis
    9. 7 Wonders Duel
    10. Santorini

  32. So much fun! This finale was a highly anticipated video! I can see myself returning to these videos for more suggestions. I don’t have nearly the same amount of gaming experience but my top 10 would currently include: Quacks, Dice Miner, Bohnanza, Lost Cities, Patchwork, 7 wonders Duel, Under Falling Skies, Tigris and Euphrates, Carcassonne and I’m always a sucker for a good old game of Crib.

    Games I hope to get this year – Azul, Marvel Champions, Five Tribes, Radlands, Paleo.

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the great gaming content! 🥳

  33. "The true greatest Uwe game of all time" 😂😂😂 what a great top 10 for you both! 👏 Lots of fantastic titles. Thank you for sharing this list and hope you both are well ❤

  34. According to Pub Meeple here are my top 10:

    1- Just One
    2 – Monikers
    3 – My City
    4 – Marvel Champions
    5 – The Crew
    6 – Quacks
    7 – Secret Hitler
    8 – Wavelength
    9 – Codenames
    10 – Patchwork

    I usually play my games with family or at parties so it makes sense why my list skews this way.

    I've immediately added Santorini to my wishlist because you guys have ranked it so high. I've always just dismissed it and I'm thinking that might be a mistake….

    Thanks for ALL the content this year Carlo and Dylann! Looking forward to seeing more in 2022!

  35. Great countdown! I’ve enjoyed it through the holidays. 🎄🎅🏼🤩

    I’m wondering if you’re able to comment what your greatest influences of the past and present have been for discovering games (new and old)?

  36. I am happy that Carlo had my favourite game for 2-players (and overall) in his top 10 list: Carcassonne.

    I am also happy so many Knizia games, four of them, entered your top 10. Also the Kramer/Kiesling game Renature. Clearly Carlo's taste in games matches mine much more than Dylann's 🙂

    It seems Carlo is gravitating more towards logic and skill… basicly my kind of guy.

  37. Thanks for the fun video series!
    I haven't played any of the 'key' games before. Do you guys like any of the others besides Keyflower?
    My list:
    Grand Austria Hotel, Atlantis Rising, Cosmic Encounter, Tobago, Marvel Champions, Quacks, Space Base, Aquatica, Wingspan, Trickerion

  38. 10. Jamaica 9. Carcassonne 8. Patchwork 7. Land and Sea 6. Lost Cities 5. The Fox in the Forest 4. Skull King 3. Diamonds 2. Calico 1. The Crew (both editions). I do love trick taking games. (Gizmos, Wingspan, Cascadia and Spirit Island are honorable mentions). Of course, this is my top 10 today, tomorrow it could change lol. Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun series! I really enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you and yours. Dylann your dog is adorable. I am so glad I found your channel.

  39. Thank you for an incredible year of content. You introduced me to a huge passel of games to add to my must play list. You helped me play the games I do own better (MC =#1. You’re both wrong). Special thank you for the pupper’s cameo. He should have his own channel.
    Champagne in water tumblers? SMH, Canadians. Flutes, gentlemen. They are quite necessary and affordable. If you won’t respect the grape at least respect méthode classique.
    Thanks again. Onward into ‘22.

  40. Thanks for the great video series, and a happy new year to you guys!

    To answer your question – I think I resonate more with Carlo's picks (mostly because he seems to like Knizia ever so slightly more!) but I think you both have great taste and I appreciate how much you both enjoy lighter and meatier games alike.

    And, last time I ranked my collection, this ended up being my top 10:

    1 War of the Ring: Second Edition
    2 Crokinole
    3 Blue Moon Legends
    4 Samurai
    5 Ra
    6 Churchill
    7 Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan
    8 Troyes
    9 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis
    10 The Princes of Florence

  41. Great list! So many I would like to try! My no. 1 is Gaia project. Best regards from Sweden!

  42. According to Pub Meeple my current top 10 is:
    1. Barrage
    2. Rurik: Dawn of Kiev
    3. Stellar
    4. Orleans
    5. Hanimikoji
    6. Cascadia
    7. The Castles of Burgundy
    8. Wingspan
    9. Botanik
    10. Viticulture

  43. So glad to see Carcassonne so high. I agree it is just a must in any collection.
    Carcassonne and Santorini IMHO are very well made Gateway games that if played with someone at your level will shine… but if played with someone with more experience you will be destroyed 🤣
    I need to check Keyflower… I have heard of it and it never caught my attention until now. Great list guys!

  44. I don’t have a huge game collection (though my wife disagrees 😀), but I own and love almost every game in Dylann’s top ten. (Gloomhaven doesn’t interest me, and I don’t know anything about Keyflower.) I’m less familiar with most of Carlo’s list, though I really like RFTG. Great video, guys. Happy new year!!!

  45. Great lists, and great series!
    I'm so glad I came across this channel, your interaction is awesome, and a lot of your preferences seem to fit with my own.

    I am definitely more drawn towards Carlo his list (sorry Dylann, legacy games are just not it for me).
    My collection is not that large at the moment (although steadily growing), but if I had to make a top ten on the moment.

    1. Renature
    2. Santorini
    3. Wingspan
    4. Azul
    5. Ticket to ride Nordic
    6. Patchwork
    7. P'achakuna
    8. Raiders of the North Sea
    9. Llamaland
    10. Cubirds

    Based on Carlo's love for it I also bought a copy of babylonia, but sadly I seem to have a misprint without blue tiles, so I haven't had the chance to play that yet…

    Excited to see what next year is gonna bring as I've Fjords, Cascadia, Land vs Sea, Gingkopolis, Forest of Pangaia, Winterhaven Woods, and Block and Key coming all within the first quarter of 2022.

  46. My top 10:
    1. Dice Throne
    2. Marvel Champions
    3. Villainous
    4. Catan
    5. Star Trek: Five Year Mission
    6. Machi Koro
    7. Harbour
    8. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time
    9. Haunted Mansion
    10. Planet

    P.S. You should check out Dice Throne, it's incredibly fun and I'd love to see my favorite game on the channel.

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