Top 50 Board Games of All Time - 10-1 -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time – 10-1

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These are my Top 10 board games of all time.
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10. The Resistance –
9. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) –
8. Watergate –
7. Lost Cities –
6. Western Legends –
5. Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery –
4. Lords of Vegas –
3. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective –
2. Pandemic –
2a. Pandemic Iberia –
2b. Pandemic: Fall of Rome –
1. Codenames –
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  1. I'm a high school teacher and last year I had a class subject with my students about board games, where I introduced a lot of board games to them.

    Codenames was (and still is) their top favourite, it's not even close. The cards are so worn out, I didn't imagine it would be such a hit.

  2. A very surprising top ten list to me. I'll definitely give Western Legends and Spartacus a look. They seem wildly chaotic, which i am in the mood for once in a while, though i don't have many games like that.

  3. Your list and other videos are great and I have and will be trying many of these games. I personally love codenames pictures just because I played it so much with my friends during school. I introduced my friends to lots of games like Coup, Secret Hitler, Spicy, There’s Been a Murder, Finger Guns at High Noon, and Tidal Blades Banner Festival. We have played games at lunch and during study hour almost every day for the last 2 years. We’re sophomores this year and our game of the year so far is Spicy, although we haven’t had a long school year so far. Last year we played Coup for half the year and created a game of Coup using 2-decks, 3 card hands, and 3-of-the-same-card abilities. Have a nice paternity leave!

  4. I like the look of Western legends. Its going on the list

  5. I can not comprehend why you give Pandemic so much praise. I wince whenever someone suggests to play Pandemic. Most of the games of Pandemic are literally unwinnable; The deck drains too fast to remove the diseases- especially if the group is dealt unfavorable RNG. Pandemic pigeon-holds the players into playing a certain way or the deck will absolutely run out before the players can clear the diseases. The game is literally designed for the players to be guaranteed failure more than 90% of the time- even with perfect play. Winning Pandemic simply does not feel rewarding; I do not delight in winning a game simply because the game decided not to give an unwinnable outcome this time.

    "I have played so many co-operative games where it feels obvious what you would do each turn or that you are doing stuff- you just are getting beaten down by the game. In Pandemic, there is always hope until there isn't. There is always something that you can do differently. There is always feels like there is a way around this until there isn't. "- Actualol

    Pandemic is literally designed to give the players false hope, even when the game deals unwinnable games- which happens most of the time. Pandemic offers a feigned yet shallow hope while presenting an illusion of choice. Pandemic beats the players down while not rewarding clever plays. Even if everyone in the group chooses the most optimal route every time, the deck will run out a majority of the games before victory can possibly be obtained.

    I love most of your game choices, but I can not fathom how someone would praise such a clumsily designed game such as Pandemic!

  6. Have you considered making more than one video a month, possibly one a week? I really enjoy the videos you create.

  7. I'm also a huge fan of Watergate and love to show it to people. I'm excited for their new game "Match of the Century" because it sounds to be a similar game packed into a theme that I very much more enjoy. We shall see!

  8. I'm sad that the best game chosen was an english only game.

  9. Have you ever tried The Resistance Avalon? If so, what do you think about it?

  10. YES! Pandemic, Pandemic: Fall of Rome and Pandemic: Iberia in the top 10! I agree!

  11. Have you tried spirit island? Or was it on the list and did I miss it? Or do you not like it? We are addicted and play it every weekend 😅.

  12. I find myself wondering if Long Board is a potential replacement for lost cities. I don't play 2 player much at all so long board works better for me with it's 2-4 player spread and I especially love the card economy system in long boards with your supply and the steal action that replaces the whole discard system in lost cities.

  13. Wow. I found this top 10 so not me. But your top 20-50 were very good.

  14. i’ve been waiting weeks for this one!! so exciting!!

    (also congratulations on the new baby!!😊)

  15. Code name picture is 1000x better than the original. The pictures contain way more elements and are very ambiguous so the possibility of the clues are endless. I’m surprised you prefer the word version more

  16. 5/10 Jon. Not bad. Ie, I love and own 5 of these.

  17. Great to see a list with some "lighter" game towards the top – I feel BGG and other content creators are weighted towards heavier games, which certainly aren't for everyone (or at least not for every occasion).

  18. i love code names
    it used to be my favorite game of all time, until 'secret identity' came along
    i remember one time my wife and i were behind and i said "Muffet" 4
    and she got 3 out of 4 guesses correct 🙂

  19. I do love to see different people's favourite games and their reasoning for them. But wow we have different tastes.

  20. I have all of your top 4 in my collection already. Guess I have to get the other 6 😅

  21. I got Western Legends at a used board game sales event, and my eyes almost popped out of my skull when I saw it… thought i'd be looking for it for years. Very dope top 50, thanks man!

  22. Anyone have a recommendation for which Sherlock Holmes set to try first?

  23. Has anyone ever actually solved a Sherlock Holmes case? It started fun to me but ultimately always ends up impossible to have solved.

  24. I really wanna try Lords of Vegas and Western Legends.

  25. Codenames is my fav too (that & Champions of Midgard)

  26. My friend has Watergate, Western Legends, Pandemic and Codenames.

    I'm terrible at Codenames both with him and his family, since they all think similarly and with strangers too.

    Pandemic is one of those co-op games that you may as well play solo, like Lord of the Rings and Castle Ravenloft, since there's no secret goals for each player. I get the feeling that it's about telling other players what to do, which doesn't feel fun.

    We had been playing Western Legends, but when we played with someone else, there was a rules dispute, so we haven't played since.

    I'll have to give Watergate another try.

  27. We are not deserving to hear this lol thank you for sharing this ! 🎉😁🫡 I love your personality and channel . Great work!

  28. Love Lords of Vegas. I don't think it gets enough love.

  29. Love your reviews but Codenames is just the only game I won't agree deserves a spot in any top 10. It is a party game in which you cannot discuss (and people want to explain themselves all the time in my experience) why they made the decisions they made only after the WHOLE game is over. This is just so against the genre it sits in. You have to constantly shush people and when the game is over you cannot remember half the decisions you made. Many games stand on its shoulders, yes – and they deserve their spot in a list made in 2023, not 2015.

  30. Out of your top 10, I own 3, and I love them: Lost Cities, Watergate, The Resistance (Avalon version)

    Thanks to this video, I came across with Western Legends, Lords of Vegas and Codenames.

  31. can you make a video of the games you mentioned that left your collection and why they left

  32. I wish hidden traitor games worked for my game groups. Unfortunately, practically everyone plays them with the mindset of "if I'm not the traitor, I'll throw the game with bad calls"
    Worst incident was in a game of Total Rickall, where after being turned from the parasite team to real team, a player got so salty, he used the next round to shoot a character long confirmed as innocent, losing the game for the team.
    So, yeah, we don't really play those types of games anymore.

  33. I didn't see if you had Quest on another list but you should try it if you like the resistance. It's by the same people and I've been liking it better than the resistance: Avalon

  34. A fatastic, diverse list! 😉 Game of Thrones and Codenames have always been a 10/10 for me

  35. 😂 I played codenames duet like 60 times or more and just find the original second hand great timing

  36. Thank you for your top 50 videos!! To be honest I enjoyed the 50-20 choices more than the top10. There were games in top50 that I didn't know existed and I would like to add in my collection

  37. If I didn't know any better, I might have said that we could be best friends in real life. As I found 3 to 4 of my favourite games in your every 10.

  38. So… I’m getting that you like negotiation games?…
    Haha. I love your videos!
    Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽

  39. Really enjoyed the full 50 game countdown over the last few weeks. You do such a good job describing how the game works and what you love about it. I definitely recognized a lot of them from your videos over the last few years (Watergate comes to mind for me, a game that's theme keeps getting in the way of me buying it despite you selling me on it so well). I enjoy codenames, but sometimes get the "I feel stupid" moment when I can't come up with a good clue fast enough and get outplayed. The game is too simple to blame it for not having any mechanisms to counteract that, but I do think that's why I don't pull it out more often. My #1 is Dice Throne, a dice-and-card yahtzee-style battler with a perfect balance of push-your-luck and strategy – light enough to play with new gamers and deep enough to sustain competitive play. Never heard you weigh in on it before, so I'm curious if you've ever given it a try.

  40. Finally a top 50 of favorite games not top 50 of popular games! Thank you for the video!

    My list would be very different. At the moment I prefer the complex engine buildings more than the mid light weight games. Why is that? I study as an electrical and computer engineer so trying to solve a problem with limited resources is something I have to do every day. With board games I can do the same thing without the stress pressure!

    However, that's the point! Different people like different games from different genres and it's so refreshing when someone is real about the games he likes.

  41. Isn't that "A Game of Thrones: The Board Game" just… a slightly worse Diplomacy? Diplomacy is a game from 1959 that takes place in Europe in 1901 and depicts a hypothetical alternate WW1. It is fought between Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Prussia, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottomans, and there are no heroes or special cards, only armies and fleets and diplomacy. It is popular enough that you can play it online, and infamous for 'ruining' friendships.

  42. Such a great top 100 list. I love the fact that it has games from the 80s and 90s on it and just your boundless enthusiasm for the hobby. More importantly the total absence of game snobbery. Games I have picked up second-hand since 100-90 came out: Tobago, Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers and K2. What have other people been inspired to get or plan to get from this list?

  43. Thanks for the list 'dad' 😉

    Have you ever considered temples des schreckens as a hidden role game? So simple, fast, and hilarious! I am so surprised it doesn't get more love!
    Thanks for including GoTs – one of my favourite games too, just hard to get others to let me bring to the table

  44. Thanks for the videos!

    Unpopular opinion regarding "Pandemic", though: I think it's one of the worst games in existence. As a player you cannot make any individual decisions. The whole team endlessly discusses the best move for your character and then you're forced by the owner of the game to do exactly that. Anything else is considered "throwing the game". So if I ever want to feel like an NPC, I play Pandemic.

  45. Now I wish I hadn’t given Codenames away. I bought it to play with the extended family a couple Christmases ago and I got so bored with everyone just giving one word clues it felt almost like a children’s game. I think you need a group of people who are interested in a challenge rather than trying to get the game over with so they can finally watch The Great Escape

  46. I wonder if you tried Arkham Horror 3rd edition, is Pandemic on eldritch steroids

  47. I must admit I find it odd that catan is nowhere on this list, although I’m also kind of glad that there’s lots of games I haven’t played.

    One I would add that I’m wondering if you’ve played “Citadels” by Bruno Faduitti. Outside of catan (and maybe carcassone?) it’s the game I’ve played the most. And it’s not even a fair comparison because I played them at different times in my life in different settings. Citadels has a perfect mix of special card rules, politics, engine building, and backstabbing. No matter how many games you play you still find new strategies about how to draft.

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