Top 50 Board Games of All Time | 11-20 | List of Best Tabletop Games -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time | 11-20 | List of Best Tabletop Games

Totally Tabled
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These are the 50 best board games of all time! In this video I rundown my number 11-20. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:


Nite Foul by Noir Et Blanc Vie

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THE GAMES (Spoilers!)
Castles of Burgundy, The Crew, The Gallerist, At the Gates of Loyang, Madeira, Obsession, KLASK, Troyes, Macao, Wir Sind Das Volk!

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  1. Brilliant list (again!). Very happy to see Troyes and Madeira get some love in particular – both such interesting and fun games. Troyes really feels like a beast of its own, there's nothing else quite like it. I play Madeira solo using a simple card-flipping bot I made; for such a complex game, it's surprisingly easy to get to the table for solitaire play and the way the goals change as the eras progress always really grabs me.

  2. Dude, you are onto something with this delivery. Keep it up. Beyond the production, you have a gift of summarizing complex topics in basic language.

  3. I was exactly like you with Obsession. When I first played it, I thought it was… fine. But the more I’ve played it (only solo), the more I’ve liked it. Very thematic, and I like the challenge of managing both your hand of guests as well as your worker meeples. It’s now one of my favourite euros for sure.

  4. Great list, Sir. I played Troyes at BGA and really like it. I did appretiate playing at BGA, because with a hover of the mouse's cursor I could see the meaning of the iconography. And that made me think if the iconography, which imo is not great, wouldn't create a barrier or be very bothersome for new players on the physical version of the game. What do you think?

  5. Obsession works on so many levels and the theme is used well

  6. Continuing to enjoy the list – always enjoy the quality of your channel video's and all the attention to detail. It's super helpful!

  7. Actual time stamps! True time stamps!! The number is said, then the game title is said!!! THEN thoughts on the game – WOW – I finally found a channel that does it right.

  8. I'm awaiting my Obsession pre-order. 😳

  9. Ohhh, I also love games where you roll dice and strategize what to do with them! But I do think I'm a more fond of the "turn-based strategy" genre in general, which is why i love board games so much.

  10. Number 13, no designer. And best with 2 3 or 4 players, is it solo.? I wish you would do that for every game you mentioned

  11. Is there a German Version of “Wir sind das Volk” ?

  12. I've been wanting to play Castles of Burgundy for a while now, just seems like such a classic game. I'm a sucker for dice placement also!
    Super interesting that Obsession has wiggled it's way to your number 15, i loved your play through of that one, will have to keep my eyes open for that .
    And I love the art in Troyes!
    🤯😪 Ahhh So many games!
    I'm keen to see your top 10!

  13. Your list aligns with a lot of my favs…..Thanks for sharing!

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