Top 50 Board Games of All Time - 20-11 -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time – 20-11

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I continue my Top 50 board games of all time series, with numbers 20-11.
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20. Patchwork –
19. Stockpile –
18. Nothing Personal –
17. Las Vegas Royale –
16. The Mind –
15. Just One –
14. Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest –
13. Mysterium –
12. Eye My Favorite Things –
11. Detective: A Modern Crime Game –
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  1. Man I congratulate the designers of these games. Because this level of creativity is insane.

  2. Close to number 1! Eager to know what's the Top 10 !

  3. Welcome back!! I seem to say this on every video 😉 Love you mate!

  4. Favorite channel, thank you for the videos

  5. Aint seen u in ages. The Aled Jones of board games.

  6. Finally!!! So happy for this series! I love me some Mysterium.

  7. New Angeles is better than all of these and also your next 10***

    * I dont actually believe this but if I've learned anything from you its: 1) party games are best games and 2) commit to a bit

  8. When playing The Game, we do the card crawl. That's the most we get away with 🙂

  9. "I want just one game to have around in case I want to play something with friends. Do you have a recommendation?"
    "Sure, Just One."
    "Yeah, just one game."
    "No, Just One."
    "I already said that. Is this some kind of game?"
    "Yes! The game is Just One!"

  10. The Mind isn't a game, and I gave my copy away after 1-2 plays.

  11. Big fan of Eye My Favorite Things. Can't wait for the reprint!

  12. My favorite way to play The Mind is telling the rules like it is "no communication" and I emphasize it! But then I stop being the rules-police and watch people starting to cheat by doing weird head gestures, body language, especially non-gamers… it's absolutely hilarious. It fell flat with gamers bc they are too much into the rules.

  13. Lovely Video ! I really put a lot of stock into these reviews / ranks of games, as a newbie, do you have any recommendations of what board games to start with ? I like the look of Heat and Stockpile, and have Catan, What do you think Wise man 😂

  14. About The Mind;
    I played the game 3 times with 3 different groups and each time the game devolved into everyone just silently counting to 100, playing their cards when their number is reached…
    The first few rounds are a jumble as everyone adjusts their counting speed but after that, the game is solved…
    Idk… Perhaps it’s just me (and my friends… and my family lol)…

  15. Yay, I'm so happy to see The Mind on someone else's top games of all time list! It's such a great feeling when there's a huge gap and then 3 consective numbers get played correctly! Looking forward to your top 10!

  16. Really interesting how different your list is from the typical top lists. Our list would look very different but it's still nice to see how passionately you talk about these games. It's obvious that they are important to you.
    We are very excited about the last part😊

  17. Great group of games, well, except for The MInd. Looking forward to your top 10 games.

  18. John is one of the most wholesome people on YouTube.

  19. This list gives me the impression that you play with really fun, great people. Good on them, and excellent list!

  20. Brilliant! Makes me want to find out more about the games I don't have yet in your list. Very curious.

  21. The Mind is my go-to for the first game of the night. It loosens everyone up and accommodates late arrivals, just deal them in the next round! I've played it with maybe 6 different groups and all really got into it, with much howling and laughter as people are desperate to get their cards down in time. There are evenings I have a hard time switching my group to the Main Event game. What the heck, we're all here to have a good time – PLAY ON!

  22. I've never seen Nothing Personal which is Tom Vasel's ow game design On any one's top list before. Maybe I should check it out. Also I wish Eye My Favorite Things was more available in the US. I've been looking for that game for years.

  23. You are a gem!!! Please do not stop making videos on board games. I don't care how long the gap between them are. Your influence is so prolific believe me <3<3<3

  24. A comment to help with the video and to support the channel

  25. For me the mind just does not have any replay value, played it once, and the group never felt like playing it again…

  26. Great video, "Yesterday" slander notwithstanding.

  27. Budget tip. Buy 6nimmt, then with the same cards you can play "the mind", "no thanks", and "the game"

  28. I took Just One to last year's Christmas party, it was a blast

  29. Since I discovered actualol a year or so ago, I have been adding games to my wishlist and many were purchased because of you. You recommended modern detective a few years back and I added it then. Now I have seen it again and purchased it this instant. Your channel is very humble and you are so authentic that you could sell me anything, even a game that would not fit me.

  30. i’ve been waiting for this!!!! i love this series – can’t wait for the top ten!!🤗

  31. Stockpile is super fun. It's just so hard to get this to the table b/c everyone gets turned off by the idea of a stock market game.

  32. Yeah the Mind was a huge surprise to us. I picked it up to get Amazon free shipping and we played it as a bit of a joke. 3 hours later we were still playing and just could.not.stop 😂 such a great game

  33. Thank you for the video!
    From Innocent Leisure to Greed, to Murder, to Gambling and more Greed, to Psychic powers, to Socializing, to Pirating, to Murder Mystery.. we were worried about you for a while… but you learned from your experiences and eventually became a friendly Detective at the end of it all 🙂

  34. The only thing I don't like about games like "nothing personal" is that it inevitably becomes personal. Everyone knows at my table that I'm the target, so I can never win lol. This type of game can be a wet blanket sometimes.

  35. I think I said this in the comment to your last video but I LOVE what you are doing. The enthuiasm you show for each and every game on your list is just contagious and I really want to try the ones I didn't know before. I think my favorite game from this part of the list could be Nothing Personal. It just sounds like something I would really enjoy.

    I would love to support you and your channel more but unfortunately I can't really afford more than my likes and my comments. I really do want to encourage everyone who can to support via Patreon! I just recently discovered the channel and want to watch many videos more.

    Cheers from Germany.

  36. I'm not sure why the Mind is seen as a good game. I barely see it as a game or a doorstop. Maybe a coaster?

  37. What? No auction game from your favourite designer?

  38. Puh. I got many of thoose games. So this part of the list doesn't hurt my wallet😅
    And yeah Just one and mysterium are great games👍

  39. Love your reviews and content Mr. Lol. On a personal note, great to see Las Vegas and The Mind here. Both were instant classics for me. The collective consciousness of The Mind is a fascinating thing to play and experience.

  40. Sorry to be negative, but everytime I see the new version of Libertalia it makes me want to vomit. Such souless, bland artwork, it could've been created by an AI. The original actual felt piratical. The new one is so sanitised and pedestrian it borders on sinister 😅

  41. I bought the Mind on your recommendation John. We played it on a game night we 4 couples. As it was too many players we went round for round guys and girls. It was hilarious watching the differences between guys and girls. We got to something like round 9 and it was a black. No one other than me and my wife had played before but everyone got it quickly.

  42. I loove mysterium, such a great game.
    Just one sounds fun.

  43. I love polyominos but patchwork being 2 player only disqualifies it for me. I'd be curious to know what your favourite polyomino game is for higher player counts? Project L is my current favourite pure polyomino game for 3-4 players

  44. Nothing Personal is absolutely wonderful – a stone cold Cosmic Encounter killer. Best negotiation game I’ve played.

  45. oh dang, I finally found you. back in the quarantine days I randomly found your goofy board game things and watched a bunch of those. then yt recommendations made you go away and then forgot your whole thing. and now I accidentally found you again. maybe I should subscribe or something…

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