Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME! | 20-11 -

Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME! | 20-11

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For the first time ever, we’re counting down our top 50 games of all-time! As of the filming of these videos, we’ve each played somewhere around ~300 games, so our top 50 represents approximately the best 17% of the games we’ve played. We continue where we left off in the previous video as we now go over our #20-11 picks.

In case you missed the previous videos in this series, you can find our previous picks below…


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below (along with some guesses about each of our top 10 games), and be sure to check back in a couple days for our top 10! Better yet – if you enjoyed this video, tell a friend, consider subscribing to our channel, and check out some of our other videos. We really appreciate your support!

0:00 Guess Our Top 10!
1:20 20 (Dylann)
3:37 20 (Carlo)
6:22 19 (Dylann)
9:22 19 (Carlo)
12:48 18 (Dylann)
15:22 18 (Carlo)
17:58 17 (Dylann)
21:22 17 (Carlo)
24:24 16 (Dylann)
27:01 16 (Carlo)
29:45 15 (Dylann)
32:58 15 (Carlo)
36:09 14 (Dylann)
39:07 14 (Carlo)
42:43 13 (Dylann)
47:02 13 (Carlo)
49:40 12 (Dylann)
52:18 12 (Carlo)
55:57 11 (Dylann)
58:00 11 (Carlo)
1:01:11 On to the Top 10…


  1. Try and guess our Top 10! The 10-1 video will be posted on December 30, but see if you can guess which games will be in our list or take it a step further and see if you can rank them too!

  2. One thing for sure, Marvel champions will be in Dylan top 10 boardgame. Probably in top 3. Happy holidays guys!

  3. Res Arcana takes a little bit to actually click, l but when it does, it’s a blast.

    Also, I love Santorini.

  4. I was so happy to see this video pop up in my feed today! Yay! I am very exited for the top 10. Love you guys! Happy new year!

  5. Another great video fellas! None of my personal favourites on this list, but I do like For Sale, Quacks, and Kingdom Builder. Excited to see the Top 10! We definitely need more Knizia! Btw – Race is the best Tom Lehmann game…

  6. Some great picks here! Innovation is absolutely wonderful. For Sale (travel edition) has been a constant hit for me for the last 5 or 6 years. Best filler out there.

  7. Kingdom Builder. I need to check it out.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thinking we’ll see some Marvel Champions and Babylonia in the top 10. Maybe some Wingspan or TM? Looking forward to the final video!

  9. More than your banter, I love discovering new games here.
    Also, I would totally buy Marvel Santorini!

  10. Dylann, if you like Ghost Stories, try Space Hulk: Death Angel. I've never looked back at Ghost Stories since I first played Death Angel. It's such a satisfying game. Just keep the player count low (1-3 players max).

  11. On Dylann's list I'll say: Feast for Odin, Marvel Champions, Lost Cities, Azul, 7 Wonders Duel, Calico, Keyflower. On Carlo's list: Agricola, Keyflower, Race for the Galaxy, and Chess.

  12. Just ordered MonsDRAWsity and The Mind based on your previous videos, I slept on party games for too long now. Thanks for the recommendations!
    Anyway, I bet Dylann's top 1 – Feast for Odin, top 2 MARVEL Champions

  13. I'm curious if one of my boys, Mage Knight, Imperial Assault and Terra Mystica makes it to one of your top 10! I'd add MARVEL Champions too, but I feel pretty safe about that one!

  14. I feel like Carlo's top 1 is going to be Caverna, at least top Uwe game

  15. Even though I have yet to win a single game of Quacks, I'll never pass up a chance to get it to the table!

  16. Congrats with the 7K. 10K, there you come!
    These are my guesses (nrs 1-5 ranked, nrs 6-10 not). And I found you, Carlo, to be easier than you, Dylann – not sure at all about some of my guesses.
    Carlo: 1. Agricola, 2. Babylonia, 3. Renature, 4. Sleeping Gods (if you've played it yet), 5. Race for the Galaxy, 6-10 Carcassonne, Modern Art, 7 Wonders Duel, Kingdomino Duel, Parks (not sure about this one) or Dune Imperium (not sure about this one either).
    Dylann: 1. Castles of Burgundy, 2. Marvel Champions, 3. Winterkingdom, 4. Jaws of the Lion, 5. Nova Luna, 6-10 Azul (one of them), Wingspan, New York Zoo, 7 Wonders Duel, Santa Monica or Keyflower.
    10 games that I would add to yours on my Top 50 list: Roam, Near and Far, Botanik, Cottage Garden, Fairy Trails, Mystic Vale, Arraial, Kingdomino, Sheepy Time or Bärenpark.

  17. After extensive research here is my guess for each of your top 10s:

    1 – Agricola
    2 – Race for the Galaxy
    3 – Babylonia
    4 – Carcassonne
    5 – Renature
    6 – Keyflower
    7 – The Crew
    8 – Arboretum
    9 – Vinhos
    10 – Hive

    1 – Feast for Odin

    2 – Marvel Champions

    3 – Gloomhaven

    4 – Castles of Burgundy

    5 – Keyflower

    6 – Lost Cities

    7 – Biblios

    8 – 7 Wonders Duel

    9 – Agricola

    10 – Can't Stop or Marvel Champions again.

  18. Bruh, Carlo, your experience with people always wanting to do Quacks over anything else, I feel you. We were stuck in a 4 month rut where Quacks was the ONLY requested game for game nights. One of the only times we had a backlog of games. Insane!

  19. I was having wifi issues watching this one, but I enjoyed it even in crappy 144p resolution. Marvel reskins of any game can be great lol

  20. Santorini New York is actually worth a look I think. A friend of mine has it (I own Santorini and have Ragnarocks coming)… but the card play and the way the turn order is determined is very interesting! I think you should give it a go 😛
    Not to buy, just to play. Maybe a Ragnarocks v Santorini v New York video lads?

  21. I got 5 of those. I guess many of your top 10 will be Knizia games?

  22. I had a long day and kicking back and watching a full hour of this was exactly what I needed. What a great list! Besides all the great new games you showed, you two have the perfect kind of energy that just keeps me watching. Loved this!

  23. I also never play Santorini with 3, however it's quite good with 4 players if you play 2 vs 2 teams. You should try that.

  24. Marvel Ethnos – YESSS!
    Quacks is hilarious, but you guys really need to play El Grande. Such a clean design and super fun.
    Really enjoying your lists so far, thanks!!

  25. Can you guys do a top 20 or 10 on bga please

  26. Dylans Top 3 1 Marvel Champions, 2 Tidal Blades 3 Feast for Odin. Carlos Number 1 is Agricola for sure.

  27. Ok, because I see more Dylann's house, I will guess in no particular order, his top ten, feast for Odin, Marvel champions, terraforming Mars, Tidal Blade, gloomhaven, everdel, clank, wingspan, … and I don't know what else. Haven't even see this video in full so maybe I will miss the mark. Will see now.😅

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