Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME 2021 | 50-41 -

Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME 2021 | 50-41

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For the first time ever, we’re counting down our top 50 games of all-time! As of the filming of these videos, we’ve each played somewhere around ~300 games, so our top 50 represents approximately the best 17% of the games we’ve played.

Plenty of great games didn’t make our lists, and we went into this not knowing any of each other’s picks. We definitely surprised each other with quite a few picks, even just in the 50-41 range.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check back in the coming days for the next 4 videos leading up to our #10-1 on December 30th. Better yet – if you enjoyed this video, tell a friend, consider subscribing to our channel, and check out some of our other videos. We really appreciate your support!

0:00 Ranking Criteria & A Little Surprise
4:00 Guesses About Each Other’s Lists
4:51 Board Game Arena During the Pandemic
5:26 50 (Dylann)
6:29 50 (Carlo)
8:47 49 (Dylann)
10:56 49 (Carlo)
12:20 48 (Dylann)
14:00 48 (Carlo)
16:03 47 (Dylann)
18:26 47 (Carlo)
20:34 46 (Dylann)
22:22 46 (Carlo)
24:17 45 (Dylann)
26:26 45 (Carlo)
28:13 44 (Dylann)
30:24 44 (Carlo)
33:27 43 (Dylann)
35:28 43 (Carlo)
37:54 42 (Dylann)
39:40 42 (Carlo)
42:10 41 (Dylann)
44:16 41 (Carlo)
46:25 When Will 40-1 Be Posted?


  1. Which games did you expect to be higher? Which ones are you surprised to see made the list? Let us know!

  2. Let the board game battle royale BEGIN!

  3. Totaly agree with Carlo's takte on Gloomhaven, memorable but far from the best.

  4. Maybe we should all start taking bets on where Feast for Odin falls on both Dylann’s and Carlo’s lists.

  5. My favorite roll and write is Dice Charmers/Rajas. My favorite app is Portal's Roll and Write/ Imperial Settlers and Neuroshima Hex… although the later is in the middle of reconstruction.

    With Azul I like stained glass as my intro with a little more game… I think it is well balance as a welcoming game and one I still like bringing to the table. I am really excited for the latest one… the Garden theme looks good too.

    Jaipur is a good game but we play so many other two player games or play a game like Anno 1800 which is best at two IMO.

    I got to play Shamans and really enjoyed that. If you have a reluctant group Don't Mess With Cthulhu is the best intro to hidden roles. The classics for me in this category are Coup and Avalon.

    Great list guys.

  6. "Oooh Marshmallow on a stick… Carlo!!" 😆
    I love Azul, but I recently played Azul Stained Glass a couple times and I think I like that one better. It's very similar but doesn't have the sudden end aspect to it which can be frustrating. Haven't tried Summer Pavilion yet. Keep us posted on which you like better!

  7. The big question:
    How many games you guys have played in total?
    It’s important because if you played 1000 games then your Top 50 are really great games, games that you love. But if you played only 100 then maybe the 50th game is not so great.
    Thank you for the video 🙂

  8. Hello from Brazil!!! I’m new in the board game world and I love your videos. Keep the good work. Thanks 😉

  9. I would like to suggest you guys put a picture of what your talking about for each different game, it helps not forget what game your talking about but maybe it messes with the views you get, i dont know. great content, keep it up! Viva Portugal >D

  10. Ever play Nemesis? I realize the price point is a barrier to many BUT I love the (unofficial) Alien franchise theme and got it when some serious board gamer friends came for a visit. Our 4 person game lasted 6 hours, we all died on the ship, and it was soooooo fun!

    I'm excited for the rest of this top 50 series as I've started to get back into more board/card games than videogames as of late.

  11. Gold. Pure gold.
    I can't wait for the next four.

    P.S. I now have a strange desire to make a game called Bird Fellow. 🤣

  12. Glad I found your videos this year! Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to see what is on your lists.

  13. Parabéns pela qualidade do conteúdo. Não fazia ideia de serem portugueses.

  14. First viewed video from the channel, but WAAAAAY too many ads to wanna come back for the next instalment.

  15. Great video, can't wait for the others.

  16. Have you guys played 5 Minute Dungeon?? It’s very light real time game. But super fun.

  17. Please keep the boardgame cover up during the discussion. Making it smaller or in the corner would be much appreciated. If I miss the initial title announcement, I have to backtrack until I see the picture to know the topic.

  18. I've been following your chanel for years and I didn't know you are part Portuguese! That's so awesome!
    Greetings from Porto, Portugal!

  19. I'm new to gaming and i just love
    you guys, so much!

  20. Love you guys, but I have to say I'm missing gameplay pictures in these kind of videos. Like one picture of the whole thing, for 10-15 seconds to see if there are minis, cards, board, the art and so. Box art is often deceiving. I often watch these while working and can't stop and google everything. Please consider, thanks! Great picks!

  21. Hey guys, I get that the time timestamps are only numbers to avoid spoilers which is cool! But I think ppl look there to remind themselves the name of the game currently being discussed, Can we maybe have the box art at the beginning showing the whole time? Or the title + Dylan/Carlo, rank number or something you could go wild with this. You know how this community loves reference cards! Anyway, good job with the lists

  22. Currently doing my annual pubmeeple ranking and it's so tough. The nostalgic games are hard to say you don't like them as much as you used to.

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