Top 50 Board Games of All Time | 21-30 | List of Best Tabletop Games -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time | 21-30 | List of Best Tabletop Games

Totally Tabled
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These are the 50 best board games of all time! In this video I rundown my number 21-30. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:


Nite Foul by Noir Et Blanc Vie

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THE GAMES (Spoilers!)
Concordia, Arkham Horror LCG, Lisboa, Underwater Cities, Star Wars: Rebellion, Pandemic: Iberia, Sleeping Gods, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Grand Austria Hotel, This War of Mine

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  1. I agree with everything on this list except arnak. The love this game gets is BEWILDERING. It's not a bad game by any means, but it really is just a vanilla resource conversion game. It also has beautiful art that you almost never see until reviewers show it without the tiles as he does here. The deck building is an afterthought. Other than the nice components, why would I play this over oh my goods? Seriously.

  2. Some amazing b-roll footage there good sir 💯

  3. I never tire of playing Grand Austria Hotel and even the new modules makes it even greater … Fantastic List!!!

  4. As always your list inspires me to make my own – and we share a lot of the same games. I so enjoy the channel and playthroughs. I also love Grand Austria Hotel – and am hoping for a reprint one day of the Let's Waltz Expansion. Can't wait to see the next set of games!

  5. Would love to see you do a solo playthrough of Rebellion 😉

  6. Great section! Each video keeps getting better and better 🙂
    Both Concordia and Lost Ruins of Arnak are in my Top 10 love em both, haven't tried them solo though.

  7. Damn, I don't even have 50 board games, let alone 10 in my life XD

  8. Hey Shaggy! Just wanted to say that I love your content and playthroughs, and listening to your voice is a treat.

  9. Great list! Lost ruins of arnak might fit my taste better than DI. Still haven't played them yet, maybe my next game! Also GWT is on my radar so it's kinda tough to decide now

  10. :O, I didn't know This war of Mine has a board game variant! I'm a big fan of the video game. I'm definetely watching your playthrough after this. Btw, have you checked out a game called Tzolk'in? I'm not sure if it has a solo variant, which I know you usually play on your channel, but our LGS recently stocked it, and it looks cool.

  11. The quantity of subscribers belies the quality of your content. Bravo sir!

  12. Wow, great list! I think I've only played 2 games in this video, guess I need to play more.

    Really want to try Concordia one day.

  13. Have to agree with your list here, bar one… Lost Ruins of Arnak. I just find the board too static for me. If this game had a way of changing the board state …. that’s another story. Lisboa, I have and it, for me is Vitals opus. It’s a beautifully crafted work. Awesome list!

  14. This could easily be a top 10.Exellent games

  15. I have played Lost Ruins of Arnak so many times, both solo and with friends, and it's absolutely in my top ten. Your playthrough of This War of Mine convinced me to pick it up, although I haven't had time to play it yet. I'm also trying to get Sleeping Gods to the table, as I really want to co-op it with a friend but this time of year is terrible for meeting up. Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  16. You have been crushing it with these lists! Every time I learn more about new games I have yet to play, but it's also nice to hear your thoughts about some of my favorites. You scraped a couple of my own top 10 with this list, namely Arkham LCG, Arnak and Concordia. Star Wars rebellion seems like "War of the Rings: Star wars edition", really epic looking. Also, I've overlooked this war of mine for too long with the assumption that I've played the video game, I will have to check your playthrough to learn more.

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