Top 50 Board Games of All Time | 30-21 -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time | 30-21

Foster the Meeple
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Welcome to Foster the Meeple, a channel dedicated to board games and all board gamey things! Join us as we discuss our top 50 games of all time, in today’s video we are covering games 30-21!
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00:00 – Intro
01:03 – #30
03:06 – #29
05:09 – #28
06:41 – #27
08:09 – #26
09:59 – #25
11:30 – #24
13:19 – #23
15:02 – #22
16:55 – #21
18:58 – Wrap Up
19:55 – A Little Bit Extra
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  1. Have you played stuffed fables and if so what are your thoughts?? I am debating about buying. Absolutely love the artwork. Thanks!!

  2. 10:25 I forgot about Farmer Jeff! I have really enjoyed when ever your past top list is compared to this year, if this happens again next year it will be really cool to see how everything shifts!

  3. We are having a blast with Destinies! My husband is obsessed with it eventhough I've won every time! Go me 😆Very much enjoying your lists. You guys just make me smile! Keep up the great work!

  4. Would love to hear your house rules for Camel Up…

  5. Thanks for all your micro edits in your vids. It stands out in this one for some reason. I appreciate you spending the time to make these micro edits to save all the viewers a bit of our time. Love y'all!

  6. Would love to know your house rules for Camel Up!

  7. Need to play Clank in Space again soon. It's been too long. I really want Honey Buzz and yay Radlands and Dice Throne! Was surprised Castles of Burgundy was so low for Jeff this yr.

  8. Can’t wait for the top 10 !!! I have the same taste as Jamie so now I want them all🤣

  9. Do you guys have any recommendations for games that have a ton of players interaction and talking, similar to the vibe of catan but doesn't need to be an entry game. Thanks a ton, love your videos as always 🙂

  10. I actually went out and purchased The Initiative based on your comments this year. We opened it up Saturday morning and went through 9 missions in a row. We are SOOOO into it. Thanks!

  11. Jeff I need to send you a Jet's hat, you need a replacement lol We need the top ten nowwwwwwww!

  12. Witchstone. Only 2 copies left on Amazon. Hint hint

  13. I like Clank in Space best, too… but I just got Clank Legacy. Honey Buzz not played it. Western Legends is a bit longer than I want, and it's gotten harder to table… man, I feel you on the not playing it thing. I have not played Radlands… seem post-apocalyptic. Destinies… really good, but sometimes it makes me feel stupid… like escape games. Horrified fell off for me… not in top 200. Dice Throne, not played. Roll Player is good… I want to see what expansions would do but I'm not sure I want to buy them. Yeah Fantasy Realms… got the expansion and it works good… more cards! Sheepy time, never played. Camel Up… fell off. Downforce is my Camel Up killer… really enjoy teaching and playing and have the expansions. Got Mind Mngt but need to play it more than just the first game. Ghost Stories, not played. Agricola or Feast for Odin… I picked A Feast for Odin. Scythe… Never owned, played and won twice. Art is great but I'm just not hot for it. I still keep Castles of Burgundy but I play the Dice game all the time. The Initiative, not played. Space Base is what killed Machi Koro for me and one we still play multiple times a year.

    The List You Can't live without criticizing, Mine (in my collection):

    30 – Cry Havoc – Dudes on a map with very different factions and buttery smooth combat resolution

    29 – Rajas of the Ganges – I can't believe this is here… I LOVE this game… spoiler Dice game is more versatile and gives me the same feeling.

    28 – Scorpius Freighter – I love roundels and space… it makes me feel like Han Solo the Euro

    27 – Alien Artifacts – A tableau builder that should have far more love. I made a home brew leaders expansion for it… fun.

    26 – Ragusa – Why doesn't anyone want to play this with me. It is a spatial puzzly euro, market game with walls on a map.

    25 – Las Vegas Royale – You can play this with dice and random money… which means it is way portable and I love playing it with strangers at breweries when we travel… Go away COVID!

    24 – Blood Rage – This may be dropping because it is horrible to introduce to people because veterans have such a huge advantage.

    23 – Heaven & Ale – I love roundels and beer… it is tight… I mean really tight… and you are always worried about what people are going to grab before you… it has that ratcheting one way street thing too. Pretty awesome.

    22 – Paladins of the West Kingdom – Ouch my brain… I need a sandwich and some caffeine to get through this but man it is good.

    21 – Beyond the Sun – I hate the production… ok not hate, wish it was better. Who knew building a tech tree could be this fun. The mechanics are solid but I wish there was a different way to present it.

    Jeff is messing with her head… What is on his list???

  14. You guys are bad for our wallets ! The wish list grows with each video we watch!

  15. Really great list of games, especially Castles of Burgundy and Fantasy Realms. I just got Machi Koro in a contest and am wondering if Space Base would be necessary to get anymore?
    Since Radlands made this list, I'm curious to see if Rift Force is higher up for you or didn't make the top 50 at all. Which one is better in your opinion? Or, will I just have to wait?!😆

  16. I'm not sure whos list i lean towards more. This makes me really want to get mind mgmt i wanted it before between new kickstarters and hopefully going to Disney soon, I haven't gotten around to buying it quite yet. Also I'm not sure if jeff doing his air rolling of dice is a reaction that's available on discord but it should be.

  17. We just played Castles of Burgundy with my wife last weekend, still one of our favorite games and works so well with 2 players! If you guys like Space Base you should really check out Bad Company, the theme and art is hilarious and uses the same mechanism as Space Base.

  18. I keep debating on upgrading Honey Buzz, the retail components are already so nice but I love acrylic tiles. Unfortunately my gaming budget for the next couple of months got spent on finally replacing my 20 year old Graf skates (hockey goaltending is expensive lol). Great job as always you two!

  19. Wow. So many of my favorite games. Clank, downforce, camel up, and space base are all probably in my top 15. Though I don't play as many games as you guys.

  20. Curious- what are your house rules for Camel Up? My family really enjoys that game.

  21. Your hat in the clip of you playing Scythe, Jeff! I would like to see it make more appearances in videos! Also love the video, love the games, and please teach me Western Legends!(Tylor)

  22. So many great games in the lists again. Looking forward to playing the Fantasy Realms expansion. Did you play that one already?

  23. Great games. Fun list. Thanks for sharing.

  24. More great pics! I'm hoping to unbox Clank in Space tonight 😄

  25. Jamie you interrupted my thinking by saying Space Base normally and not Spass Bass

  26. Honey Buzz! I was hoping to pickup a copy of this at Pax Unplugged but, alas, they didn’t have any. I ordered up the deluxe version with some fuzzy bees. Can’t wait. Played Western Legends last weekend for first time. Yeehaw that was fun. Great list. Amazing how much your choices shift around over the year.

  27. I also love Western Legends and also haven't played in a while. I even just got the new expansion, Blood Money, plus a bunch of the fancy upgrades for it. So I need to play this more

  28. Mind MGMT is #1 on my wishlist! I'm not into comic books but started reading it in the meantime.

  29. What is the game right behind them in the middle with the long white flowing hair?

  30. I’m loving this list series bc Jamie has no clue what’s on Jeffs list and that adds to the anticipation!

  31. I think with all the games you guys have said are going to shoot up your rankings, you are going to have 35 games in your top 10 next year.

  32. You guys have mentioned Fantasy Realms so much that I really got try it. Honey Buzz and Sleepy Time are intriguing as well

  33. Sound like you should play Western Legends and Redlands some more soon. Never played Redlands, but by the way you talked about it that is not a game you should re-gift.

  34. Just played space base for the first time this week and really loving it! Can't wait to see the top 20 🙂

  35. Thanks for the video! Lots of great games. Have you tried Caverna? It's very similar to Agricola, but food is not as devastating if that's one reason Jamie doesn't like Agricola. Can't wait for the top 20.

  36. Congrats on your Watch It Played shout out! Chaz mentioned your channel for Familiar Tales! Awesome job you two!!

  37. Great video. Can’t wait to see your top 20-11.

  38. I've actually played a lot of the games on these lists & you picked a bunch that I really enjoy. I'm looking forward to your top 20!

  39. Love your guys’ channel, just started watching and most of these games I’ve never heard of before so I appreciate these videos! Have you guys ever played any Harry Potter games? Not sure if you’re fans but if you like the movies I highly recommend: Harry Potter – Hogwarts Battle – Defense Against the Dark Arts and Harry Potter – Hogwarts Battle.

  40. I feel like my game taste is a perfect middle ground between you two.. makes these lists particularly enjoyable! Can’t wait to see what made it into the top 20 👀

  41. I still really really really really really really wanna hear "This might be higher IF" or "The games higher on my list do THIS better", etc. You reflected on it just a smidge, but it would be awesome if it was suggested more 🙂

  42. Love your videos! They are so engaging and authentic! Have watched so many of them and always look forward to the next! I loved the tidbits about a game being good as a first step and space base being a good second step game! Would love to hear your thoughts on the top 10 first step / top 10 second step games for those who are new to the hobby!
    Keep up the awesome videos!

  43. Agricola IMO is formulaic…everyone has to get certain things reasonably at certain times. The cards help modify that…but in general you race for the oven and then race for the extra worker and then build things very linear…it's a frustration with games that require a formula to approach it. Great game…declines over time…I suspect that's one of the reasons it falls steadily down on most people's lists.
    When you do All Creatures Great and Small it is that x 10. It's VERY FORMULAIC. You will find yourself falling into specific patterns and one time we "played" the game without actually playing it, going through everything we wanted to do in the game back and forth along the formula based on each other's decisions. If I take THIS, the best thing you can do is THAT because otherwise I'll take it and run away with the game. The expansions help that a bit, but the expansions are darn near impossible to find. Agricola is WAY better but only at higher player counts.
    Similar feel, varied gameplay for 2 players? Tiny Epic Dinosaurs. Just saying.

  44. Jamie, have you tried Steampunk Rally? Never thought I'd like that game but it's a racing-ish game and it's actually bunches of fun.

  45. Man, I have played 4 of these games in the last 7 days. Came Up: you nailed it. Fun for everyone. Horrified: Picked this up as something I thought my wife would like. Man she loved it. A great gateway game, simple mechanics, ton of fun. The initiative: great family game, and the puzzles and secrets just continue to delight! We have finished the campaign and are now onto the post missions, Jeff, you've got to do these. A bit more challenging. Destinies: can we just take a minute to talk about how uhhhhmazing this game was?? Opinion alert, one of the best story driven games I've played. Played last night with my son, lost because I was having so much fun wandering around and discovering things and he went right after his destiny…but I LOVED it…I was still thinking about it and my decisions into the next day! So good. Can't wait to see what's higher up on your list!

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