Top 50 Board Games of All Time - 30-21 -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time – 30-21

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I continue my Top 50 board games of all time series, with numbers 30-21.
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30. Ra –
29. HEAT: Pedal to the Metal –
28. Sheriff of Nottingham –
27. Sniper Elite: The Board Game –
26. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong –
25. Burgle Bros. –
24. Shifty Eyed Spies –
23. Cascadia –
22. Qwinto –
21. Merchants & Marauders –
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  1. I love the way you explain games. I watch a lot of other channels. Definitely one of the tops.

  2. Sniper Elite is so fun. I haven't been able to get my hands on the expansion but would love to play that too. Nice list.

  3. Ra is the only auction game I really really enjoy! I usually just find it a stressful addition to a game I might otherwise like more (like in Castles of Mad King Ludwig) (yes I know this is a bad opinion), but I love Ra.

  4. Hey jon. If you haven't tried flamme rouge yet, please do. If feel like its a better race game than heat and you can change the board however you like, keep score on your app and so on. Please do a review as well. Just coz i love the game 🙂 😅 thanx

  5. Just wanted to take a second to say Thank you for all the great content. Love your passion.

  6. I'm starting to think Reiner Knizia's full name is genuinely "My Favourite Designer Reiner Knizia."

  7. To see me talk about 50 more games I love, become a patron of the channel to watch the exclusive 100-51 videos. Four of them are available right now!

  8. Whoa, Surprised that by process of elimination New Angeles has made your top 20!

    Right… right?

    *edit* Didn't catch I missed a patreon video. Happy that it legit made your top 100! Now what joke am I gonna play out :(?

  9. Oh, I'm SO excited for this!! Keep up the great work, I always get a couple board games on my shopping list from these, pahaha!

  10. Hm, why do you prefer burgle bros to burgle bros. 2? For me atleast, the second is a much better game.

  11. your games choices excite me -so many I found very very good for our small company. Such as Sniper Elite, Lost Cities, Parks…

  12. Have you seen the newest Sheriff of Nottingham edition? It's using the Disney Robin Hood license! Beautiful art, but reviews on online retailers are are low because lots of non-gamer families are buying it and finding it too complex to play with ease. Basically, exactly what your criticism is.

    I adore Burgle Bros! Love love love! It feels so like an Oceans 11 movie.

    Quinto is so great! Jess CCG from Twitch taught it to me. Great fun!

  13. Yay! Was so looking forward to this. You always make top quality videos.

  14. You do such a good job of selling these games, Ive wanted to purchase almost every one of them so far. Wallet only stretches so far though. Can't wait for the top 10!

  15. The downside to any heavy game is the learning curve. The upside to Merchants & Marauders is that you only really need to read it once because the rules are so intuitive. I learned it about a decade ago and play it probably once a year and hardly ever look at the rulebook.

  16. Hey Jon, I'm curious to hear your opinions on the different editions of Ra. Ignoring availability issues, would you say the latest 25th Century Games Edition with its chunky bits and more effective player boards is the best edition, or are you partial to previous versions like the classic editions or the more photorealistic (albeit tougher to differentiate) tiles of the Windrider edition?

  17. The quest for el dorado is a racing game from Reiner Knizia. I think is much more "euro" than Heat, that has that risk the heat adds. Like to know your thoughts. Have you played it? How do you like it?

  18. I feel like all of Jon's top games are actually the games that get played and are enjoyed by most everyone who plays them. You do not find that level of fun-factor sincerity in most reviewers.

    How many people are willing to admit that they love Sheriff of Nottingham in 2023, but we all know it's a great game that actually can get played in a wide range of settings.

  19. Every time I see you release a new video I scream
    Thank youuu!!!!! As loud as I can

  20. So glad they reprinted Ra, one of my favorite games ever

  21. The fact that there is no sponsors on this channel, Means it is a channel to support because he likes what he is doing rather then paid to make content.

  22. I was thinking of Shifty Eyed Spies the other day. I remember owning it but… I don't know what happened to my copy. Maybe I'll see if I can find another copy.

  23. I played Ra for the first time two weeks ago. The auctioning has a real crunch to it. The fact that you know exactly who can just grab it all if they feel like it. The fact that you can only win 3 auctions each age. The fact that the money for next age is part of the auction. The fact that you can end an age without having won 3 auctions yet. It all comes together in a big bowl of steaming hot "I have no idea whether this is a good deal or not" soup, and I love it. Reiner Knizia is so good at making those "I have no idea whether this is good or not" games hide behind deceptively simple rules.

    Shifty eyed spies is also wonderful. Looking at everyone, getting winked at and suddenly realize that you've forgotten your location, so you have to check your card again. But that's a big tell to everyone at the table. So you have to wait a while before you look at a location again, but then will your accomplice be paying attention to you when you do?

  24. Although that’s a gorgeous wooden table, I couldn’t help but thinking “there’s no way he plays Cascadia there without pieces falling in between the gaps in the table” 😂

  25. Another amazing and massively enjoyable video, thank you Jon! Really really looking forward for the rest of the list.

  26. Love your lists, your picks are delectable! Qwinto is great but my fav roll n write is That's Pretty Clever as it offers excruciating decisions and the bonus cascades are sooo satisfying. Assuming you have tried it, why you don't like it as much?

  27. Simply my favorite board game channel in YT.

  28. Burgle Bros is creeping up my list, absolutely love that one!

  29. Since this is my first comment on your channel: Hi Jon, my name is Alex. I'm a game designer from Germany but I'm only at the beginning of my journey. I really enjoy your content and your excitement for the games you like. That really makes me want to try them all myself.

    The one I'd like to play the most from this part of your list is Deception Murder in Hongkong. I love the fact that every player gets uniterrupted time to speak. Social deduction games mostly seem to be like "the loudest player makes the decisions" but here it is different. That being said there is no game in this video I wouldn't like to try. I only played Cascadia so far.

    Looking forward to your next video. Oh, and congrats on having become a father!

  30. I just bought Ra but haven't played it yet. Your overview makes me want to play now! 🙂 Love your videos!

  31. I paid 5$ for downforce new in shrink. It's hard to stomach paying 79.99$ for heat pedal to the metal.

    Love RA. The auctions and push your luck mechanism. Everything is just perfect and the new edition is gorgeous even if it's hard to fit into the box.

    Can't find shifty eyed spies anywhere local but it sounds like a hoot.

  32. I'm more sold on Cascadia now, it feels a bit like a game I own/love, Cartographers

  33. This video reminded me that I discovered and bought Qwinto following one of your videos…and I never thanked you for it. So, thank you! We played the heck out of that short and addicting game during our holiday.

  34. Your channel has legitimately made me find a love for board games 😊. Thx for the amazing videos.

  35. links a little messed up, shifty eye spies isnt working, and sheriff links to the $150 version

  36. I'm glad you put up Burgle Bros as the example rather than its sequel which diluted things and lost a lot of the charm and crunch of the original.

  37. I parted with shifty eyed spies due to the requirement to play on a circular table gor ot to work. Had some fun games of ot though.

  38. Interesting to hear your views on Burgle Bros – I also have this game and enjoy it and was wondering what your thoughts were on the sequel?

  39. Loving the list but for a 30-21 there sure are a lot of "my favorite X".
    Makes me wonder how many more categories there are in the final 2 sections

  40. The Shifty Eyed Spies link is not working for me. Do you have another affiliate link? Would love to help you out for all of the great recommendations

  41. I have a motor tic that manifests in an uncontrollable wink. Shifty Eyed Spies is the worst (or best?) game for me to play sometime in my life.

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