Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME! | 30-21 -

Top 50 Board Games of ALL-TIME! | 30-21

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For the first time ever, we’re counting down our top 50 games of all-time! As of the filming of these videos, we’ve each played somewhere around ~300 games, so our top 50 represents approximately the best 17% of the games we’ve played.

We continue where we left off in the previous video as we now go over our #30-21 picks. In case you missed the previous videos in this series, you can find our previous picks below…


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check back in the coming days for the next 2 videos leading up to our #10-1 on December 30th. Better yet – if you enjoyed this video, tell a friend, consider subscribing to our channel, and check out some of our other videos. We really appreciate your support!

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0:39 30 (Dylann)
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9:22 29 (Carlo)
11:19 28 (Dylann)
13:28 28 (Carlo)
15:38 27 (Dylann)
18:15 27 (Carlo)
21:38 26 (Dylann)
23:19 26 (Carlo)
26:10 25 (Dylann)
28:34 25 (Carlo)
31:50 24 (Dylann)
34:20 24 (Carlo)
37:00 23 (Dylann)
39:28 23 (Carlo)
42:12 22 (Dylann)
45:12 22 (Carlo)
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49:57 21 (Carlo)
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  1. There are some big entries on this list! As well as some that may yet show up later on again…Which ones are you surprised to see here? Or surprised to not see closer to #1?Let us know what you think of the picks!

  2. Is Imhotep so good with expansion?

  3. I love Biblios! My only quam with it is that you don't roll the dice! I love dice and when I first played I was so excited to see these awesome dice 'til I was told we don't roll them lol Still an amazing game.

  4. Well done guys 👍🏻 we regularly play rules wrong the first time and then get that “oh shit” moment 🤣

  5. Awesome list once again, thanks! My favourites from both lists are Patchwork, Biblios, and Isle of Skye. Super excited for the Top 20, cheers!

  6. You have made me very curious about Biblios so I picked it up and I can't wait to play!

  7. My favorite game so far from this list has been tidal blades…nidevellir looks interesting…many many of these games don’t interest me at all…I’m interested what the top games will be…heavier maybe?

  8. Ooooh Imotep looks interesting… Also surprise about Feast for Odin on Carlo's list. Absolute shocker.

  9. Wow, now I can’t wait for the rest of the list. I already am coming up with a list of games that I enjoy that I will comment on the last video!

  10. The crew, patchwork, and biblios are all games I adore, and play often. The rest of the list was filled with games I hadn't even considered, but absolutely deserve their place.

  11. I feel like an All You Can Board List has a simple formula.
    Did Uwe Rosenberg make it? Put it on the list.

    We still have a few spots left? Throw in champions, a roll and write and somthhng to do with cats.

    And bam! You have a list. 🤣

    Love it. Can't wait for the final two videos. 👍

  12. I’ll pick back up later, but so far so good! Can’t wait to have enough games to make a top 50 haha 😂

  13. Really enjoying this series guys. I love that the videos are long and you spend a lot of time talking about each choice.

  14. You guys have great taste in games! Love the list so far.

  15. Oh my, so many amazing games. I love that there are some recently published games. I love Renature and Faiyum too mostly for the same reasons as you guys have said 😀

  16. Thanks for including Evolution: Climate on your fantastic list! This was fun to watch, I think The Crew is my most played game this year.

  17. OVERBOSS YES!!! Excellent choice, it's a love in this house!
    The Mind splits our house ha I (Jamie) love it and Jeff hates it with a burning passion! So I always bring it to work to play there because it's a great game to play with non-gamers!
    We just got the new Galaxy Trucker and we are super excited to try it! Not sure how different it is to the older one!
    Lots of games on here we need to try, Cosmic Frog being one of the top ones! It seems like such a weird fun game!

  18. Galaxy trucker first or second edition? I picked up the new edition at half price and am excited to try it out.
    Love the mind.
    Love patchwork.
    Always wanted to try isle of Skye have never been able to find it on sale. Prefer Ra I think for auctions I just don't know where it fits in and my collection is already being so large.
    Love el Dorado
    Love the crew.
    Excited to try my city someday.

  19. I’m a big board game fan and just came by your channel! Love your content and couldn’t stop to notice that you guys are from Winnipeg?? This is amazing and can’t wait to see more content.. would also love to play some games with you guys sometime!

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