Top 50 Board Games of All Time!! (#5-1) -

Top 50 Board Games of All Time!! (#5-1)

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Our favorite board games of all time!! …. As of 2021.

0:00 Intro
0:43 John 5
2:20 Jurch 5
4:55 Cory 5
7:17 John 4
12:32 Jurch 4
15:47 Cory 4
19:03 John 3
21:27 Jurch 3
23:33 Cory 3
27:11 John 2
30:58 Jurch 2
33:17 Cory 2
38:05 John and Jurch 1
44:26 Cory 1
49:19 Conclusion


  1. So cool to see you three on here! Great video! Risk is one of my favorites, but each game is fun in it's own way so favorites are hard to choose

  2. Like Kanban, Pret-a-porta now Great wester trail when they do a make over with new art I think they destroy the feel of the original and make them look like Ameri-trash.

  3. I totally got queendomino cause of you guys 🤣

  4. I am kind of surprised that you see dune Imperium as a better game than TI4

  5. Also look for this free mod of mine: Blood Rage Lite (could be found, for free, in the BGG's Blood Rage's variant or file section). It really gets the job done – testosterone fights allowing for deep strategy and tactics.

  6. Jurchs top5 is pretty bad, like sushi go #2, cmon. Overall it was a great set of videos, thanks guys!

  7. Side note…if you like Magic you've gotta play Radlands :).Magic's awesome but the wallet drain combined with how they've fiddled the rules to ridiculousness has really impacted my appreciation for it. I get it, they have to keep you spending hundreds of dollars on it, but at some point it got frustrating.

  8. There's a channel out there (Sidegame LLC) that focuses on how to organize games to maximize play time and minimize setup time. Using his methods you can get Le Havre to the table in minutes…really good! Might have ideas for you!

    I'll tell you this for sure though…the difficulty tabling a game is a HUGE FACTOR in board game effectiveness!

  9. Good list, solid choices. Haven't played all of them but I, too, am fascinated to find out if you've played Arnak and how it might compare to you with Dune. Is it theme? What differentiates it for you?
    I tend to agree Birmingham elevates it…I'm concerned with the formulaic "must do this next" elements to that game, but I haven't played it enough to figure out yet…

  10. Wow, amazing that Dune:Imperium went so high on your top lists <3.Btw, I think you've earned new subscriber ;). I love this game too, my best board game of 2021 and second best game of whole time, only Scythe is higher 😎. I like so much to play Dune:Imperium with my girlfriend, mostly I play at two. She probably love this game the most from my collection 😁. And all I can say that Dune:Imperium is good game in every player count even in the most critiqued two player mode ofc the higher player counts the better game becomes. But if you would ask "do you recommend Dune:Imperium for two players" I would say yes, sure, unless you are aware of using/playing AI deck in multiplayer game ;). But at least give it a try.I've found AI deck in this game very easy in use and well incorporated into two player game ;). And I know it's random and creates sometimes very strange situations but I've learn to live with it 😁Peace and greetings from Poland :).

  11. Y’all done a review on lost ruins of arnak yet ?It’s a point salad version of dune imperium. Same mechanisms. But completely different feel and so smooth.

  12. Dune: Imperium skyrocketed to the top of my list this year and it is also my number one game of all time now! I'm not typically one for the Cult of the New, but this game has just been such a blast. I love the way the deck building integrates so seamlessly into the worker placement. I love the theme. I love how tense and close EVERY game feels. I just got The Rise of Ix yesterday and already had a solo play of it. It changes the game so much, and all for the better!

  13. I just received an email from Boardgamebliss (1-29) that says they have Rise of IX available. Canadian company, but shipping isn't too bad to the US. A #1-#2 shocker from Cory, but I can't really argue with it. I love both those games. I still prefer GWT a little more.

  14. Thanks for the video.
    Great games!
    Can you plz play and Hunger? I would love to see a comparison with clank

  15. Castles even with the anniversary edition has bad art and components…
    Terra Mystica will get an anniversary edition, plus there are rumors for a new game Terra Mystica Age of Innovation.

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