TOP 50 GAMES!!! | #10-1 | Board Game Perspective -

TOP 50 GAMES!!! | #10-1 | Board Game Perspective

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TOP 50 GAMES!!! | #10-1 | Board Game Perspective

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  1. I was looking at voidfall in Amazon. Then saw this really nice looking game evenfall

  2. He: 10 to 1 –> I will choose all chess variants

  3. Ok, I think you have convinced me I need to try Twilight Inscription….

  4. Happy to see Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea on your list. I mostly play solo but the solo deck is so easy to play that I made copies and use 3-4 “AI factions” to play against.

  5. Thanks for the list. Really enjoyed watching. I must say, I resonate with Jodi’s list more. Both had great games.

  6. She loves BIIIG games and I'm on her side 100% loving so much ECLIPSE & BTSUN!

  7. I really liked your top 50, there were many of my favorite games included 👍, so I'd like to browse through your videos a little more and subscribe. ☺️
    VlG from northern Germany, Andrea

  8. Abstract, simple husband 😂. She’s picks way more interesting.

  9. Uprising is so good. Hopefully you get to dabble.

  10. Good to see Earth……………then oh boy! 😛 Hee hee, yeah we differ a lot! 😀 E****, V***** and U***** – not ones I've been kind to lately!

  11. Awesome lists. Thanks for putting them together. I'm definitely a Jodi gamer.

  12. Nice picks! Very interesting to see your difference in tastes become more apparent in this segment as Jodi skewed more to epic big box experiences while Justin's list is topped by elegant abstract strategy games. I wonder how different the literal weight in pounds between your top 10s would be. 😂 -Ryan

  13. Have you played Chess Plus? I got it for my roommate. Only difference is the pieces can be combined and move either way.

  14. Ha! Justin’s expression when Jodi pulled out Unsettled was priceless. I’m just happy to see Justin stayed tried and true to the “fewer rules” games as these games tend to get overlooked by a lot of Top 50 lists as people want to show off their large or more complex games. And while I skew more towards Justin these days, it’s more a matter of what do I play MORE of and these complex games just don’t get enough plays. And the reason is…I can’t keep all the rules to these complex games in my head unless get the opportunity to play them 9 times in a row, which doesn’t happen. How are you able to do it, Jodi? 😊

    Medium to medium light games like Mille Fiori, Luxor, Abyss, etc totally dominate my list with about 4-5 “heavies” somewhere in there.

  15. Great lists. I keep a copy of Onitama in my office. I tell people it's "chess for dummies." I actually don't like the seriousness chess, but Onitama scratches a similar itch.
    And last month I finally broke down and picked up Unsettled. Really happy i did. :]

  16. Great list! I might have missed it, where is Unsettled on your list? I think that was #1 last time. What caused it to go down?

  17. At least one of you got some sense. The one with Hive, YINSH, Onitama. Eclipse is an epic waste of time.

  18. The two of you are just like my husband and I. He loves chess and I love the overproduced games. Right now, I'm sitting here trying to learn Bitoku with it all set up and when my husband walked by he gave me the same look that Justin gives to some of your games. 😅😂 I'm hoping he will like it since Justin does…once I can actually convince him to try it.

  19. If you like War Chest, have you ever tried Undaunted? Curious if you would like that, as well.

  20. So happy to see Unsettled at one of your number 1s. I LOVE IT!!!

  21. As someone who was introduced to the hobby after being a massive chess buff, i see your n°1 as a complete delight. I was always wondering why people inside the hobby don't like chess when it is such an awesome game

  22. I think I am right in the middle. "Five Tribes", "Tigris & Euphrates" and "Azul" are my current top 3. Props on having "Hive" SO high. It is definitly a simple game with a lot of depth. I wonder if Justin has ever played "Go". Simpler in rules than chess but the depth is brilliant once you really get into it.

  23. Hi guys, really enjoy you're choices, i like both, abstract and great design games, ONITAMA is perfect!!! But i really need to try Voidfall, the problem is time and space. Greatings from Portugal!! Just subscribed.

  24. Wow dude, you love abstract games… you like variants of chess-like games. I’m more in the other alley of taste.

  25. 10:53 One of eight actions… Wow, I am not sure this is a game for me. For example, I prefer Calico over Cascadia – because the former limits the amount of options you can choose from on your turn – holding your hand on what to do.

  26. 19:17 Ok, I am going to go out on a limb and guess your #1 game of all-time – Twilight Imperium! 😉

  27. 22:18 My degree is in Accounting, too! (I am an internal auditor right now).

  28. 29:12 I have 0 interest in Voidfall – especially the way it was marketed, as a space 4X – and it competed against Fractal. I wasn’t really into Fractal, either.
    Between Voidfall and Eclipse, at least I have some interest in Eclipse – but none for Voidfall (personally).

  29. 31:02 Well, I am new, so I don’t know right now – and that is exciting! However, I am going to guess that your #1 is an abstract game! 😀

  30. 32:28 Hmm… And I don’t know, either…
    So obviously, it is NOT Twilight Imperium…

    With a bit of a cheat (looking at the BGG Top Games), I am going to guess Terraforming Mars.

  31. 34:15 LOL… That face says it all. I guess Justin isn’t going to experience it with you.

  32. I like BIG games in theory, but they are very hard to get to the table.
    I do like smaller games, but abstracts only occasionally.

  33. I'm by far more of a Jodi type. I don't care for many abstracts though Onitama is a solid one!

  34. Since Justin loves Chess, he should take a look at Warline. The Dragons War expansion is funding on Gamefound right now too!

  35. wow….don't think I've ever seen a board game YT recommend chess before!

  36. Thank you for sharing your lists with us!
    Before I watched the video I thought if it is not going to be Unsettled and Chess I will be very surprised )
    I love both games very much! Thanks again guys!

  37. Can be..for you..why not. But mosaic..what a joke. Game with so many problems..

  38. Underwater Cities is a great game. I feel it rewards repeated plays. Definitely a top 20 game for me.

  39. Jodi’s list is spot on. Higher complexity, steeper learning curves. Justin’s games are medium to medium light games that teach quick and are easy to table. Not gonna lie, his list are gateway games but Jodi’s list is what you move to when you’re ready to challenge yourself.

  40. who is on the left side? woman or a man? o_O

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