Top 50 Replayable Board Games of All-Time | 10 - 1 -

Top 50 Replayable Board Games of All-Time | 10 – 1

Marathon Meeples
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We’ve reached the end of our Top 50 Repayable Board Games.

All games listed here will provide 25 plus plays, and will be the backbone of any board game collection.

Which game(s) do you find to be the most repayable?


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01:35 – 9
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04:26 – 7
05:43 – 6
06:32 – 5
07:50 – 4
09:34 – 3
11:15 – 2
12:15 – 1


  1. Love this video concept and the energy you guys bring to it !

  2. ONE of my favourite games of all time is a classic… highly structured and tests the intellect…..I loved what they did with the system..I doesn't overstay it's welcome and can be taken anywhere… good for a night in with the lads….you can play this 15 hundred times.. rumours has it has a expansion pack to ….SNAKES AND LADDERS

  3. I enjoyed your re-playability focused reviews. Games with staying power rather than latest hype/promotion of newest games on the market. Excited to see Five Tribes (one of my personal favorites), Ticket to Ride (another favorite) and Azul on the list. Carcassonne with expansions is another one of my most played games that I’m always happy to return to. As much as I like Five Tribes, it’s the gateway games that seem to make it back to the table the most as there is often a casual or less experienced gamer at the table.

  4. Great list! I have 5 of your top 10. I've only played Mage Knight solo 😁

  5. Mage knight can work at a two player count. I wouldn’t play with more than that. I do only play solo. I’ve played higher count multiplayer and it was way too long. Great list. Thanks!

  6. Yall are very cute, good luck with the channel!

  7. Mage Knight multiplayer is great. If playing 3 or 4 is best if everyone already knows the rules. I truly suggest you tow to try both cooperative and competitive! Cheers
    Edit: Spirit Island and Mage knight are by far my number 1 and 2, to give you some insight in my tastes

  8. I am in complete agreement with your rococo opinion. The new edition is downright garish. The old art is warm and beautiful. The new art looks like prototype art.

  9. Funny thing for Spirit Island, the bigger expansions has actually more content than the base game 🤣

  10. Not sure if this was earlier on your list, but my most replayable game is Everdell – especially with the player powers/legendary cards. Each game is different based on which player power/legendary card you get and your strategy really differs from what card (and card combos) are available that game. Marvel United also offers a lot of replayability too with lots of character and villian mashups.

  11. Great list there ! However, the topic leaves me a bit in wonder. I mean, are there games that have low replayability nowadays, and if so, what games come to mind?

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