Top 50 Solo Board Games of All Time | In Only 25 Minutes! | Best Solitaire Games (2023 Edition) -

Top 50 Solo Board Games of All Time | In Only 25 Minutes! | Best Solitaire Games (2023 Edition)

Totally Tabled
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These are the 50 best solo board games of all time, all in only 25 minutes! If you would like to see full solo playthroughs of many of these games, check below.

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SPOILERS! List of Games…
1. Robinson Crusoe
2. A Feast for Odin
3. Mage Knight
4. This War of Mine
5. Gloomhaven
6. Frostpunk
7. At the Gates of Loyang
8. Castles of Burgundy SE
9. Lost Ruins of Arnak
10. Final Girl
11. Obsession
12. Ark Nova
13. Sleeping Gods
14. Arkham Horror: Card Game
15. Nemesis
16. The Loop
17. Pandemic Iberia
18. Spirit Island
19. La Granja
20. Concordia
21. Coffee Roaster
22. 51st State Ultimate Edition
23. Halls of Hegra
24. Friday
25. Bloody Inn
26. ROVE
27. Warp’s Edge
28. Naturopolis
29. Lost Expedition
30. Marvel United X-Men
31. Maquis
32. Star Wars: Outer Rim
33. Heat: Pedal to the Metal
34. Ginkgopolis
35. Weather Machine
36. Anachrony
37. Cartographers Heroes
38. Underwater Cities
39. Viticulture
40. Great Western Trail (2nd Edition)
41. Kanban EV
42. Dune: Imperium
43. Nautilion
44. Bloc by Bloc: Uprising
45. Bullet Heart
46. Resist!
47. Hit Z Road
48. Horrified
49. For Northwood
50. Ghost Stories


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  1. Great list. I couldn't agree more. 💯I was very satisfied with all the games you introduced!
    Especially Robinson Crusoe and Bloody Inn.

  2. I am surprised that i didn't see Carnegie on this list
    Either way, good list!

  3. I have For Northwood coming in. Looks great. Thanks for the list.

  4. Great list! Surprised not to see any Garphill Game on the list. Would any fall in your next 50?

  5. I play a lot of Mage Knight. Tons of replayability there. Will probably pick up some new games you mentioned here – like Robinson Crusoe and This War of Mine (I loved the videogame)…

  6. Spirit island and Arkham horror LCG make up about 80% of my solo time.

    Unsettled would be one I'd like to see if you liked. I am waiting on the Kickstarter to deliver but think it may be on par with the two mentioned above for time hitting the table

  7. Do you plan to do a Nemesis playthrough at some point?

  8. Nemo's war would need to be number one for me.

  9. Thank you for the top! I am surprised Lacerda is so low and that Weather machine is higher than Kanban. Will be great to see sometime Lisboa as I have bought it and afraid to learn solo. Have heard that the best solo among Lacerda is in Gallerist. When there were high discounts I have bought Mage Knight and hope you will share your experience with its campaigns. Would be great to buy This War of Mine and Frostpank – haven't expected they will be so high in your list. Also was surprises somebody plays Namesis solo – for me it was always only multiplayer experience

  10. Wow, what a great list! Stellar video production – I've just subscribed 👍

  11. Great top! We have similar taste that's why i don't miss these kind of videos from you!
    I'm surpraised that WM it's higher than Kanban EV in your list I'll have to look that one, not good for my wallet😅… It would have been interesting to hear which expansions are essential to you to play each game solo, some times you mention some of them (like tuscany, unfinished business, etc) but i notice that you have de Underwater Cities Discovery expansion on the video but didn't mentioned, for example, that one is essential to you? What about Dune Imperium? Or GWT with the rails expansion?

  12. We have a lot of crossover in our lists! I'll add a few of my favorites I didn't see on yours (unless my brain skipped for a few seconds): Legacy of Yu, Keep the Heroes Out (2 handed), Paleo (also 2 handed), Oak, Rococo Deluxe, Abomination Heir of Frankenstein, Machina Arcana, and Raiders of Scythia. Love your videos, and you continue to introduce me to wonderful games!

  13. Will you be getting the solo automa expansion for Terraforming Mars? Nick Shaw and David Turczi – same team who did the Castles of Burgundy Automa you like so much. It looks like its a similiar design philosophy!

  14. I love MK, it is my #1 of all time, glad to see it high on your list😊. Its been tough to wait for Robinson Crusoe for so long 😢. Do you think that if i get frostpunk before Robinson Crusoe i would lose interest in it, since its kinda the same core mechanism?

  15. Just ordered Halls of Hegra after watching your playthrough … what a sleeper hit that may never see retail

  16. My number 10 solo Games are :
    1/ Robinson Crusoe
    2/ Mage Knight
    3/ Too many Bones
    4/ Cloudspire
    5/ Gaia Project
    6/ Spirit Island
    7/ Burncycle
    8/ Hoplomchus
    9/ Scythe
    10/ Gloom of Kilforth

    Very curious on a feast for Odin.

  17. I'd love to know how you squeeze so much gaming in. The biggest issue for me is big blocks of time. Do you typically play all at once or leave the game set up and play in multiple sessions? If multiple sessions, how do you manage your space? Thanks for all your fantastic content!

  18. Colorful as usual, your videos look amazing on a 4K tv. Deduction does not seem to be your cup of tea: black sonata, turing machine, awkward guests, the search for planet x and its sequel, etc. I find small games more addictive when playing solo: palm island, grove, spaceshipped, lock&spell and so many more. Great list you have, thank you!

  19. Really great list! Also, excellent b-roll for each game and you get extra points for not only the number in your list and title of the game, but also for listing the designers for each one. Just subbed!

  20. Missing Hoplomachus Victorum here, easily in my top five, 😅and some steps down the stairway, Too many Bones. Maybe you don’t like CTG?

  21. Favorites of mine that didn't make your list: Legacy of Yu, Wingspan, Parks, Meadow, Earth, Red Rising, Blackout Hong Kong, Viscounts of the West Kingdom, Destinies, Hadrian's Wall, Kohaku, Trekking Through History, Wayfarers of the South Tigris, Corrosion, and Project L

  22. Excellent list! 🙂 I totally agree on most of the games on this list, but I am missing one of my favourite solo games lately – Unsettled. What are your thoughts about that game?

  23. I highly recomend you solo:Black Orchestra, Raiders of the North Sea wit expansions, Outlive and Tetrarchia.

  24. Good list with so many great games, thank you. I would like to put in a plug for Nemo's War (2nd Ed.)

  25. Great list, Shaggy! Thanks for bringing me to The Loop, I love that one.

  26. Seeing games on your list, I can't imagine that you've played Hadrian's wall and it didn't make it.
    Do yourself a favor and play HW.

  27. Love the channel, love your efficiency in communicating the basic essence of a game.
    My favourite game is currently Marvel United and I just got into Bullet Heart/Star/Orange. Looking forward to checking out some of your other favourites!

  28. Great video as always Shaggy! Are you excited for the next Arnak expansion?

  29. What an amazing list! Some thoughts…
    Ghost Stories – is a game I always wanted but could not find it, the new redesign, even thought I should like it more (I am a huge fantasy fan) somehow it just doesn't look as good for me.
    Horrified – I want to try it someday. I love the Universal Monsters but I am on the fence because I am not a Pandemic kind of guy and it gets compared with Pandemic a lot.
    Marvel United – Ok… hear me out… D&D United. Baldur's Gate characters, Book characters like Drizzit just imagine that retheme… yeah… I am just waiting in hopes that becomes a thing.
    The Bloody Inn – Another one I missed. It was your gameplay video that sold it for me… unfortunately it might be too late to be able to grab that one.

    From my list:
    *Lord of the Rings LCG
    *Space Hulk Death Angel
    *Warhammer Quest 95 (digital… it might be cheating but it's a lot cheaper 🤣)

  30. Ok, ok, I finally took the plunge on Robinson Crusoe

  31. my top 10 is pretty much the same as yours, but i would throw in some of fantasy flights LCG's instead… and i would probably say some lacerda's would be a little higher but still a great list

    this is why i like your content, its been great to give me good ideas on what game i might like to add to the collection next because we seem to have very similar tastes

    also your video quality is top notch

  32. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha thanks for making this list. You have been super productive at making videos recently!!!! LOL (I still hope to watch you do a playthrough for "Panic at Station 2891" for Final Girl S2… haha)

  33. Lots of great picks on this list! Robinson Crusoe does make a better solo game than it does multiplayer but those die rolls are punishing!

  34. Awesome and very enjoyable video that introduced me to or reminded me of games I want or have been collecting dust on my shelf.

  35. Great list! A couple of my favorites are on it!

  36. 😂 hahaha #1 is #1 again!!! 😂😂😂 and I am glad you dug into #3 not too long ago and it was your #3. I am not so sure about #2 though. Just for me, it doesn’t seem very exciting. Anyway super good list 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  37. My #1 Solo game is Apex Theropod, The Collected Edition with over 70 plays.. At the moment, I'm also having a lot of fun with Tapestries because of so much variability in each game with the easy to manage and competitive bots. Imperium Classics/ Legends is also high on my list of solo games.

  38. Great work. Pace and visuals are perfect. My collectors Crusoe should arrive soon!

  39. Nice top! My top ten in any order : Too many bones, Victorum, Cloudspire, Gaia Project, Mage knight, Robinson Crusoe, Nemesis, Dwellings of Eldervale, Dune imperium, Architects of the west kingdom

  40. Love your content – top quality stuff. Any chance you might fill in some of the missing playthroughs? Nemesis would be awesome to see.

  41. Excellent video as always! Keep up the great work, your playthroughs are the ones I love best by far on YouTube (I just bought Bloc by Bloc thanks to you 😉), your channel deserves to be known by every boardgame addict out there!! ❤
    Also, I would absolutely love to watch a playthrough from you of At the Gates of Loyang 😃

  42. Great list and an amazing video with high production values! Well done once more 🙂

  43. Did you get the Kickstarter big box of Robinson Crusoe?

  44. What a fantastic list!
    I would add Troyes, Parks and Imperium: classics 🙂

  45. we want more Robinson crusoe gameplays, please!!

  46. Great list! Happy to see a few of my favourites there. One thing I wish is that I felt more storytelling from Robinson Crusoe; I love the game and rank it high but I find others better for emergent storytelling… any tips on how to absorb story notes??

  47. Yay! You did a lot of hard work to bring this list to the solo playing crowd. I thought I was done buying games….LOL! [Lying to myself]. Thank you for this very concise and well produced list.

  48. Beautifully done. I enjoyed the pace of this list. Enough time to get me more interested in games I haven’t played, but not too long that I get impatient with games I have played.

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