Top 50 Vintage Board Games of All Time (2021) #10-1 -

Top 50 Vintage Board Games of All Time (2021) #10-1

Tabletop Island
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Today I’m finishing up my Top 50 Vintage Board Games of All Time?!
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Horror House:
The Slime Monster Game:
Chicken Run Chicken Pot Pie Game:
Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs:
Mall Madness: No Review Yet
Voice of the Mummy:
Repair/Restored Voice of the mummy ay
Electronic Mystery Mansion: No Review Yet
Tower of the Wizard King:
Omega Virus:
Tornado Rex:

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  1. My list would be very different–but a lot of my faves don't really have gimmicks:Thunder Road (Thunder Road is SO good). Astron/Skylanes (duh)Vendetta (Parker UK) Gangster BackgammonMediterranean (Parker Europe/UK). Obscure Risk-like game.Quack Shot Prize PropertyEscape from Atlantis / Survive! (I prefer the 94 waddington's edition)Carrier StrikeBattlemastersDie Schlact der DinosaurierBalloonrennen (Ravensburger). There are probably some old Ravensburger titles that would definitely be there.Die Oster InselThe other 4 companies that might be close to your taste are HABA (German), Zoch Spiele (Castle Roquefort!), Jumbo (Dutch family games), and Kosmos. For Kosmos, there is a Attack of the Clones game with TERRIBLE components, but a suprisingly good game underneath the lousy production.

  2. Yeay…. I guess a few of them and I knew you would pick tornado rex board game

  3. Did us dirty with Voice of the Mummy and Tornado Rex…..hopefully one day I can get those! That Chicken Run game is a sleeper though, gonna keep an eye out for that, looks hilarious.

  4. Great work, strong list. A lot of them in my collection as a result of seeing yours, Matt's and Luke's channels.

    Couple of Waddingtons I was surprised I didn't hear, unless you did say and I've missed it, lol. – escape from atlantis and ghostly galloan.

  5. Slime Monster and Chicken Run I knew would be in it.

    Lost Valley and Mall Madness, made your list last year with me. Both are great games I agree.

    Voice of the Mummy…too expensive for my blood but it looks lovely.

    Mystery Mansion….solid. love it.

    Still need to add Tower of the Wizard King to my collection.

    Omega Virus. Beautiful game. Agreed. Prices aren't too high for this online.

    Tornado Rex. Wow. Still #1?! I can't blame you. Fun mechanic. Glad I got it right before the prices blew up to what they are today!

  6. Not surprised in the least bit that Tornado Rex was number 1, was last year! Had a feeling mall madness would be on the list, between the two with mall madness and omega virus, I prefer omega virus more…but people want to play mall madness more frequently. I guess it's personal preference.

    You didn't include Give The Dog A Bone however Bernado, I'm sure this is just a small oversight, a mistake 😉

  7. I just bought Chicken Run: Chicken Pot Pie based on your review. BTW You said you liked the movie in your original review, which is it???

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