Top 60-51 games of all time - 2024 Edition (Top 100) -

Top 60-51 games of all time – 2024 Edition (Top 100)

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Hello everyone!

We are so excited, and we just can’t hide it! It is time for the top 100 board games of all time, 2024 edition.

It’s been two years since we did this list, and things has happened. We hope you’ll enjoy joining us on this journey during the next weeks.
We would love to hear your opinions on the games in the comments!

With so many great board games to choose from, it’s always hard to choose just the Top 100 games we have ever played.
Today, we are talking about the rest of the “bottom 50”, and there are some amazing choices here. (We would obviously think so)

Have fun!
Thank you so much for watching 😀

A huge thank you to James Wood from @ThatBoardGameShow for editing this video!

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Intro: 00:00
60: 00:58
59: 02:28
58: 04:28
57: 06:50
56: 08:28
55: 10:55
54: 13:28
53: 15:07
52: 16:41
51: 18:39
Conclusion: 21:34


  1. You're the coolest board game Channel I know 😉Medici really is one of the best auction game. Ultimate Railroads is in my top 30. Concerning the Unlock case, I think it's complicate to compare in the same list games like Barrage, Unlock and 6 nimmt for example. What's your opinion ?

  2. Johannes, that Zhanguo is very very low. That should be top 5! It's top 2 for me (=I am very curious to play Boonlake. Never got the opportunity for it. Blackout is my favourite Pfister, but I remember I enjoyed a lot of his other outlier: Cloudage

  3. Ha det bra! I’m starting to think you both don’t speak norsk…do the next video completely in Norwegian!! We will all be impressed. Takk!

  4. Wohoo! another video, really enjoy this series so far!

  5. Ginkgopolis is excellent, always a go-to at my tables for a somewhat thinky, interactive tile-laying game. Hope more people get to know this absolute gem now that it's officially out on BGA as well.

  6. love Boonlake… but very dis appointed no crossover dance

  7. I LOVE blood rage! I have it all nicely painted and upgraded! It’s fun every time.

  8. Enjoying your lists and it’s giving me ideas for new games. Liked the “old but gold” comment. Those are the games I search for 😀. Two of the games you mentioned I own and really like, Ultimate Railroads and KeyFlower.

  9. Still my favorite board game channel. Always enjoyable! Thanks!!

  10. Love Boonlake! Not many people are talking about it now. Love how the game builds up. Played it last night!

  11. Ugh so painful to be a Madeira Collector's Edition backer. 🙁 I guess you saw this comment coming.

  12. ISS Vanguard was my 67, Boonlake my 91, Tzol'kien is just outside my top 100, and Ultimate Railroads is a little higher up my list.

    My list: 60 – Lacrimosa
    59 – Lost Ruins of Arnak
    58 – Autobahn
    57 – Coffee Traders
    56 – Architects of the West Kingdom
    55 – Clans of Caledonia
    54 – Origins: First Builders
    53 – Dune: Imperium
    52 – Xia: Legends of a Drift
    51 – Earth

  13. Cool seeing Akropolis here. I wish there was more variability. I really like it still

  14. Boonlake expansion is super awesome / easyt to add in and just makes it so much better if that is possible!?

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