Top 7 Boardgame Hidden Gems of 2022 -

Top 7 Boardgame Hidden Gems of 2022

Shut Up & Sit Down
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0:00 7 Games in Just One Video! Can you even imagine?!

1:08 Space Station Phoenix
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3:58 Air, Land & Sea: Spies, Lies & Supplies
Our Air, Land & Sea Review:
Air, Land & Sea:
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Spies, Lies & Supplies Expansion:
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6:52 Akropolis
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10:09 The Guild of the Merchant Explorers
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11:31 Wormholes
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12:33 Village Rails
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14:37 Imperial Steam
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20:04 Preview of Next Week



  1. "The same seagull that's on the front of the box!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Me encanta vuestro sentido del humor

  3. The Lizard Wizard hiding in the plant! So good

  4. Sorry if something happened but where is the other guy with black hair in a lot 9f the older videos

  5. Hilarious and informative in equal measure – you guys are really great!

  6. the whoosh sound effect for Air, Land, and Sea intro startled me enough that i actually ducked down in my chair

  7. I really can't wait to see you review rollplayer adventures

  8. Space Station Phoenix looks good but the price is a bit high. $92 on Amazon right now. I cannot pull the trigger on it at that price point. I want it, just not that much.

  9. Chanel is slipping. Just a bunch a goofy jokes now. Dissapointing

  10. Imperial Steam is the only board game I've seen with a subtitle that could be a specialist subject on Mastermind.

  11. Imperial steam sounds incredibly designed, but the theme would immediately kill my group before we get to enjoy it.

  12. "I think it's a good point though" bahahahhahahaja

  13. This has the same kind of intensely personal energy that I remember from your earlier videos, back when Quinns and Paul were frantically telling me about gang school. I missed this specific kind of interaction, and I'm really glad to see it again.

  14. Why is Tom so beautiful. Wish I could get to know him.

  15. Damn rip number 4 and 5, too boring for their own segment in the "too boring for their own video" video

  16. I'm good with most you've said but you keep saying Austrian port of Trieste, and Trieste is in Italy! Also Ljubljana is in Slovenia. Sorry, just pedantic 😛

  17. When the video started I read the village rails box as village halls, I was imagining a tops trumps type thing where you compared how many seat you could squeeze in or bonus points for a tea urn, but no train strategy game, think comparing how many toilets you have would be more interesting

  18. i don't know if anyone realized, but this video is indeed a summer shirt commercial masked in a board game review….


  20. Today I learned Quinn is on a second youtube channel

  21. I'm not really siked for any of these games but the chemistry you two have is so entertaining it kept me watching until the end! A great video from start to finish!

  22. Easter egg during Imperial Steam review at 17:39: Tom bored and browsing his phone in the mirror behind Quinns. Does it add to the narrative? Or did the review lose steam?

  23. I dont know if its the format of reviewing multiple games in one video but I love the humor and style of this review. This is now my second favorite video, after the oink games one. More of this please!

  24. This was hilarious, thank you for such a fun entertaining video 🙂

  25. this is the most wonderful, passionate shitpost I have ever witnessed.

  26. 6:46 Can I just say that it IS a good point. You've got to have an interesting theme with a game like this otherwise you could just use a standard deck of cards and be playing with some abstract and complicated math. Getting the visuals right is part of getting the theme right.

  27. Drunk-Friday purchase impulse … ah, yes! .. we all know and love those moments
    that we wonder about the next day …

  28. Thumbs in the middle. Informative but a bit WaCky 🤪

  29. From now on Lubulujana is how I will be referring to the capital of Slovenia.

  30. The whole video is amazing but at "Ljubljana" I just lost it

  31. Hidden Gems?!
    These are major releases.
    Clickbait title makes you look weak

  32. I'm confused…are these good Gamez or bad games lol

  33. Finally my favorite kind of SU&SD video: one that reassures me I don't need to buy any of the games featured.

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