Top 8 Legacy Board Games | Collection Starter -

Top 8 Legacy Board Games | Collection Starter

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Crazy big, crazy expensive, but crazy good. Let’s talk Legacy.

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8. Risk Legacy US: // UK:

7. My City US: // UK:

6. Machi Koro Legacy US: // UK:

5. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 US: // UK:

4. The King’s Dilemma US: // UK:

3. Pandemic Legacy Season 0 US: // UK:

2. Gloomhaven US: // UK:

1. Betrayal Legacy US: // UK:

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  1. Nah didn’t see the luxury in Gloomhaven. Map tiles which didn’t fit together, thin cards which barely held up even in sleeves… definitely seemed like quantity over quality to me

  2. 100% agree about that first session of Betrayal Legacy. That was probably one of my top 3 experiences playing any board game.

  3. I love this channel and these lists so much (Adam is a god…fight me!) but they do upset me too! I want to play all of these games but I just don't have the people to do so 🙁

  4. I couldn’t help but notice “Pop Sickle” which is exactly what three completely different game groups I have named that card. Best Legacy game and my favorite board game of all time.

  5. honestly the thing that drives me away form legacy games is that I just don't like the idea of permanently changing one of my games. its why i'll likely never try the "Exit" series

  6. Hahaha that worship the helm bit was so good, many songs were sung I'll put it that way lol

  7. But does Betrayal Legacy involve a spooky fridge?

  8. i do wonder if the gag at NRB could do a play through of betrayal legacy

  9. Gloom Haven is our Legacy game . . . only if I set it up though. Otherwise it doesn't get set up. Oh, and dinner has to happen via fast food or takeout only.

  10. i know it isnt technically a legacy but mine is dungeons and dragons. with a good dungeon master and a very lucky/skilled team dungeons and dragons can go from a thing you do once a week to the board game equivalent of medieval coronation street like shit im still mad at my d and d characters ex wife for killing my d and d dog banging my d and d best friend and then stabbing me after serving me the divorce papers and running of with the main villain becoming our side villain "long ass story to that one let me tell you"and that campaign ended for me 3 bloody years ago. as in my character died and i made a new character because well there is only 6 of us in my friend group who like d and d.

  11. Jaws of the lion… it’s not an updated “lite” version of gloomhaven.
    Jotl is its own game completely, just like frosthaven.

  12. You're description of risk was hilarious 😅 turning Australia into a DOOM FORTRESS

  13. The Kids in the Hall reference was aces.

  14. Charterstone and Clank Legacy are both great. Rise of Queensdale which was not mentioned is also great.

  15. Gloomhaven. Is. Awesome!!!!! But you need the tray set up to keep everything organized. So definitely get that too!

  16. Aww… the only legacy game I've played is Charterstone (still haven't finished it) and it didn't even technically make your list

  17. After finishing gloomhaven I would put it way lower it starts a lot of cool stuff and finishes none of it. Me and the GF were really disappointed with it. Jaws was better but also was flawed. Now Betrayal legacy deserves its top spot that thing is a masterpiece. Played it fully once and started it again a month before covid happened. Also played through Seafall it had some great moments but the gameplay is repetitive and the person in the lead just stays there since there isn't really a catch up mechanic.

  18. I played pandemic legacy with my ex. We got to June (?) I think. I don't know if I'll ever finish it…

  19. Betrayal is my favorite board game ever, and playing through the legacy version was amazing. Absolutely killer.

  20. I was super excited about Gloomhave, but I don't know if I can handle permanently altering a game.

  21. Anyone who's willing to buy expensive board games only to ever play it once are complete morons.

  22. I don't know why, but I just don't like pandemic, the theme just doesn't appeal to me. Also, Gloomhaven is terrible. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept, but the feeling that any cool thing you accomplish drains sand out of your clock and when you run out of sand all you have is a half hour of clean up. The ratio of game and admin is just wrong.

  23. I played Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and 2, Betrayal and Scythe and all players liked Betrayal the best out of the last 3 (the first was with a different group). We played PL Season 1 in one week during a trip to the mountains which is imo the best way to play (like binging a tv series).
    The problem with Scythe was, that the best player got the most perks, giving him an even bigger superiority and then he just won every game.

  24. Clank Legacy is so much fun. It is beautifully designed.

  25. I've wanted to play a lot of the games on this list. I have only played Betrayal Legacy. And you're right, the experience is just as much about the people you play with as it is about the game itself.

  26. FWIW, most of that price tag is because of playtesting. At least, that's what I've inferred from the price tag of "We Didn't Playtest This At All: Legacies".

  27. Um, excuse me, but what are those incredible modular shelves found at 0:13?

  28. gloomhaven is an absolute overwhelming colossus of a game. it's ridiculous. the gameplay is frickin' amazing. i love it so much. the set up/tear down? not so much. i've got everything sorted in a way it only takes 10ish minutes to set up but still. ugh. i'm happy i bought it. it's a game i'll be playing for the next decade but jesus. it's just SO MUCH. the biggest selling point for me was i can play it solo. i don't have anyone to regularly play games with (maybe once or twice a month i have someone) so being able to play a giant legacy game alone was huge for me. some day i'll actually unlock a new character, cause i haven't even got that far yet.

  29. i wanna throw out a suggestion. make a solo play video! a ranking video, a "hey i like these games" video, or anything really. solo play is how i spend 90% of my board game time.

  30. I have played and completed so many of these on this list. For me, legacy games are the absolute best. My quick rundown and order of that I played:

    Machi Koro Legacy: Just wasn't for us. To be fair we played this after playing some of the other legacy games so it was just too simple and boring for what we wanted.

    Pandemic Legacy:Fun but relentless, constantly got our asses kicked. Second ever Legacy played and first ever co-op style game.

    Risk Legacy: The game that sucked me in. While fun it really showed off everyome's gaming skill level and style in ways that was unexpected. I won 10 of 15 games and each win was less fun as my friends were just getting lost and left behind.

    Charterstone: Absolute blast, fun, whimsical. East enough for everyone to grasp and jump right into. Best of all the 2nd side to replay it over, absolute genius.

    My City: This was the best game to have for the pandemic for my wife and I to play. It was everything we could have hoped for and that we could play through a second time was a nice bonus. Quick setup and pkay to where we could sneak a game in after kids go to bed before we do and wind down. Could not ask for more.

    Betrayal Legacy: There aren't words to describe how enjoyable this is. Now that pandemic is winding down and my friends and I have vaccines, we immediately jumped back into this and picked up where we left off. This is everything you want in a game and as Adam said the people make it so much better.

    That's where I sit with legacy games. I have Pandemic season 2, Seafall and King's Dilemma waiting in the wings and cannot wait to see what mysteries and treasures await in them.

  31. what if you're fascinated by these games but have never played them before, and want to learn to play them but you're autistic so it's difficult interacting with new people (or the people at the nearest game store aren't receptive to newcomers)?

  32. Thank you No Rolls Barred! We bought our first Legacy game which was Pandemic Legacy Season 1, and it is so surprising and fun!

  33. If you love myths and legends, this game is for you! Lagim is a one-of-a-kind card game of strategy and chance. Check "LAGIM" Facebook page and website for more info.

  34. I've played Betrayal Legacy 2 times through and it was amazing both times. Even after knowing all the secrets, I found cards that I was never able to see the first time, and I STILL haven't seen about half of the cards that go into the game. I wanna play it again!!

  35. What is that awesome looking game with the hex map and little red pieces at 0:30?

  36. XU quiero comprarle uno mi hermanito XU pero no s como si nos alcanzara cada rato para comprar uno si rompe algo … solución, descarto las cartas y los strikesr , los pego en cartulina para que no e pierdan ,como si a uno le sobrara plata XU …

  37. So in Pandemic Season 0 how many central american death squads do you arm?

  38. I'd love to see monthly series on Legacy games. It'd require a lot less strain on Tom than a No Rolls Barred TTRPG actual play (which, let's be honest, would HAVE to be GM'd by Tom) while still providing one big story with the Crew!

  39. My group is in middle (literally) of Betrayal Legacy and so far we are realllly enjoying it. So much so I got myself two more legacy games for the future usage (Charterstone and Seafall) – we shall see 🙂

  40. I hate gloomhaven -.-
    I think I‘m the only person on earth who does

  41. Had a regular, standing "Risk: Legacy" game for awhile years ago, and I cannot tell you the mad fervor that suddenly sprung up when, just sort of checking out the box's construction, I discovered a little envelope that simply read: "NEVER OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE."

    We were already 7 games in and none of us had found it. It sat in all our consciousnesses for weeks afterward, we'd randomly bring up in quiet moments, 'What do you think is in the envelope?' and during games we debated whether to open it, when to open it, what could POSSIBLY be contained within. And we were not disappointed.

  42. Never played any Legacy game so far.
    Thanks for this list. I added some to mine.
    I might try Pandemic and Betrayal. And maybe also Machi Koro.

  43. I play gloomhaven weekly, I love it so much, and absolutely adore my play group, we have so much fun!

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