Top 9 Mystery Board Games -

Top 9 Mystery Board Games

Tantrum House
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Melissa talks about her favorite mystery type board games.
Tell us in the comments your favorite Mystery style board games!

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
Chronicles of Crime
Detective: A Modern Board Game
Mystery House
Adventure Games
Time Stories
Mansions of Madness
Detective City of Angels
Graphic Novel Adventures


  1. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is the best by far

  2. I wonder if any of the consulting detective stories were adapted into UNLOCK

  3. Have you guys tried Hunt A Killet boardgames?

  4. Detective City of Angels without the Chisel tops all of these!

  5. Nobody here's mentioned Mystery of the Abbey, which is like a better version of Clue/ Cluedo, though it obviously needs a reprint!

  6. Spot on. I have all but one that you mentioned. Have that one in my want to buy cart.

  7. Thanks for the excellent video! We love the Exit and Unlock series and Chronicles of Crime. One of our favorites wasn't on your list – Awkward Guests is a phenomenal game. You should give it a try.

  8. Really enjoyed this list. Mystery is one of my favorite category in board games.

  9. I've always wanted to try Fury of Dracula. Would you class that as a mystery deducing game ?

  10. I don't care for app dependent games, just me. Ever play Mystery Mansion? Simple, but fun.
    I attempted two mystery parties. Everyone had a part and clues to a murder. They were…okay, but fun.

  11. Loved the Three Investigators book series growing up. Nice to see it getting some love. I have most of the games on your list, but there's a few that I'll need to order for future game nights. Thanks for the suggestions!

  12. Hi, is chronicles of crime worth it? I'm planning to get it but fear that since it's an internet dependent game, it would lose servers in the future, and does the stories have the same conclusion every play? Does that mean I'm stuck with 5 (for now) stories that I know the ending? I just like to know if I can play this game when I'm 60 and still be surprised

  13. You should also try the Deckscape series and the Decktective game from the same publisher

  14. One game I would add on this list is Awkward Guests. A very clever deduction card game with infinite replayability!

  15. I love Awkward Guests.
    Its like a Cluedo/Clue flip and fill but more in depth.
    Also has loads of scenarios and difficulties. Dont like games that are one shots. You can also change the difficulty of you want a longer/shorter game or based on players.

  16. A game that I recently discovered is “Mystery! Motive for Murder” it’s not a deduction game but a tile placement mechanic that establishes relationships with the victim. It features Edward Gorey artwork that I find fantastic for the theme.

  17. Александар Цветановић says:

    Mysterium is a must have! I kinda hoped it would make it on this list. :/

  18. I'm very interested in purchasing a mystery game even though the only one I've played is Clue. My question is, do you have the ability to play them more than once or is it one of those things where you'll need to pass the game along to someone else after you've solved it.

  19. This was great! I’m trying to write my own murder mystery board game, it’s nice to take inspiration from established ones with a good rep!

  20. Should try Hunt a killer, deadbolt mysterious and murder mystery in a box

  21. Wow how do you find out about these? Never heard of any of them, and they all look fantastic! We are Clue fans, along with all the adaptations…

  22. Thanks for making the video. From this list, which games can be replayed again and again without having the same outcome? Alt: I mean I wanted to know if a game is of "no use" once the mystery is solved.

  23. Most of these have no replay values though. U r missing Letter from White Chapel, Mystery Rummy series, n Mysterium if u r a mystery fan

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