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Top Board games in Bangladesh | Kraftz

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“Kraftz, which board game will you recommend me to play?”
We often get to receive this query from our Krafters, which is why we went on to create this video where you can get to know about all our board games in a nutshell. So don’t wait up, watch the video already!


  1. এগুলো কোথা থেকে কিনবো

  2. এগুলো কোথা হতে ক্রয় করতে পারবো? সেটা বলেন।

  3. 2 jon player khelte parbe amon board game ki ki ache?

  4. these games seem great, are there any d&d-esque board games in your inventory?

  5. প্রাইসটা উল্লেখ করে দিলে ভাল হতো

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