Top Innovative Worker Placement Board Games. -

Top Innovative Worker Placement Board Games.

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Worker Placement Board Games are some of my favourite family style and Euro style board games to play during the holidays. In particular, I am constantly on the search for innovative board games with simple rules and engaging gameplay. Worker placement games are some of my favourite mechanics in a board game as the competition for space like in Monopoly can be super fierce!

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If you like board games such as cluedo, guess who, battleship, monopoly, uno, then this video is going to introduce you to so really cool new board games that have some interesting mechanisms and if you are already a modern board gamer hopefully this video will introduce and suggest some cool games to play and try out! So join us as we learn how to play.

The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.


  1. These games are so nice aesthetically and I love the components. Thank you for the upload!

  2. Raiders of the North Sea is one of my favorite games!!!

  3. Check out Keyflower if you haven't already. Best variation of Worker Placement both in style and number of ways it works.

  4. Very neat choices! Thanks for making this video 👍

  5. Very interesting. Thanks for bringing to our attention these very cool and innovative / original games! I will definitely look at them some more and consider buying most of the games you featured – especially Tzolk'in and Whistle Mountain 🙂

  6. hi. great Vid. Another Great innovative WP game is Architects of the West Kingdom. The jail action is really good and highly interactive between players. Another cool game is Dune:Imperium/ LR of Arnak as these games combine a very nice multi-use cards and Deck building with worker placement.

  7. Really enjoyed this video! Lots of good ideas and well explained. Thank you!

  8. Note 1: In the explanation of Istanbul, Movement should work as follows:
    a.) Move your Merchant stack 1 or 2 spaces.
    b.) After taking the action there, either PICK UP an assistant that you own that is already there OR LEAVE behind an assistant from your stack.
    This essentially means that you don't have to leave an assistant behind in every location you pass through. You only leave one behind if you stop to take the action there.

    Note 2: When I talk about Raiders of the North Sea, I mean to say 'Put Down a Worker, Activate It, Then Pick Up A Worker, Activate It'. Sorry for any confusion.
    Also please share some of your favourite Innovative Worker Placement Board Games in the comments. I would love to hear some of your favourite ones! 🙂

  9. Great List idea :). I'm personally not a fan of Caylus, but can recommend Yokohama if you enjoyed Istanbul.

  10. Always really love the content of your videos Danny!

  11. Hello! thank looks fun!! thank you for sharing! I also made ta video today about my top 5 favorite games if you will like to watch it on my channel:) have a great day!!!

  12. Spyrium is an older WP game but that has some innovations I've not seen before.
    Also, another from Garphill Games – Architects of the West Kingdom. That one sees you having 20 workers with no retrieve action… Really clever

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