Top SMALL Board Games with BIG STRATEGY -

Top SMALL Board Games with BIG STRATEGY

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Board Games have gradually taken over our lives. In the age of modern technology, people are gravitating more and more towards board games and using games as a way to socialise and connect with friends.

If you are new to the board gaming hobby and have been searching for that perfect board game or you have sat through tons of how to play videos and board game reviews, this video might just be for you!

In this video we look at five fun board games that come in a small size but packs a huge punch when it comes to the strategy, thinking and choices involved. Strap yourselves in because this board game journey is going to be an excellent one!

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The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.

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  1. My first time watching one of your videos. I like the upbeat presentation and that your camera work actually shows off the game components well (too many overhead cameras in this space). I'm off to explore more of your content …

  2. What are some of your thoughts on the board games featured above? Write some of your own game recommendations below 🙂

  3. Love to Roam get some attention! It and Ecos: First Continent are my go-to easy teaches which still have depth.

  4. Mandala the card game is a good one ☝️

  5. You’re the first positive review on Parks that I’ve heard in awhile. Never heard of Unearth but it looks pretty good. Strategy and small box board game…? Hmm maybe Hive but I can’t think of much else.

  6. Awesome video and list, Danny!! Love how this is a mix of classics and lesser-known gems.

  7. Man, that unearth and roam games look just great!
    I'll try find them in my local games shop. Thanks a Lot! 🤩🤩🤩

  8. Really good choices! We love Parks & Kingdomino! We'd like to try Roam some time as we love Red Raven (Ryan Laukat) games.

  9. Nice selection. We love KINGDOMINO, especially a 2-player 7×7. And definitely need to play UNEARTH more. One of the best looking games in our collection.

  10. very nice video, sir! I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel!

  11. We love Kingdomino! 7 Wonders Duel is a great one too

  12. Great list! I love your videos and channel 🙂 I really enjoy Sushi Go, Sequence, Cartographers and Dale of Merchants for small box games with some strategy.

  13. My favorite is Little Town. Tons of player interaction in a quick 30 minute worker placement game.

  14. Great video! I totally agree with TTR: London and Kingdomino …great short games that pack some strategy in just 15-20 minutes! I disagree with PARKS personally…maybe because I usually play with 4 or 5, which takes FOREVER. 2-player may be quicker.

    Some personal favorites that are quick but have strategy: For Sale, Linko, Draftosaurus, Tiny Towns, Captain Sonar, Between 2 Castles of Mad King Ludwig, to name a few that we've enjoyed

  15. Apparently RRG doesn't have any plans to reprint Roam. At least not for the time being. Sad. And yes, Kingdomino rocks! I teach that one quite frequently.

  16. High depth of strategy to small box size : Innovation, Red 7, Fleet, Arboretum.

  17. Nice set of games there. I did try Kingdomino and it does have startegy. Others haven't tried it yet. I could recommend a few like Blitzkrieg, Air, Land and Sea, Battle Line and Pocket Mars.

  18. Kingdomino is fun but it's over a little too quick. Good filler game though

  19. The moment he opened Scythe and I laughed is when I knew I'd have to give a like and subscribe.

  20. Great video and list. We love Unearth and Parks. Other small box games with a big impact are Red Rising, Not Alone, The Crew and Flourish.

  21. 7 wonders duel is me and my girlfriend's go to 2 player game. The expansions are fun too.

  22. A deck builder like Valley of the Kings is pretty good for it's size.

  23. “Roam” looks really awesome! I went to buy it and it seems it’s very very out of print! Couldn’t find it anywhere and then I found it on Walmart’s website of all places!

  24. Parks has too many rules to call it a "small game".

  25. I think Monolith Arena (reimplemented Neuroshima Hex) is my favorite strategy game, but I could only call it "small" box because the game takes up little more space than the box it comes out of. Onitama is another fantastic strategy game that comes to mind at a small footprint and big punch.

  26. Awesome list! I’m newish to board gaming. But, I recommend Ticket to Ride: NY, Bang! the Dice Game, Kingdomino, & Lotus.

  27. Great list! Maybe you want to check also this newly found game in The Philippines. It's called LAGIM. A strategic card/board game based on folklore and myths. You can play this with your loved ones and friends whether you're just indoor or outdoor. Please check their FB page and website for more info and details.

  28. I love kingdomino. And I've played some massive games.

  29. Between to city is a board game that's got a unique system that's not to hard to learn and only gose for 25 minutes a game and it will have u strategieing and talking with the other people playing.

    You should check it out

  30. Wow! This game is very entertaining and you can play with the whole family. Just like this newly found game called "LAGIM". It's a strategy type of card/board game wherein you need to defend your baryo against evil creatures. For more details, you may visit their FB page and website to know the mechanics of the game.

  31. I'll throw out a glowing recommendation for Hive. It's one of my absolute favorite two-player strategy games. Each player has a bunch of hex tiles of different bugs and needs to use them to surround the opponent's queen while protecting their own. The pieces themselves are the board and you spend your turn either adding a new piece or moving and existing piece. Super fun, especially with the mosquito, ladybug, and pillbug expansions added in (also you can customize which expansions you throw in for a lot of variation)

  32. Liked and subbed! I like the Vive unearth is giving, I’ve never heard of that and will check it out. I just got King domino this year and it’s quickly becoming a great comfort food. Easy to learn and quick to table, which is always a plus.

  33. Cartographers and Dinosaur Island Rawr and Write fill our fast strategy niche at home but I’m really interested in Roam and Kingdomino now

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