Top STRATEGY Board Games I ONLY Play With 2 PLAYERS -

Top STRATEGY Board Games I ONLY Play With 2 PLAYERS

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Top Two player games are often popular around Valentines Day. Board Game Geek often features some of the most anticipated and highly rated board games. Whilst many of the board games are suitable for multiple players, there are some I ONLY prefer to play with two players, just because the overall game experience is smoother, faster and more interactive.

In This video we look at Board Games that are ranked highly on Board Game Geek and see which ones I prefer to play at 2.

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  1. Grand Austria Hotel is our favourite by far. We have Castles of Burgundy but it's so thematically dry and boring we almost always pull out GAH instead when we're in the mood for a euro.

  2. 9:25I recently designed a 3D-printable insert and dice tower for the original printing of The Castles of Burgundy.Increase fun and reduce setup and teardown time 😀 models can be found on printables (for free of course)

  3. Agree with the no. 1! Castles of Burgundy is just so addicting, excellent for 2 players but feels too long for 3-4 players imo. I introduced this game to my non-gamer cousin and we had a fun game night with it.

  4. Great list! We enjoy Spirit Island at two player as well. Castles of Burgundy we’ve never played, but we pledged for the all in on the fancy new release, as I just know we’re going to love it. I haven’t heard of the Austria Hotel game, but that looks really fun!

  5. If you like 2 player games I suggest Soul of Ankiril, an upcoming strategic card game releasing on kickstarter on february 28th

  6. G'day friends,
    What are some of your favourite multiplayer Euro Strategy games that you prefer to ONLY play with two players?
    I'd love to hear your suggestions.
    Danny 🙂

  7. hi it’s still jai your big dices we’re funny

  8. I love games that work well for two! Thanks for this great video, Danny.

    We really love Everdell with two players, but have found that we need to use the “Border Variant” (found on BGG) to allow us to cycle through the deck enough 🙂

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