TOP TEN BOARD GAMES! A Modern, Cinematic List Going into 2023 -

TOP TEN BOARD GAMES! A Modern, Cinematic List Going into 2023

Tim Chuon
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WE’RE BACK! Here’s my Top Ten List from games I played last year! Join me on this epic list talking about some really incredible board games that I absolutely love!

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0:00 Intro

0:31 10) Turing Machine

4:28 9) Seize the Bean

8:42 8) Honey Buzz

13:41 7) Return to Dark Tower

19:08 6) Ready Set Bet

25:20 5) Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances

29:40 4) Ankh: Gods of Egypt

36:10 3) Flamecraft

41:42 2) Marvel Dice Throne

46:45 1) Oathsworn

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  1. Hold up, I know this man ain't trying to show me actual B-roll of a game being talked about in a top 10 list. I'm calling the FBI

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the Turing Machine!

    Looks super intriguing and fun. Wolfpack!

  3. Wolf pack! Do you have any travel plans for 2023?

  4. Are you in 2 different rooms or is it a fake backdrop? Just curious as both are aesthetically pleasing.

  5. As a viewer, watching many board game-related videos on YouTube, I really appreciate your use of animations and dynamic camera tricks etc. it felt refreshing. Thank you!

  6. Do you also recommend the non-Marvel Dice Throne?

  7. Dwellings if Eldervale isn’t on your list anymore??

  8. Your video editing is just AMAZING! Always entertaining, and makes me want to get better.

    p.s. starting with Turing Machine is just ON POINT, such an amazing game!

  9. Wolfpack. Amazing video as usual and list. There are so many crossover with my list!

  10. #wolfpack ! Great choices! And I didn't know some of them. Thanks for the fantastic cinematic top10

  11. #Wolfpack You have a very interesting list Tim. I own half of them. I found Turing Machine, Seize the Bean, and Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances to be the ones that stood out to me. No one is really talking about these games much. I follow a lot of YouTubers and watch a lot of videos but very little buzz around them. I haven't played or even seen them in any stores in my area either. All the other games are very familiar and enjoyable! I agree with you on Oathsworn, it is a great game with an epic feel. Marvel Dice Throne to me is just an average game. Thanks!

  12. Great video! Super surprised about Ankh, I feel like this game is super controversial (especially the Pharaohs expansion!). Surprised you've only heard universal praise! But it's a great game!

  13. Wow, I’m just starting board games so many of these appeal to me! I’ve been buying so many over 100 games in the last 3 months since I started! So many top 10 videos I’ve watched probably 100s of hours and I’ve never heard of oathsworn, the Disney sorcerers, or return to dark tower all of these I just bought in the last 5 minutes! Thank you so dang much!

  14. I have never heard of Seize the Bean. Time to do some research.

  15. Wow I really like your 10 choices!! Keep going, I want more!!

  16. Great job as always Tim! Love your passion for the hobby!!

  17. Awesome video! Backed the 2nd wave of Oathsworn. Also, Is the set of deluxe chips you use with Ready Set Bet the 100 set?

  18. I love games. I would not put any of those in my top ten and I love that. So many good games and so many different types of games for different folks. Thanks for sharing.

  19. You could legitimately get paid to do advertisements for board games and kickstarters. Board games have no business being this beautiful bro haha

  20. I’ve heard nothing but BAD things about Ankh until today. I’d give it a chance though if it was on the table and somebody wanted to teach me.

  21. I feel u for Marvel dice throne there. They could add tons of fnu cha to play and im waiting for DP to break 4th wall 🤣

  22. Wowow! I need that Seize the Bean game like yesterday! Those tiny milks and donuts are too cute

  23. Flammecraft it’s terrible as its beautiful.

  24. Question. Why not face the camera when talking to us? You have two cameras, why not switch like a late night talk show host rather than show yourself talking out of the scene?

  25. WHy are the combat mechanics in Oathsworn amazing? I dont see it, I was bored to tears.. it was a complete slog.

  26. Great list!!! But I was especting dwellings of eldervale… u don’t like that game anymore? Haha u were the one that got me to decide to get that game

  27. Disney sorcerer's arena just seems like a kid version of super fantasy brawl. You should check it out if you can the expansions might be hard to get once they sell out though because of how bad mythic is doing.

  28. Finally someone who actually enjoys Ankh!!! I love that game too!!!

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