Top Ten Solo Board Games to Get You Started in 2022 -

Top Ten Solo Board Games to Get You Started in 2022

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A top ten list of the best solo board games on a budget to get you started in 2022. Nine out of these ten board games are less than $35!

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The majority of photos are my own. Some photos taken from publisher websites.

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00:00 – Intro
00:26 Codebreaking and Campaigns
01:49 Deckbuilding Word Scramble
02:46 Rescue Hostages
05:32 A Puzzle and a Maze
06:01 The Ward Crucible
06:43 Save your Spaceship!
07:44 Graphic Novel Adventures
09:20 World War II Espionage
10:51 Hidden Movement and Deduction
12:29 Architects and Engine Building
14:15 Stop the Invasion!

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  1. Thanks for the list! Good variety. I plan on picking up Under Falling Skies soon, and I will be taking a closer look at Captive. I also have Final Girl season 2 coming.

  2. Maquis and Final Girl are my favorite out of your list. I do like Negotiator as well. I’m curious about Red Cathedral 😁. I played LUX and didn’t like it much. I do recommend Warp’s Edge but is difficult to win.

  3. Gosh, games are so much cheaper in the USA than in the UK. Some games are more than double what you quoted. Phew !

  4. Great list!!! I’m excited to try Final Girl, too.

  5. Hostage negotiator sounds awesome. Too bad it seems like it’s sold out.

  6. Love Red Cathedral as a great solo intro to euro style games. Very solid solo mode, not too hard not to easy.

  7. Can you make a list of the 10 ten solo games you can learn in less than a half hour please?

  8. Keep grinding pal!!! This content needs Promo`SM!!!

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