Top UNDER-rated Board Games | BoardGameGeek Top 150 -

Top UNDER-rated Board Games | BoardGameGeek Top 150

Liege of Games
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We did overrated. Now let’s look at my 5 underrated board games in the top boardgamegeek 150. I chose fighting today with some of these choices and explanations. Let’s discuss.
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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Underrated
00:37 – The Best Cooperative Game – Spirit Island
04:31 – The Best Area Control Game? – El Grande
07:28 – The Best Engine Builder – Res Arcana
09:56 – The Best Pandemic Version
12:21 – More Glen More – II Chronicles


  1. I haven't played Glenmore II, but beyond that I agree with all the picks especially Spirit Island and Res Arcana. The other day I was having a discussion in a game group where I argued that Spirit Island was better than Gloomhaven as a coop.

  2. Thoughtful list, as expected.I'm not 'into' pandemic; agree with the others.

  3. Glen more is a game I've almost bought so many times, yet still held out for some reason

  4. Weird point on the we invest in the promise of a good game rather than a sure thing. I think the art and component race has really pushed what people expect and desire. When i see Glenmoore 2 (never played it) it just doesn’t scream so cool. Curb appeal is a thing! 🙂

  5. Love the tips. Not sure I love the additions to my shopping list. But I think I need to track down a copy of El Grande.

  6. How does Iberia compare to the Cthulhu version of Pandemic?

  7. Well, I like Tammany Hall (at 5) better than El Grande and Mission Red Planet 2ed. We even use this great un-official variant: Betting (and bluffing) => Influence (with or without the life randomness). Nice video "Complex and heavy don't imply good".

  8. I agree with Spirit Island.
    Its annoying that it took time for it to even reach top 10, but im happy at least now it is there.
    And i hope the top 10 list wont be soon just be a bunch of havens who played it just 3 or 5 times.

  9. Great video! Someone needs to put together a supercut montage of Liege end of video smirk+look-to-left's. Never change ❤

  10. none of the board games are being sold here in the Netherlands, all out of stock 😓

  11. Have you played "Revolution!"? I desperately want a "big box" reprint of that + the El Grande big box 😭 fantastic old games

  12. I think Marvel United is the best Pandemic. 😉 more involved but i think Maximum Apocalypse is the second best Pandemic. These 3 are close enough to be pandemic for me.

  13. Once you put out all the duplicates games and the discontinued games, you can easily go until top 250 games and, all the games ranked 1000+ (or a bit lower) that are great but will never be in the top 200 because they will probably never go to retails (often crowdfunding games).

    I agree with you for your 5 games and the only game that I dont have is Pandemic Iberia but its on my wish list when they do a reprint (french version).

  14. I still want to try Spirit Island. I keep hearing good things about it, but don't own it. It's a game that I hope someone brings to a meetup so I can give it a play!

    We actually disagree on Res Arcana. I don't dislike it to be sure, but it's just ok at best. I'm amazed it's even in the top 200, and almost in the top 100.

  15. I would argue Thunderbirds is the best pandemic style game, but probably the hardest one to get the really excellent thracy island expansion for.

  16. "El Grande will leave the Top 100 this decade" If nothing strange happens it will fall out within a year or two.

  17. 100% agree on Spirit Island. That game makes me feel something every time I play.

  18. Spirit Island is also top 3 for me so agreed. Also agree on Res Arcana, fantastic game and the expansions are also great.
    Top 3 games that are underrated to me: Mysterium Park (1152 rank but it's just such a good game especially to play with my non-gamer guests they love it), Mind MGMT amazing hidden movement game (1218 rank), quest for el dorado (rank 141) best deckbuilder & race.

  19. I have not played any of those but they all look great. I forget about all the great games that are out with all the Kickstarter noise. Thanks for the video.

  20. Two of the games take place in Spain… Coincidence? I don't think so! 😛 Great video anyways!

  21. I agree with all but one of your showed games: res arcana. 2 points why: 1. The cards are unbalanced ( also with expansions) 2. gameplay is repetitive and boring after a few plays.

  22. Champions of Midgard is way better than Pandemic in my opinion, I'll admit I've not played Iberia. CoM of those games, that isn't anyone's favorite in our group, but collectively it is that common game that is everyone's favorite if that makes sense.

  23. I completely disagree about Pandemic Iberia. Despite not being the most well-known of the many pandemics. It is still pandemic. I can't argue with any of the others. Technically, someone should call you out for classifying a top 10 BGG ranked game underrated, but it won't be me. I like Glen More II also, but I have a hard time tabling it.

  24. it's your fault Chris,you recommend it on one of your videos.I bought Res during lockdown last year(July ish).to play with the wife,we created a monster.

  25. Yeah for Res Arcana! I appreciate how much it does with so little. P.S. Nobody, Chris? I watch more of your videos than I do of any other channel and some of the larger channels, I won't watch even if they have exclusives. Chin up, Kickstarter Peddler. 😉

  26. Well you just found one for Res Arcana. I tried it twice over BGA and even tho I like the engine building aspect of it, I dislike the scoring system of the game. You are basically racing to get the power card that match your build first otherwise you're screw or almost.

    It's hard to pivot in this game

  27. Spirit island is still hands down my fav game, anyone I ever teach it to instantly loves it, and Some aren’t even hardcore gamers. Usually takes a game or two, most people don’t have that attention span. Even tho it’s my number one, I think it’s ranked appropriately, I totally agree with Iberia also, the best pandemic(non legacy) hands down. this is reason why you can find it for under $100 but every game store has tons of fall of rome and high tides. Glad I snagged a copy back in the day

  28. Chris, you need to stop talking about Glen More 2! Everytime you do I'm tempted to buy it even though I don't need another Scottish tile laying game 🙂
    I haven't looked into it much, but I love Isle of Skye and this has a similar vibe with the "go as far as you want" mechanic for tile selection. I'm a sucker for a Scottish theme!

  29. spirit island is ok for 9 position. In the end is very long and can be played ok mostly for maximum for 2 players. Is neither a great solo because you cant combo. I myself prefer x-men united faster, felt the experience is more diverse and new from villain, heroes. I am not sure how gloomhaven is on number 1 being that big and so bad art that i could not even differentiate between some enemies and is just ugly. Plus why you want to play a RPG hard to mantain where are video games.

  30. I just watched Jon Gets Games tutorial on this and then ordered it. Absolutely right up my alley and wonderful games mechanics.

  31. Love spirit island. Will get so many plays I foresee.

  32. Under El Grande you say "think of Lang's trilogy, think of ???. What game is mentioned? I tried to listen 3 times and finally turned on captions. The captions said "anus," pretty sure that isn't it.

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