trying to explain a board game -

trying to explain a board game

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  1. Me: " you end your turn…"
    My wife: "what is a turn?"
    Me: O.O?
    Yes, my wife never played a board game, but I was shocked to hear that. Of course is a true story.

  2. Suddenly you're the rules lawyer for being the only person to read the rules.

  3. I tried to explain crescent moon to my group the other week and it went exactly like this. Asynchronous games are a pain in the booty to teach

  4. “IdontknowIdontknowIdontknow” is so godamn relatable

  5. "I'll give you some sheep for that instant-death-touch card." "I give up."

  6. This is how i learned monopoly now my family hates me
    Because im suprisingly good at it

  7. Your voice is the best gift you've got… many jobs u can get with that voice 👍🏾

  8. I swear everytime I get a chance to try showing a game to my parents I barely finish putting down the board before they stare at me wide-eyed like I'm trying to teach them Martian Calculus…

  9. I don’t think I’ve actually experienced this, but holy shit it filled me with rage. My muscles have tensed and my heartbeat is palpably elevated.

  10. This was painful because people actually do this shit.

  11. This is so accurate. Only things missing are the host having to constantly remind everyone “it’s fun, trust me” and that one person who was on their phone the whole explanation getting mad because of a rule you explained 3 times disrupting their whole game.

  12. You laugh, but I've literally lost friends this way.

  13. Literally me trying to get anyone to play codenames with me

  14. Watches this with the thousand yard veteran stare.

  15. This was hilarious!! 😂Thank you so much <3

  16. To overcome such inconveniences I always create a long rulebook written in extremely official language (like in license agreement) and send it them to pre-read. After seeing it and being lazy to read couple pages, people ask me to explain verbally. And no matter how difficult it is, they will stick to listening, because it already looks several times easier.

  17. My advise is always try and hook them with the theme of the game.

    "Codenames is a game where we take the role of competing spy agencies, each team will be trying to establish contact to their agents via codenames.
    Your agents are disguised among the ordinary civilians it is your job to discern who your agents are while avoiding oposing agents and above all not revealing your identity to the assassin."

    The players then at this point can imagine what the mechanics are trying to simulate.

  18. Sorry I’m the learn as we play guy not listening to directions then I’m confused why I’m confused

  19. This is the singular most accurate description of how every game night happens ever depicted.

  20. My takeaway on this is(and I've gathered this thought after a good length of time), why aren't there classes in schools on how to read manuals/rulebooks?

    Also, for editing(I feel that should be an option for learning too).

    And neckties.

    And making knots-

  21. I'm simultaneously both of these people cause I'm a visual learner and everything you explained that didn't make sense will immediately make sense to me the moment we start playing.

  22. our gaming table had to impose "classroom rules" when explaining a game, only one person talks at a time XD

  23. lol you could apply this to many things, not just board games

  24. the only thing worse is when multiple people try to explain at once, make a mess, during the setup the rulebook pops out, and it says a whole other thing in much cleared ways

  25. Ratatoskr playing a board game with his spectral forms…

  26. Me as a math teacher introducing any new lesson to my students. Seriously, EXACT same reactions.

  27. I just wanna play board games with friends! Why is this reality??

  28. Then they get frustrated after just starting the game, make a whole scene, and bitch about not playing Monopoly. So then you break Monopoly out and they can't even get that game right.

  29. lets start the game, ill learn the rules along the way
    what, i didnt know you could do that. lets restart.

  30. The funniest part of this skit to me is that Sungwon is probably one of the best people you could possibly have explaining board game rules to you. 😂

  31. literally me when my friend was explaining codenames yesterday 💀💀

  32. I relate to the "how do you win guy?".

  33. This must be how everyone who has tried to get me to play a board game with me must feel. Codenames is one of the few that I can keep up with!

  34. The way you say "idunno idunno idontgetit" while shaking your head hits me in my soul

  35. I actually often do teach people a game by playing it with them almost right away while explaining the rules and helping them, telling what you have to do or can do.

  36. This is exactly what being a teacher is like 😂

  37. The most frustrating thing is that at some level, everybody involved is trying their best.

  38. Code names is actually a banger, but I've never successfully explained the rules to someone before.

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