trying to explain a board game -

trying to explain a board game

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  1. My favorite thing is how the “let’s just start” people are the same people that will get upset if you say something is against the rules when they try to do it. “You never said anything about that”

  2. god, the pain
    I can feel my soul leaving my body

  3. I didnt know codenames had a card game i thought it was an online card game

  4. explaining is so hard, especially if you explain it to your dumb friend

  5. Oh God I literally had this happen *WITH CODENAMES* last weekend. I feel this in my bones.

  6. did prozd try to play a board game with cdawgva?

  7. You forgot the part where the peson that doesnt know the game just starts to talk to a different person about a different topic in the middle of the explanation and then complains about the game being too difficult.

  8. I've never played tutorials, I ain't starting now, that's for sure

  9. Add phones into this equation and…. it's hell.

  10. Should have ended with: “Ok guys let’s just play ludo instead.”

  11. Also known as “Every day in the life of a public school teacher”

  12. Me and my parents learned how to play Disney villainous at the same time, yet somehow they still don't understand the rules that THEY READ TO ME

  13. Trying to explain technology to your grandpa:

  14. Ah, the whole "actually, idk why it's named codenames" reminds me of a boardgames named Cryptids where you have to find a certain tile on the board thanks to clues
    Supposedly, the cryptid lives on the tile but that's it, but that's the only link it has to cryptids. You could say the tile is thé location of the very last toilet paper roll on earth and the game would be the exact same

  15. The amount of second-handed frustration I felt watching this is not something I was ready for

  16. I feel like serial killers are born from this.

  17. The funny thing for me is that this is the only game I could explain to my parents. It was a blast.

  18. i've had this happen a lot. i'm like the only one who likes board games and at first no one would listen when i explained the rules. then i brought in SHAME. "this is so simple, you must be an idiot to not understand!" "why is this so hard for you? i was able to understand how this game works when i was 8!" SHAME worked wonders! now they all listen when someone explains the rules of a game, after all, who wants to look like a fool to the group just because you refuse to listen?

  19. I tried to explain THIS EXACT GAME to my grandma and brother and it was honestly the worst experience of my life. They were on their phones the entire time so I got angry and gave up.

  20. I wish people would just say they aren't interested in an activity/game/show/movie when pressed on it.

    Trying new things is fine, but after getting caught for the 3rd+ time giving your phone ~300% more attention than the current activity, just fess up instead of dragging down the mood with your demonstrable lack of enthusiasm. I would greatly prefer putting that energy towards finding something we both enjoy over the hell that is rewinding the last 30 seconds of the anime I was otherwise enjoying every 10 minutes because Lysanderoth's grand betrayal happened at the same moment you were liking an Instagram post.

  21. This gave me PTSD like flashbacks. 10/10 video, I hate it.

  22. you should do some Rattatoskr shenanigans

  23. I made a card game (and released it) and it's super simple to play (literally just matching suits or sorting cards by rank), but so many people act like it's 33rd degree free mason trigonometry from the planet Tylenol so I feel this on a personal level

  24. Me explaining how to play Connect 4: "Okay so you have to take turns trying to make a straight line by placing your 4 of your colored chips adjacent to each other."

    My friends: "What's a 4?"

  25. My friends aren't even patient enough to play monopoly… 2-3 hours is too long for them

  26. ProZD I just finished 100% of God of War Ragnarok and I must say you were amazing as Ratatoskr, one of my favorite characters. Sorry for throwing my axe at your chime 1000 times in a row

  27. I remember when my friend tried to explain a board game to a bunch of us. well I mean I remember it happened and that I just wanted to play but there was so much shit to learn about and he just kept saying words and I guess they must've made sense but I was tryna play a game and that was a lot of words that I wasn't gonna pay attention to

  28. My friend explained Codenames to me just the other day, the game was pretty simple and pretty fun, also, if you don't immediately get all the rules, you can always have the friend that does make first play, though, for codenames it's both good and bad to go first.

  29. This is a mood. I've had a similar situation happen with explaining some of my boardgames… sometimes they'd literally rather learn while playing when that really isn't the best way to learn the basics.

  30. I love his face every time he gets annoyed at some point 🙂

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