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Turning Depression Into A Board Game – TryHards

TomSka & Friends
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Tom, Elliot, and Eddie have one week to make a functioning game!
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Eddie (@Eddache) / Elliot (@Elliot Gough) / Tom (@TomSka)

Dr Janaway and Tom play and discuss Depression ()
How TheIronSpine made the dice and player pieces ()
Depression Printable PDF ()

TryHards is a chaotic comedy series where Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell, Eddie “Eddache” Bowley, and Elliot “Nickname” Gough are set a challenge they have to complete in a week. Who can make the best music? Who can make the most money? Who can get the most famous? Will they do it? Probably not… But it’s gonna be a fun ride at least! Right? RIGHT?! To watch the entire series click here!

Edited by Elliot Gough
Title Sequence Animation by Matt Ley (@Thelaserbearguy)

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  1. Depression sounds fun I want it…… the game that is, I’ve already got the real thing and the game could help lighten the mood 🥲🥲😁

  2. i love that some pronounce ''game'' like ''gem''

  3. It's Pokémon Time!


    Depression (stylized in all lowercase)

  4. I find it funny to think about if they had one more co-star who's name started with a Y they would be the "Y.E.E.T" crew. lol
    <Y-name> "Eddie" "Elliot" "Tom"


  5. I must say, this has been a fantastic first impression.

  6. Tom: References Bo Burnham
    Elliot: References Brian David Gilbert
    Eddy: References Eddy

  7. "Discussion of mental health- "I have depression."

  8. "Bats don't poison people."
    Oh no…

  9. So… Who's gonna tell Elliot that Psyduck and Golduck were never Psychic type?

  10. Haha i love this video as someone who has depression i love the depression bord game

  11. "And the moral of the story is the neurotypicals win"

  12. i'm pretty sure during the start of the video, elilot was referencing Polygon

  13. "And the moral of the story is…. Neurotypicals win".

  14. Grandpatricide, depression, potential suicide, and furries.

    Yeah, that seems about right .

  15. I hate this video—cause now I wanna play as Raiden in smash and I’m sad about it🤣

  16. Honestly I’m livid for Elliot’s statistical wonder when playing depression.

  17. I don’t understand why people always say that the Pokémon TCG is confusing to play cause it’s not really. I got kids that I was the counselor for at a summer camp who knew how to play and they would constantly challenge me and if they can understand it, adults should at the very least.

  18. I love playing magic and I still can’t understand the Pokémon trading card game


    I can hear the pro-lifers crawling out of the woodworks

  20. Also eggsecute is actually seeds

    The yellow part is like the inside of a seed

    I have depression
    more sad

  22. watching this in a mental clinic rn and the whole station here is hyped for the drop

  23. I love the fact that tom just has an arsenal of guns

  24. My school already fixed Pokemon. If you had the most Library cards in the whole middle school you won.

  25. I love when pokemon said it's pokemon time and pokemon'd all over em

  26. Depression and grandparadox could be real games

  27. you guys should sell these board games if possible as they are solidly good ideas and i would love to play them one day

  28. Okay, so by Eddie's math, baby grandad is the hardest to delete because the math is [AGE]+100, but wouldn't baby grandad be the easiest to unalive, because he's a…defenseless baby?


  30. "those aren't depression, those are ADHD," is one of the most relatable lines I've ever heard

  31. I'm not surprised by the fact that Tom's background is just a gun rack lol

  32. Wait, in Grandparadox, you kill your grandpa, but if you killed your grandpa, your mum or dad, wouldn't be born, so you wouldn't be born. Basically it's like killing yourself.

  33. So, was depression cured? (Translated by MS translation)🙂

  34. The captions during Elliot explaining were hilarious, I also appreciate Elliot’s service in simplifying that horrifically hard game

  35. I would honestly pay a decent amount of money for these games

  36. Okay but Tom's game has some highkey wholesome things in it though and I have no doubt that it'd make a great seller if it was made an official game.
    I absolutely love it and will probably play it someday in the future.

  37. I find it hilarious that no one knows how to play the Pokemon TCG when it's really not that hard

  38. Honestly, coming back to this I'm thinking that maybe a game about neurodivergencies could be a great way to generate empathy and understanding

  39. “Kill grandad!!” “He’s here grandads here” “wait grandads here?” “Well this is awkward”

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