Twelve Escape Room Board Games you should play! -

Twelve Escape Room Board Games you should play!

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I love escape rooms, but sometimes it’s hard to get your friends together to do a physical escape room. Luckily, there are tons of escape room board games that you can play at home when you’re wanting to do something similar to an escape room! Here are some of the ones I’ve played, broken out by category based on what you like in an escape room: puzzles, story, immersion, physical locks, and family fun.

My escape room board game infographic:

Exit: The Game –
The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks:

Adventure Games:
Escape Tales:

Box One:

Physical Locks
Escape Room in a Box:
The Tale of Ord:
Note: The Tale of Ord is remastered as Threads of Fate:

Family Fun
Coded Chronicles:
Escape Room: The Game:

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Intro: 0:00
Puzzle: 1:16
Puzzle – Exit: The Game: 1:27
Puzzle – The Curious Elevator/Stairs of Mr. Hincks: 2:20
Puzzle – Deckscape: 2:49
Story: 3:08
Story – Adventure Games: 3:19
Story – echoes: 3:55
Story – Escape Tales: 4:23
Immersion: 4:49
Immersion – Box One: 4:52
Physical Locks: 5:16
Physical Locks – Escape Room in a Box: 5:36
Physical Locks – The Tale of Ord: 6:12
Family Fun: 6:24
Family Fun – Unlock!: 6:33
Family Fun – Coded Chronicles: 7:41
Family Fun – Escape Room: The Game: 8:20
So many more!: 9:06

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  1. Do you love escape rooms? What’s your favorite escape room board game you’ve played?

  2. Great list! I recommend Crimes & Capers as well. Such a great underrated series of games. Professor Puzzle games are also great except for a couple of them that were way too vague with the puzzles.

  3. Great video! Also a huge fan of escape room board games. I liked your comment re “Mystery House” on your spreadsheet 😂 (I feel the same way about it).

    Another one that I’ve enjoyed is Holiday Hijincks and 50 Clues. They are both similar to Unlock in that there are a deck of cards. 50 Clues is a bit gruesome and may not be everyone’s cup of tea while the Holiday Hijincks one are family friendly and great for the holidays!

  4. I've played quite a few Unlock games, and most of the Holiday Hijinks games. And then that Scooby-Doo Coded Chronicles one. Oh, and i did a couple of Deckscape games, but they were just OK. I do have the Exit Advent Calendar, gonna try that in December!

    If I had more time, I'd try more of them!!!

  5. this is such a great overview! thank you Ambie 😍
    I absolutely love the Unlock! games, I like playing them solo and love the music… great stress relief for me. I have also been loving The Emerald Flame and A Light in the Mist (both by the Tales of Ord designer).
    my partner absolutely loved The Initiative! have you tried that one? it’s more of a family puzzle board game than an escape room game but it feels similar to me!

  6. Love this list! So many I never knew of. We like the Unlock series the best for their creativity around the puzzles and the usage of the app and music helps make it more immersive.

  7. Thank you so much hard to find content on this stuff!!

  8. Great overview, and you covered a lot of content with little wasted time. Awesome.

  9. Just found you today! Hello from Portugal 👋You are great, thanks for the content! It seems you have so much fun playing but also doing this videos. I really want to try Box One but with the shipping is really really expensive. I will give it a go on the other ones.

  10. Thank you for posting this. Great overview.

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