Two Player Board Game Awards! | Kovray Edition -

Two Player Board Game Awards! | Kovray Edition

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It has been such a wonderful two player month here on our channel! We’re so excited to bring you the two player board game awards we know many of you have been waiting for! Will there be Surprises? Cheering? Humor? Let’s find out!

We have played over fifty different strictly two player board games! Throughout the month, we are sharing all sorts of content including videos, photography and thoughts about this wonderful set of games. We hope to inspire you to find a new game that you may love!

Question of the Day: Which two player games would win a specific award from you? We’d love to hear!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 It’s Time for Awards!
1:36 Gratitude
2:22 Best Player Aid
3:41 Best Board Game To Make an Outfit Out Of!
5:12 Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
6:51 Easiest to Set Up
7:42 Best Date Night Game
9:21 Intermission?
9:45 Most Likely to Pass the Test of Time
11:34 Most Likely to Lead to Celebrations!
12:52 Most Relaxing Game
14:18 Paralysis by Analysis Award
16:06 Most Likely To End Friendships
19:21 Best Table Presence
20:35 Best Board Game to Introduce To Others!
22:38 Best Production
24:23 Best Art
26:03 Best Cooperative Game
27:39 Best Affordable Game
29:09 Best Travel Friendly Game
31:03 Best Theme Integration
33:11 Best Strategy
35:55 Best Replayability
38:46 Thank You for Being Here!
39:37 What’s Next?

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  1. Do you agree with the awards? What awards would you have given out?

  2. My 'High Five Moments' idea made it! Great video guys, and a lot of fun to watch. Being so new to BGs means I don't know many of the titles tha won, but now I have a bunch to look into going forward. Thanks!

  3. Glad to see that my suggestion, Best Travel-Friendly Game got to be a category. Also exciting was seeing that I wasn't the only one who thinks about portability when it comes to games. Both Circle the Wagons and Hive have achieved a permanent spot in our game bag. Hive gets the advantage of being one of the most durable games. It has been a wonderful month of content and I'm looking forward to the final top ten video.

  4. Probably my favorite 2 player game is San Juan. The player interaction changes dramatically during a two player game in a good way.

    2 player honorable mentions for me are the quest for el dorado, kingdomino (7×7 square), and cover your kingdom (also much better for 2 players than any other player count).

  5. “Replay ability” you guys got me lol! I didn’t notice.

  6. Bravo, well done gentlemen and to the games as well.

  7. Animeeples really are the best! I just ordered Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small. Now, I'm thinking I might need Nanga Parbat too.

  8. Loved your video. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions and all those games. You've given me some great ideas for games to purchase in the future I have subscribed to your channel and I'm sharing your videos with my other gaming friends. Good job.

  9. If a pool has stairs/steps going into it I 100% recommend playing Hive in the pool. I just did that last week and it was awesome laying in the pool with a Mojito and playing it on the top step (still underwater). Any deeper and the pieces will be moved with the underwater currents.

  10. Loved this! So much fun! Hope you do awards videos again!

  11. Just discovered this channel and love it! AP prize should totally be Twilight Struggle

  12. Great list. So excited that you get to see Jeff&Jamie and play sooo many games

  13. So true for Quarto! Surprised this one or Quoridor didn't win "stand up to time" since they were released 30 years ago! 🤯

  14. Yay! Some love for 7 Wonders Duel; I just have to play Agora soon. Some new game titles in your vid, I gotta check out!

  15. Hahaha. All the 2-player games went right in the trash can after this!

  16. Great awards! I’m amazed at how many y’all have played. Spiel de Jahees could learn a lot from you two 😎 excited for the top ten!

  17. So much fun ! Happy to have seen included the best bg to make an outfit out of it 🤭 Radland is a really great idea, I love the color scheme and it has a definite style to it ! Patchwork, well might not be the prettiest garment but I am convinced that you can sell it to make it work 😅

  18. If you enjoy Targi for strategy, the expansion is A++

  19. Most played for me is Patchwork. We just relax and play.

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