UNO extreme machine what’s inside new Uno box -

UNO extreme machine what’s inside new Uno box

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  1. Bang beli di mana uno ut itu saya suda lex dan subscribe

  2. What do you do with this uno machine? Like…does the machine just give you card?

  3. No hate to this machine but it is poorly designed to give out cards.
    If it were to give out cards it would be as advanced as the Chinese on giving cards out.
    If I were to design the UNO extreme card machine I would not design it like that because that looks like it is designed for one player.
    I would design it to be more like a flat cube.
    I would make it that you first shuffle the UNO cards then put it in the machine.
    Then I would program it to carefully split the cards and (COUNT) how much is been given to each player.
    Then I would program it to use physics and measure the proper distance it should reach.
    I would design it to have a 2 to 3 to 4 player button.
    If it was on the floor I would program it to shoot softly close to the player.
    If it was on the table I would program it to shoot extra softly to the player.
    I would add a warning saying “Please be careful and put the UNO cards gently in the machine so it doesn’t get jammed”.
    So yeah…I rate that machine 2 stars
    The reason for 2 stars is because it does work.
    The 3 stars that are gone is because it isn’t designed to give 2 to 3 to 4 players uno cards (It looks like it is designed to give 1 player UNO cards.

    Also no Offence to parents but I hope someone can relate to this childhood. (I can relate 100% because my mom would say that all the time if I’d imagine something just for fun)

    Child: Imagine a machine that can split the UNO cards to each player 7 cards each.
    Parent: Well…if you read books and study very hard then you can make one.
    Child:😑 Thought:I said imagine not that I do want to make a UNO card machine.

    But also I gave a like just to say thank you for testing it for us(the watchers).

  4. that is completely useless machine because you can shuffle and take the card yourself but they would do a bad design to just make you spend money

    feel sorry for you because you bought it

  5. Здравствуйте! А можно ли туда другие карточки положить такого же размера мне интересно ?))
    Мне он нужен для работы с детьми ))
    Чтобы им интересно было читать слоги 🫣

  6. Pot of greed is gonna make me draw 2 cards

  7. Well it is technically a gun. Just put some Reverses, Skips & 4+s and you got a dangerous weapon.

  8. This is UNO Attack, but literally named named differently. Basically instead of drawing cards, you would push the yellow button corresponding to the amount times the card says, and hope that it doesn’t spit a bunch of cards at you.

  9. how is this happening
    You are imprest

  10. Thats cool but i have the previous generation

  11. Wow 😮❤😊 really good very good😊

  12. It’s very loud do you know maybe how to turn it down?

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